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Comment Re:EVEN TILLERSON says it's real. (Score 2) 129

A rain belt shift that sees the Midwest and the Plains become more and more drought prone is going to have a pretty major effect on a country of over 300 million people. This isn't just about having to build dikes in Florida or abandoning portions of its coastline, there are certain features of modern civilization that are built upon ready access to arable lands.

CO2 levels 80 million years ago are irrelevant to a feature of the planet that has only existed for the last 10,000 years; namely human civilization.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 129

4 billion years ago the Earth had a reducing atmosphere that would be toxic to almost all multicellular and even a good portion of the unicellular life we see today. I cannot imagine why you think 4 billion years of climate history is relevant when humans, or anything that we would call human, has only existed for about 4 million years, and human civilization is no more than 10,000 years old.

Or do you have a point? I get the feeling that people like you think you've falsified a theory you don't like if you can just come up with any objection, even if the objection is so stunningly stupid that even you have to just shake your head at the stupidity of the statement.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 196

Why do you think a Russian tyrant with access to money and (political) power would need superpowers to subvert a man with a weak intellect, weak morals, and documented ties to Russian businesses?

And anyways, all but two of the original points still hold even if Putin doesn't control Trump. (Directly at least. Because if there's no direct control Trump seems to have some kind of weird hero-worship thing going on for Putin.)

Comment Re:Stranger Logic (Score 1) 196

She didn't just distribute information showing abuses though- she distributed everything she could get her hands on without care. Snowden managed to strip out information dangerous to individuals- Manning was in it "for the lulz", to use a phrase from that approximate time. Intent is the main difference here.

Of course some of the things she uncovered were horrendous and if that's all she did, and if she did it to draw attention to those issues, I would be forgiving of her too.

Comment Re:"Spray" vs "bidet"? (Score 1) 142

We have a bidet toilet seat on our toilet at home. There is a women's cleansing option, and yes, of course, I have tried it out. The spray just hits a slightly different spot. Still shoots at the crack, just lower down, missing the actual butt hole. Don't worry, it won't pulverize your nads.

Comment Not Surprising (Score 3, Insightful) 196

Putin has many reasons to hold on to Snowden and almost no reasons to turn him over to the US.

Turning him over to the US _might_ curry favor with Trump, however
A: Trump is too inconsistent for something like that to have a dependable long term effect, and
B: More importantly we're pretty sure Putin already owns Trump, probably along multiple lines. You don't need to curry favor with your pawns.
C: And whether Putin owns Trump or not, it certainly doesn't benefit him to _appear_ as if he owns Trump any more than he can avoid, and sending him Snowden as an "inauguration gift" would definitely lend itself to that appearance.

On the other hand, Snowden is an embarrassment to the US (or more accurately, he brought to light and continues to emphasize the way in which the US has embarrassed itself) which is valuable PR for Russia. Even if Putin owns the president it never hurts to have multiple lines of attack available.

Keeping Snowden in good standing encourages other people who might have negative information about the US or whose mere existence and freedom might embarrass the US to look to Putin for support, potentially giving him more ammunition in the future.

And as long as he has Snowden under his control Putin can always offer him up as a bargaining chip in the event that the puppet strings on Trump fail and he really needs to make a deal for some reason. (At which point of course the FSB will suddenly discover evidence that Snowden has been betraying Putin all along, so that it won't be a betrayal on Putin's part to return him to the US.)

Or alternately if he orders Trump to do something for Russia that is so outrageous that it strains credulity he can offer up Snowden as an excuse for Trump making the deal. (Again, shortly after the FSB "discovers" evidence against Snowden.)

Comment Strange Logic (Score 3, Insightful) 196

I don't understand the logic behind pardoning Manning but not Snowden.

Snowden was very careful about how he released material not to get people hurt, the information he released was relevant and sincere whistle-blowing, not just random data dumps from sensitive sources.

Manning was just a show-off trying to data-dump anything she could get her hands on without a greater purpose in mind. She did it because she could, not because she had any morale compass.

Snowden should be the one forgiven and returned to the US public sector, not Manning. Obama got this one backwards.

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