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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 579

Maybe you should pay closer attention.

To you? You actually think that's worth it? I have idle curiosity, but little more.

Well, that's not entirely fair. I am quite entertained by the Trump-related insults you bring up. Trumpanzee was a good one. I like how you're attempting to needle me about Trump's possible loss on the 28th, too. I'm sort of curious as to why you think that might be effective.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 579

Were you one of the violent ones at the Trump rallies,

I've thrown a punch or two at every Trump rally that I've ever attended. Plus I think I'll bring a gun to the next one I'm planning on attending.

I'm still trying to work out though if you're attempting a really inept insult or joke or are inept at reading people. Anyway, idle curiosity gets the better of me so I reply.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain DGW - Dinosaurs WARMED! (Score 1) 221

First off. I wrote it. I figured that I should "improve it" to refute your supposed refutations.

Well, as far as I can tell, so far you haven't - you just repeat it. But I'd suggest you first try to figure out how valid (or invalid) your point is before you work on the details.

But you fucking people are god damned worthless anyways. You never offer solutions to your AGW. If you have no solutions and the solution is to remove mankind, [...rest of the rant deleted]

The scientific truth of a statement has nothing to do with the question of an adequate way to handle the problem identified in the statement. I'd love to have Star-Trek-like superluminal travel, but that wish has nothing to do with the validity of the theory of relativity.

I happen to think that it is better to know and understand a problem even if we don't yet have a perfect solution to it - indeed, I find that usually that is a necessary precondition for addressing the problem. And even if we never come up with an acceptable way to at least partially control global warming (I think there are plenty, and the side benefits alone probably outweigh the associated costs), I still would want to understand the mechanisms that cause it. Indeed, if ever they drag me to my execution, I'd still like to know how the guillotine works. Hi, my name is Stephan and I'm a scientist.

Comment Re:Low end? (Score 1) 172

Because I do development. I need a Linux VM because the Altera tools only work on Linux. I need a couple of FreeBSD VMs for software work, and I might occasionally need a Windows VM. Mostly the 'running all the time' part comes because I typically interact with VMs via SSH and so I don't want to have all of my sessions die when I suspend the VM (I use autossh + tmux, but it's a bit clunky and I'd rather they just sat there as sleeping processes).

Comment Re:Because Enterprise Faired So Poorly (Score 1) 139

The Romulans were confined to a single star system in early ToS and didn't get warp drive until later. The neutral zone was just a bit of interstellar space around their system. Somehow they went from that to being a major interstellar power in a few years. Now that I write that down, I agree with you: it didn't make sense.

Comment They won't take my blood (Score 0) 24

American Red Cross doesn't like good English blood! (probably because giants on bean stalks can smell it and get irate at the smell) I've tried several times but they're scared I have mad cow disease.

Don't know if the Aussies would take my blood, they're already mad, but they can't have it now.

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