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Comment Re:CSA never won a war (Score 1) 818

from a British perspective, the US flag is a rebel flag

True. But history is written by the victors, and the United States defeated Great Britain in both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The Confederate States lost its only war.

Debatable. By the time the war went on, GB was discovering that it's quite costly to fight wars abroad and much easier to walk away with some cooperation from the folks wanting to separate. Yet, Canada remained close to GB and still does. It was the same in many locations around the globe for GB. Gandhi and India benefited from trade shifting to other countries (Pakistan) and GB not seeing the benefit of maintaining direct control over India. So Gandhi and India took the opportunity to claim victory over GB. I think it was a bit more of GB not seeing the value anymore. Just like they did with the Colonies of the New World.

Comment Re:We strike for right to treat customers like shi (Score 1) 333

This is the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to not allowing uber drivers in a city. Yes, uber threatens another business model's bottom line and they are going to fight back. However, if you are a city planner and you know that you can not in any form or fashion have unlimited vehicles in a given city, then you have to limit it by charging high license fees. Secondly, the cities in question want people to utilize public transportation more because of their costs to maintain those system and their employees.

Then you can expand this to the tin foil hat folks and state that the more employees a city/state/federal has, the more control over the populace it has....but that's another discussion.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 371

then we are talking about a nationwide crisis,

Crisis: the most overused word of the environmental movement. Nothing is ever a snag or a bump along the way that needs to be sorted out. No siree, everything is a world ending crisis. Not enough demand for recycled cardboard? OMG. it's a crisis.

Fear is a great motivator. If movements do not bring the fear into your home to have it appear right next door, no one would ever accept giving up control and decisions to others. Yeah, you can call me a tinfoil hat wearer, but deny that it's not there and true. People need to remember that it's never as bad as it seems and never as good as it appears.

Comment Re:Every Time You Read About AI (Score 1) 104

Every time you read about "AI" like this and you dig into the details, you find that the programmer set up so many parameters on it that it is nothing like AI.

I'm betting this one is no different.

Incorrect AC. OI (Organic Intelligence) has boundaries and parameters, so will AI. You can't escape it. Physics means there are limitations to all things in the physical world. Even an AI controlled one. With out rules, there would be no way to accomplish anything.

As for the posting that is referenced, I understand these games of chance which are similar to any other (poker, flipping coins, slot machines, etc all are based on a probability/chance framework). If an AI system designs the probability cards, then it would also be able to calculate the best sequence of cards to own or use to win the game, if that is your goal.

So after the AI creates the game of chance and provides the best sequence to win (or increase your probability to win), what was the point exactly?

Comment Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 837

Your comment is probably going to upset a few people, and will be modded down. "Pay no attention to the batteries!"

I know. These are the same folks who bitch up a storm about climate deniers not having logic, yet when it comes to energy no logic is to be applied.

There is absolutely no free energy.

Solar cells require manufacturing with all kinds of toxic mixes. So skip the sun being free energy.

Comment Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 837

Why shouldn't hybrid and electric owners pay for the roads they use?

We're fine with that as soon as gas cars start paying for health care costs related to pollution as well as middle eastern wars, fracking induced earthquakes and all their other externalities.

Agreed. Don't forget about all those batteries that will need disposing of in the near future.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong (Score 1) 228

6. ...and actually, these trucks will be manned; self-driving trucks without drivers are still well into the future. Likely, those won't even have cabs, and perhaps the trailers will also be redesigned to be harder to get into.

Agreed. It's not to fully eliminate drivers (a false sense of security), but to replace highly paid drivers with high school grads who can push a button with red for stop and green for go. Much in the same way there will be pilot-less commercial aircraft in 10 years to get us around. It's all about cost savings, centralized control, maximizing equipment investment (24 hour run times), and safety (fewer accidents = fewer law suits).

The days of having employees in larger numbers performing repetitive actions are soon to be gone.

Comment Re:Maybe so but... (Score 1) 171

Good luck getting a penny in compensation out of the corporations responsible if this happens.

They are already smart enough to use shell corporations to do the drilling -- by the time water contamination or triggered earthquakes are discovered, the shell company is long done and a new one has taken its place.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Townships, Counties, States, Cities, all require permits and licensing of some kind before drilling begins and they are supposed to monitor said drilling. Hell, I can't cut down one sapling on my own property without permits from the county and state (proximity to water). The purpose of the permits is to limit and control land/water usage (regardless of property ownership rights). So if you want to blame anyone, start with the ones issuing the permits.

Comment Re:AI isn't taking over (Score 1) 294

All the doom-n-gloomers miss what's really going on. AI isn't taking over - we're redesigning ourselves. Once viable non-biological emulation of our existing mind becomes possible, people will choose to migrate themselves onto that. Humans will upgrade. The end of biology will be a matter of consumer preference.

And how do you know you are not there right now?

Biological or not, the same problems would exist at that point. Survival would still be the driving force. Therefore there would be battles for energy and materials. No difference, except for perhaps timeline.

Comment CC wind (Score 1) 262

Has there been a wind sustainability study for future use with the climate changing? I mean it's been stated that there will be rain in places where there is no rain now. And rainy places will have drought in the future. So where are the wind models at for the future? I'm sure there are graphs and pretty pictures for us simpletons. And with these studies, by harvesting the wind (slowing it down, redirecting, etc) how does will that affect the ecosystem at large?

Now I'm being a bit facetious, but it should be a study for science. For example, there is x wind on the Earth, you slow down x to y, what are the results? If we are talking about invisible gasses in to the air, that could appear simplistic, but science has proven otherwise. So slowing down the Earth's wind patterns could have long term damaging effects on the Earth. Just as scooping up photons and keeping them from reaching the Earth's surface.

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