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Comment WP8 Isn't all bad (Score -1, Offtopic) 309

I actually use a Nokia Lumia 920 (gasp) and I actually like Windows Phone 8. It doesn't have a massive "app store" like the Play store or iOS but it does seem to have everything I use. The OS itself is great, very fluid and smooth. I also like that it's not a carbon copy of "icons on desktop" like android or iOS. If Microsoft had pushed out the OS a couple of years earlier the mobile phone market would likely be a very different place.

Submission + - Weirdest DLC Sponsorship Ever: SimCity, Brought To You By Crest Toothpaste (

MojoKid writes: When it comes to creative advertising potential, it's hard to beat a game like SimCity. In most titles, the idea of in-game advertising makes little sense. Sarah Kerrigan doesn't shop at Victoria's Secret, Booker DeWitt is an unlikely fan of Coca-Cola, and the post-apocalyptic setting of Metro 2033 isn't exactly prime McDonald's turf. But SimCity? SimCity is a game where it makes perfect sense to integrate real-world brands. A city filled with familiar logos and advertising is a city that more closely resembles the real world. That's undoubtedly why EA decided to partner with Crest Toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste. And not for in-game advertising, either. The Nissan Leaf DLC that the company launched a few weeks back at least made sense in some context; EV charging stations are going to be an increasingly common site in cities in the future, and the Nissan partnership was a nice touch. But the five new SimCity Attractions that the company added in the Crest partnership boggle the mind.

Submission + - Microsoft Exec: iOS is "boring". Android is a "mess". (

UnknowingFool writes: While not as sensational as Ballmer's bold prediction that the iPhone would never get any significant marketshare. MS Exec Terry Myerson, VP of the Windows Phone division, said at a conference in New York that iOS was "boring" with its buttons lacking information or flexibility. Android is a "mess" with the many versions. Of course MS would like to see more consumers buy their offering which share of the market is estimated to be 2.6% behind Android (70%), iOS (21%), and Blackberry (3.2%).

Submission + - Windows 8.1 to boot to desktop ( 3

geekoid writes: According to the Verge, Windows 8.1 will have an option to boot directly to the desktop. In light of recent reporting about the general distaste and design flaws of windows 8 user interface, will MS's updates be dynamic enough to stop the current MS Exodus?

Comment Re:Ouch man, just ouch (Score 2) 384

Squid setup as a transparent proxy is the way to go ( It also has lots of good log parsing addons like SARG ( that can give you detailed usage statistics. For non-http usage information you can add SNORT ( to the mix with a log parsing addon like ACID (

Submission + - VMware criticizes Microsoft licensing

Virtualization Dork writes: "'s Alex Barrett just wrote a new story about VMware's take on Microsoft's virtualization licensing. According to the article, VMware contends that Microsoft is stalling the spread of virtualization with its licenses, but analysts say Microsoft isn't the only vendor whose licenses need to be overhauled.

From the article:

Microsoft is retarding the spread of virtualization with unfair, outmoded licensing practices for Windows Server 2003 and Vista operating systems, especially more sophisticated deployments that rely on VMware VMotion. At least, that's what VMware charged in a a whitepaper posted on its Web site last week.

VMware further charges that these practices are not only unfair, but designed to discourage IT shops from using virtualization software that goes beyond Microsoft's own Virtual Server and Virtual PC.

Check out this story on"

Submission + - Why it's hard to do non-graphics coding on a GPU

Boursin writes: NVIDIA's CUDA and ATI's CTM are both intended to let coders use GPU hardware for non-graphics-related tasks. This article talks about why these are even harder to program than another new architecture that also tries to bridge the gap between graphics-specific and general-purpose computation: IBM's Cell. In short, don't expect to see these GPUs catch on in anything other than normal graphics cards outside of the high-performance computing niche.

Submission + - DST, the new Y2K for Consultants

fatalwall writes: "I work at a consultant firm that is has been looking at the Daylight Savings Time change of three weeks earlier and what updates are needed for various software. We have discovered that there is an update for Windows, Exchange, Outlook, blackberry ect. Grandly Microsoft has not provided updates through Microsoft updates for all of these. We have found various tools online that will help however we have some clients that use outlook with PST's which requires every user to run an update. The only thing I can find our people complaining they cant find a solution. How is everyone else dealing with this problem? What have you found for solutions?"
United States

Submission + - Gore accused of energy hypocrisy

ems2004 writes: Former US Vice-President Al Gore has been accused of hypocrisy for apparently guzzling energy while he lectures the world on climate change. A Tennessee-based free market think-tank said Mr Gore's home used more than 20 times the national average of gas and electricity.

Submission + - Man dies trying to use laptop while driving

Scoopy writes: "The Sacramento Bee reports that a 28-year-old Chico, CA man was killed Monday after he lost control of his car while working on his laptop computer while driving, according to the California Highway Patrol.

"We have reason to believe he was operating his laptop because it was still on and plugged into the cigarette lighter," said CHP Cmdr. Scott Silsbee."

Submission + - Delete Blacklisted Cookies

MacMags writes: "The Mac OS X anti-spyware program MacScan adds a new feature in 2.3 allowing users to delete blacklisted cookies. Rather than trashing all the cookies in the browser MacScan uses a blacklist of known tracking cookies to allow the users to selectively delete. The blacklist is updated just as the spyware list is. Users are encouraged to submit any known tracking cookies for all types of sites including adult for review and possible inclusion."

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