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Comment Re:old people will buy anything for nostaligia (Score 2) 149

so WTF are you going to do with this stuff? put it in your closet, keep it in "mint" condition, kill anyone who dares to touch it and think how worth it everything was?

Well, if I were to have all those games, I'd open a museum. Buy as many consoles + TVs as possible (old CRTs, if possible, for max realism), pop in as many games as possible. Put up a little placard next to each, describing the history and historical importance of the game. Keep the most popular ones on constantly, but rotate out all the rest. Supplement it with other material - old game magazines, videos, etc. Do some proper archival work as well - have all the games backed up militantly, so the games will never truly be "lost" (maybe do the playing on the duplicated copies, if cost-effective).

Charge $5 to $25 to come in and play the games all day. Run some special events, maybe have the Minibosses or the Protomen do a promotional concert every so often.

I actually saw something similar to this in an arcade in Nashville, TN. It was an arcade with a bunch of pinball on the left, older arcade games on the right. In the middle was a large screen tv and a smaller screen tv. They had older systems and a very large shelf of games. You could pay to play by the hour and get to use any of the games in the library.

Comment Re:but... (Score 2) 201

I wouldn't say it buried at all the package is there and is clearly labeled on the price list in the same font/size as the other packages. It might be on fine print on advertisements nobody ever said a company has to advertise every service they offer they could choose not to mention it at all. There is nothing you need to find just call and ask about them nobody will proactively offer you the cheaper packages but if you ask they will tell you.

What is interesting about this is that I checked and some of the cable companies say that broadband only packages don't exist. They certainly don't like it when you do only broadband from everything I've seen.

Comment Re:There is not even a way to remove it! (Score 5, Insightful) 346

Just went into my profile to try to remove / disable this POS and you are not even given the option to do so...

I am so close to closing my Facebook account it is not even funny anymore.

Join the rest of us that left several months ago because of the increasing number of times that fb thought their views on privacy/settings/defaults was better than yours. At this point I only have a fb id so that I can be invited to events by others. Hopefully some sort of good event system will show up in one of the other social network sites.

Comment Re:Take a break (Score 3, Informative) 335

I would say that you should visit other countries. And I am not talking about Canada or Mexico. I mean seriously travel.

My experience is that people who have traveled and seen other countries are better able to handle unexpected situations and stress. Things that will be helpful when you are in a working environment and other situations later in life.

And it is so much fun at the same time. If possible take a year and work in another country at any odd job for a few weeks before going on the road again.

Maybe not right before college but certainly try to study abroad while in college. Either for a foreign language or your major, it is certainly worth it. Those were some of the best experiences I had during college.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 710


I really can't stand 3D in general, but it was very well done in Coraline, and I continue to hold that film up as an exemplar of how 3D can be used effectively to create an immersive film.

The pirates did their 3d the same way and I have seen both and can say that it was also well done. Very different types of films but both well done as far as animation is concerned.

Comment Re:MyCleanPC is your God and savior (Score 2) 712

Reformatting and using all of the usual software to try to remove the virus didn't help at all!

Wow! Must be one of those magic virus that hides itself somewhere in the computer that survives wiping the hard drive. Either that or you are the most incompetent tech ever. I wouldn't take a recommendation for scam PC clean-up software from the world's most incompetent computer tech.

Actually they do exist, mostly as bios viruses. Here is a toms hardware article about just such a case. I do tend to agree with you that he doesn't seem like the most competent tech, just thought I would point that out.

Comment Re:It's stupid to compare to Facebook's profit (Score 3, Insightful) 423

WTF are you talking about?

facebook is growing PROFITS at almost 100% every year. Revenue is up 5X over the last 3 years. they are about at the same point in revenue/profits as when google went public.

the only people i know who still use email are my mom and my kid's baseball team. everyone else i know uses facebook. gmail is mostly for spam and crap email

openID is dead. most legit websites with a login will let you use your facebook account. Facebook is the identity of the internet going forward.

I will say right now that that is only a portion of the population. It may be all that you know of but there are people that avoid Facebook because of one reason or another. Assuming that everyone has an id there, or even uses it regularly is similar to assuming everyone has an iPhone. It may be popular but there will just be people that wish to not use it.

Comment Re:Hate to put a damper on the celebration (Score 1) 594

I've had a general policy of not buying games for any platform if their PC version requires an always-on connection (aside from MMOs, which it would be unfair to penalise, as "always on" is the very nature of the game there). This means I've missed out on every Assassin's Creed game since the original and a few other titles to boot.

I agonised about Diablo 3. It did look, at face value, like a straightforward case of Ubisoft-style DRM. However, Blizzard did push quite hard the line that the game had integral features that meant they couldn't have done it without the always-on without making serious compromises to the game. I was... unconvinced. So I decided to wait and see how things went at launch.

As it happens, Blizzard then wheeled out that "subscribe to WoW for a year get Diablo 3 free" thing at just about the time when I was in the market to get back into an MMO. On balance, I decided that I might as well go for that.

Now that I've had a few hours with Diablo 3, I can conclude that if it hadn't been for the WoW special offer, this would still have been firmly in the "boycott" camp. I've yet to see any online features that could not have been made 100% optional at no expense to the player (though possibly at some expense to Blizzard through lost real-money auction house fees). If you're in the "undecided" camp on D3 over its DRM, my advice would be to avoid it.

This is exactly the kind of reasons, along with price, that I'm going into the Torchlight 2 camp.

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