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Comment Re:Using Satellites to Do What Satellites Already (Score 3, Interesting) 159

Maybe they know something we don't. This setup will allow for an alternate comm path should the current satellites and cables become unavailable. Hams and the government would still be able to communicate. Assuming an EMP event, then most of the hams would be out of business and only the govt would still be able to communicate with the equipment that we paid for them to harden... Just sayin'

Comment Re:Complexity (Score 1) 120

Open source should be mandatory, but I don't know why we are even discussing this. The first thing that the designers will do is weaponize it. Then we are all well and truly fooked. A correctly done AI will be our salvation by applying all the laws equally, A poorly done AI will obliterate us. There's no room for error here... just sayin'

Comment Re:What if?? (Score 1) 97

That's fine. I could care less what Apple does as I don't do business with them for a multitude of reasons. Forking Android is a great idea. What I want is not to have to root and flash my phone to get a non-spyware OS. If a handset manufacturer offered a "real" OS that respected it users, then my guess is that that would be very very well received. ...just sayin'

Comment Re:Here is how to hold Microsoft accountable (Score 1) 312

I did that in '06. Best damned computational move I've ever made. I'm not lookin' back Boss,,, Actually, without corporate and government gravy, M$ would be populating the bread lines. M$: You forget who you really work for. The people that you call "CONSUMERS" are the true engine of corporate growth. YOU SERVE THE BWANKERS!!!

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