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Submission + - Revenge porn website ex-owner Hunter Moore Arrested (

Celexi writes: Controversial Hunter Moore who ran a revenge porn website "" has been arrested today by the FBI on charges including conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information and aggravated identity theft. His partner Charles Evens which apparently did the email hacking, has also been arrested, if convicted on all charges it will be a quite long sentence as well.

Submission + - Google charging OEMs licensing fees for Play Store (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has begun charging OEMs for access to its proprietary Play Store applications for Android though the reported amount is as low as 75c per device. Between charging OEMs for Google Play apps, showing ads within these apps (Search, Maps and GMail) and profiling users with the data it collects this does show that Google is willing to leverage their stranglehold on the mobile market to control and monetize wherever it can. Add that these proprietary applications and the proprietary Google Play Services are the primary areas for Android innovation and development and you end up with an operating system that is less and less "free" in the freedom and cost senses of the word.

Submission + - Eric Schimidt gives some tips on how to switch from IOS to Android (

Celexi writes: Google's Eric Schmidt took it to Google+ today to urge people to switch from IOS to Android, mentioning that Android is more secure, and switching will be just like switching from a PC to a Mac "You won't switch back" and detailing some steps on how to "switch".

Submission + - Jury: Newegg infringes Spangenberg patent, must pay $2.3 million ( 1

qwerdf writes: Newegg, an online retailer that has made a name for itself fighting the non-practicing patent holders sometimes called "patent trolls," sits on the losing end of a lawsuit tonight. An eight-person jury came back shortly after 7:00pm and found that the company infringed all four asserted claims of a patent owned by TQP Development, a company owned by patent enforcement expert Erich Spangenberg.

Comment XMPP (Score 1) 95

I quite like XMPP for this reason, its open ( or can be closed too ). And communicates with a major one ( Google Talk ) . I have managed to convince a few friends and family to use either pure XMPP or Google talk, i honestly don't have anyone i consider important or that i would have an important conversation with in either text or voice or video in Skype.

Submission + - PayPal security holes expose customer card data, personal details (

mask.of.sanity writes: Dangerous website flaws have been discovered in PayPal that grant attackers access to customer credit card data, account balances and purchase histories.

The holes still exist. One was publicly disclosed after a failed effort in July to responsibly disclose them under PayPal's bug bounty program.

PayPal is working to close the holes.


Submission + - User Tracking Back on iOS6 (

connor4312 writes: Apple got caught with its hand in the cookie jar when privacy experts protested the use of a universal device identifier, or UDID, to track the online preferences of iPhone and iPad users. Enough is enough, right? Well, maybe not. It looks like device tracking is back with iOS 6, courtesy of a new tracking technology: IDFA, or identifier for advertisers.

Submission + - Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal available today (

An anonymous reader writes: The six month cycle that Canonical adheres to for Ubuntu releases has come around again today. Ubuntu 12.10 ‘Quantal Quetzal‘ has been released. There's a whole range of new features and updates, but here's the most important:

- WebApps — treats online services as if they are desktop apps (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook)
- Online Services — control logins to all your services from a single window and get them integrated into search results (e.g. GDocs for file searches)
- Dash Preview — right click any icon, get a detailed preview of what it is
- Linux kernel 3.5.4, GNOME 3.6, Nautilus 3.4, latest Unity
- No more Unity 2D, fallback is the Gallium llvmpipe software rasterizer
- Default apps (Firefox 16.01, Thunderbird 16.01, LibreOffice 3.6.2, Totem, Shotwell, Rythmbox)
- Full disc encryption available during install
- Single, 800MB distribution for all architectures

Download should appear today at some point.

Comment A violation of the Geneva convention and treaties. (Score 1) 1065

Regardless of the rape charges, This would be a big violation of international law regardless of what the national law might be. They can't just storm an embassy. They might close it, but as have been said they have to give enough time for staff to leave. Although he really should answer and defend himself. Storming an embassy is the last thing needed here, it would set an horrible precedent. I am sure Ecuador could perhaps work out someway to have him in equador after the interrogation if no charges pressed or having him there after sentence is carried.

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