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Comment Reshaped as a tool. Good (Score 0) 509

Anonymous has essentially become an additional tool of our foreign policy, now taking entirely noncontroversial stands that no longer conflict with law enforcement goals domestically and internationally. However it came about, the players responsible for co-opting and focusing this (bowel) movement of computer-savvy brats should be commended and given raises. Good job guys, you took a bunch of professed budding anarchists, stopped them from throwing away their futures, and made them useful. And you did it all on the down-low.

Comment Enlighten me (Score 1) 159

How does North Korea have anyone talented enough to write such software or carry out all these sophisticated attacks? Do they recruit educated people from the south or abroad with the promise of unlimited hookers, blow, cash, and total insulation from international laws? Be as black hat as you wanna be as long as you do this for us?

Comment Re:No such thing in real gambling (Score 1) 340

"Think of the robot as the house, it might not win everytime but it always wins in the long run."

Yet many many cardsharks make a good living off of gambling, precisely because they know when to walk away, and when to exploit a good hand by betting "all in". If the computer starts off with, say, $10000 on a $5 limit table, then I'd agree with you eventually it would always come out on top. But as you even up that ratio, the odds of "always" start to drop, to where the player's skill makes it a toss up.

Comment Re:These people scare me (Score 1) 319

Doubtful that the US will ever fall behind, because the US is becoming the international country destination of choice for the very people bringing China into the modern age. The US is going to no longer be majority white in a decade or two, which is a very big statement about how its role and identity is changing. The US is being remade as China remakes itself. Thanks China, for choosing the dollar so far and for investing big over here!

Comment No such thing in real gambling (Score 2, Insightful) 340

The computer cannot win every hand, which means it must lose some hands. Since it cannot control how large the bet gets, and in real gambling there is no such thing as infinite reserves, then the computer is still subject to the same worries the pros have: whether you can weather the losses and not go bankrupt long enough for your skill to have you come out on top eventually.

Comment Re:In other words, it's a Utility. (Score 1) 117

"And you have yet to address even one of my observations." You made no observations other than "you can't compare them" when you can easily, but you have completely ignored my observations twice now.

I notice you do this a lot, ignore what people are saying that is very relevant, while claiming the same is being done to you when it's not. It's not conducive to good dialogue.

Comment Re:In other words, it's a Utility. (Score 1) 117

Nice dodge. What you are trying to imply is that somehow this costs a lot more than say Comcast does. It doesn't. And you get far better service in every single way as I said, with many unique features not even offered by the big ISPs. If you don't think there is a basis for comparison then you don't understand networking in general, and you'd only say that anyway because you know in a comparison that the Georgia system wins hands down, as would any municipal ISP.

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