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Comment Re:Complexity (Score 1) 120

Open source should be mandatory, but I don't know why we are even discussing this. The first thing that the designers will do is weaponize it. Then we are all well and truly fooked. A correctly done AI will be our salvation by applying all the laws equally, A poorly done AI will obliterate us. There's no room for error here... just sayin'

Comment Re:What if?? (Score 1) 97

That's fine. I could care less what Apple does as I don't do business with them for a multitude of reasons. Forking Android is a great idea. What I want is not to have to root and flash my phone to get a non-spyware OS. If a handset manufacturer offered a "real" OS that respected it users, then my guess is that that would be very very well received. ...just sayin'

Comment Re:Here is how to hold Microsoft accountable (Score 1) 312

I did that in '06. Best damned computational move I've ever made. I'm not lookin' back Boss,,, Actually, without corporate and government gravy, M$ would be populating the bread lines. M$: You forget who you really work for. The people that you call "CONSUMERS" are the true engine of corporate growth. YOU SERVE THE BWANKERS!!!

Comment Re:Incredible Claims Require Incredible Evidence (Score 1) 90

Inverse square law. A current MRi is big enough to put your body in the cavity. A small unit would be right against your scalp. Plus, we have some extraordinarily strong magnets available to augment the fields generated by the unit. I don't think this is impossible, but I bet the battery life will be in the toilet...

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