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Comment Re:Suitable Penalties Need To Be Given (Score 1) 247

i agree that they had the gall to hide the 'facts' it by only making them apparent enough that a blindfolded fetus could see it. it's easy to understand why you could miss it since you are clearly hunched over with your head probing somewhere around your small intestine. (though i have a sneaking suspicion its lingering somewhere around the taint)

ZH doesn't need any more clicks than it gets. certainly not from me. perhaps you want to just go to the very article they referenced IN THE BEGINNING OF THE ARTICLE.

god. some people are so intent on believing bullshit they will fight to the death to keep from seeing the truth.

Comment Re:Suitable Penalties Need To Be Given (Score 1) 247

you do realize that ad hominem attacks on a website link are illustrative of a tiny and only partially functional mind?

aaah... ad hominem.. the last bastion of emotional and intellectual cowards.

if you actually read the article, you would see it did nothing but give facts. good luck arguing with those.

Comment Re:umm... (Score 1) 1350

go through old posts much? who's the troll again?
not really sure what cool adult beverage you are drinking 'in the then', but i thought 'stuff that matters' should be pertaining to the community... had *hoped*on a slightly differentiated basis. people being allowed to speak their mind without kooks killing them is not 'part of slashdot' so much as it's part of (pretty much everywhere?) in the common-sense world last i checked. sorry if you thought this was some unique home for you.
and if you think believing what is told to you by the 'news' is indicative of an 'independent streak;, well then, whatever beer you're drinking sure is potent shit.

Comment Re:umm... (Score 1) 1350

if by one of those you mean person with working brain, then yes i am. if by 'conversation' you mean people using half their time ranting and raving about what is told to them by governments (who spend the other half of their time talking about how those same govenments lie all the time), then i will gladly refrain.

the level of denial and cognitive dissonance is deafening. if you really want proof, it's staring at you in the face. if you really want to know, read on. i refer to 9/11, ONLY because inherent in that is the 1 unmistakable fuckup which exposes the farce. they allowed 7 wtc to be filmed as it came down - in real time.. never mind ANYTHING else about that day. if you believe in the laws of physics , then you will know that only a controlled demolition could have caused it to come down AT free-fall speed. simple. done. all the 'rebuttals' dodge that issue, and talk about how it took damage blah blah blah. simple as that. free-fall of the building is not physically possible outside controlled demolition. once you realize that, and that the official narrative is not true, you begin to question a lot of things, but i'll leave all that alone. i doubt you will have gotten past your deeply ingrained fear of the realizing you don't live in the world you were raised to believe you were. thats ok. if this blows your mind, then good. you asked me for it. if it doesn't, then there is no reaching you at this stage. might as well keep believing jesus rode dinosaurs.

Comment Re:umm... (Score 1) 1350

you mean in terms of things that will likely allow for increased popular support to allow our government to further take away our freedom of speech (by the screaming ninny emotional responses by so many here?) yes. i suppose i stand corrected.

i steal this quote from another blogger, who i think put it well:
"Whenever emotional events like this happen many will jump to conclusions as to who, what, when, where and how. Our governments however have shown that they are completely untrustworthy. I will wait until we get more facts and not just the official sources before deciding what happened here. "

Comment Re:umm... (Score 1) 1350

i guess im still relatively new enough to not realize that this comment was cliche, so apologies for that (i guess) but i still fail to see why this is 'stuff that matters'. if you mean 'stuff that matters' in terms of making people 'afraid' of a ghost threat which will be used to further give control to lying government/deep state entities, then i guess you're right. unfortunately, i suspect you believe it 'matters' because you are naive enough to believe what the pretty lady reading off the teleprompter tells you.

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