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Comment Re:Inherent bias? (Score 1) 149

What's funny about human nature is that every single group hereabouts thinks that everyone else is biased against them. Pick pretty much any topic and any side in it, and you can find a situation where someone's complaining about how they're being oppressed etc because they're going against groupthink. For Google/Apple in particular, there are ample examples of people complaining about both pro-Google and pro-Apple bias.



Submission + - HTCSense.com Goes To Maintenance, User Data To Be Deleted

jones_supa writes: HTC has planned to put a renovation on HTCSense.com, a cloud service designed to store phone users' contacts, messages, "footprints" and call history. You are offered to grab your data now as a nice ZIP file, as it soon will be inhospitably erased 30th April, from when the site will be under construction. For phone location and backup services Google Play is recommended as a substitute. Slashgear is skeptical whether the site will never be back online — HTC promises new “services and value” in the pipeline, but exactly what they are is a poorly-handled mystery.

Submission + - Parlez-vous Python?

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The NY Times reports that the market for night classes and online instruction in programming and Web construction is booming as those jumping on board say they are preparing for a future in which the Internet is the foundation for entertainment, education and nearly everything else and knowing how the digital pieces fit together will be crucial to ensuring that they are not left in the dark ages. “Inasmuch as you need to know how to read English, you need to have some understanding of the code that builds the Web,” says Sarah Henry, 39, an investment manager who took several classes, including some in HTML, the basic language of the Web, and WordPress, a blogging service. ““I’m not going to sit here and say that I can crank out a site today, but I can look at basic code and understand it. I understand how these languages function within the Internet." The blooming interest in programming is part of a national trend of more people moving toward technical fields. “To be successful in the modern world, regardless of your occupation, requires a fluency in computers,” says Peter Harsha. “It is more than knowing how to use Word or Excel but how to use a computer to solve problems.” However seasoned programmers say learning how to adjust the layout of a Web page is one thing, but picking up the skills required to develop a sophisticated online service or mobile application is an entirely different challenge that cannot be acquired by casual use for a few hours at night and on the weekends. “I don’t think most people learn anything valuable,” says Julie Meloni, who has written guides to programming adding that she still finds the groundswell of interest in programming, long considered too specialized and uncool, to be an encouraging sign. “I’m thrilled that people are willing to learn code. There is value here. This is just the first step.”"

Submission + - Xfinity 360 App Will Not Count Against Bandwidth Cap (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: "Comcast internet subscribers can rejoice. Comcast has recently announced that they will not be counting content streamed via their Comcast Xfinity App on the Xbox 360 against their bandwidth caps. Comcast claims that since the data is only traversing their internal Comcast network that it will not count towards your 250 GB limit a month."

Submission + - SPAM: fama French

aksharanamika writes: "Michael Zhuang is principal of MZ Capital, a fee-only independent advisory firm based in Washington, DC. He is also a regular contributor to Morningstar Advisor and Physicians Practice. To explore a long-term wealth advisory relationship, schedule a discovery meeting with him."
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Comment Re:Child porn laws are out of control. (Score 1) 363

and it does seem incredible that we put the technology into small mobile phones without ever thinking of the consequences

I'd look at it the other way - I don't think there is anything unethical in terms of consequences of people taking photos of themselves. What's incredible is that people support laws, without realising of the consequences in a world where cameras are so commonly available and used these days, including among teenagers. The problem is the laws, not the technology.

I suspect there is a digital divide. For older people, the whole idea of filming or photographic yourself sexually just seems bizarre. Digital cameras are relatively recent, and many people would have been sexually active during a time when video cameras weren't available (or affordable). When criticising the UK's "extreme" porn law, which criminalises images of consenting adults, one of the attitudes I came across from supporters of the law, when I raised the issue of people taking private photos of their own acts, was "Why would you want to do that?"

Yet now we don't just have digital cameras, we have mobile phones which make cameras ubiquitous - it's one thing to say let's get the camera, but a phone camera is just there. Of course teenagers are going to be using them sexually, and that's going to stay as they become older - who knows, perhaps in a few decades' time, we might at least get more sensible views of censorship and laws that criminalise possession?

Comment Re:Scapegoating abounds and we all suffer (Score 1) 203

Would someone please dig up J. Edgar Hoover's body and make sure he's still dead? Methinks his ghost never left us.

We dug him up quite a while ago when we were trying to find Jimmy Hoffa's body. Now that we're no long contenders in the 'Find Jimmy Pool' we let him roam free. Our bad, sorry about that.

Comment Re:Other OS's already have OpenGL, so don't need t (Score 3, Informative) 63

Parent is totally inaccurate. Windows supports OpenGL fine.
The issue is that Microsoft usually ships Windows with subpar distributions of graphics drivers for 3D support in general(not just OpenGL) compared to actual vendor drivers in terms of feature support beyond what you need to use basic Windows programs. Probably in some attempt to provide marginally more stable drivers historically under the assumption most users wouldn't need anything more than basic API support and everyone else would have their apps somehow manage to install/warn them to get a better driver package. This doesn't really work for WebGL, however.
Google could just have their installer get you to update your GPU driver, but overall this is probably a cleaner solution for long term support since you have about +/- 10 year support expectations for Direct3D on a GPU in a way that is far better tested than OpenGL for "last years model".

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 362

Record the content, gather the raw materials, create the physical CD using equipment, and put the content onto it.

Divide by the number of CDs sold to find out the cost of a CD.

Divide by the number of CDs expected to sell and multiply by a reasonable profit factor to find a reasonable retail price of a CD.

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