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Comment Re:TRIM (Score 2, Informative) 112

The first mistake most people make when talking about SSDs vs HDDs is comparing cost/GB. SSDs are not for storing data. They're for installing your OS and programs, while your data goes to the fileserver or the secondary drive in the workstation. Almost every system builder I've talked to fails to recognize that for your typical home or office user, spending an extra $100-200 on a solid-state system drive, even if it means reducing your CPU budget correspondingly, will show huge gains in system usability and responsiveness. I've built several systems on this philosophy and my customers couldn't be happier.

Comment Re:So what you are saying is... (Score 1) 395

I was making not statement about what is right or wrong, just what will happen.
Frankly I think that law violates the interstate commerce clause in the Constitution but I am not an expert on constitutional law.
I fear as a whole what is right and what is wrong has very little effect on what politicians will do.
I fear you are mistaking observation with approval.

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