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Comment Let me get this straight. (Score 1) 48

People are using Pepe Cards with Bitcoin. Pepe (The guy the media has tried to tie to Trump and Racism.) To help save the economy of Venezuela. (The country sitting on shitloads of wealth that they can not use cause the went commie and retard at the same time.)

Trump racism saves the lefts favorite government?

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 75

The real reason not to tax income of anybody for any purpose of-course is the moral one: slavery should not be authorized even for government to engage in.

Economically speaking it is also the worst thing that can be done, you get less of what you tax, so if you tax income you get less income because production is more expensive.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 166

no, *I never moved the goal posts*, my position never changed, it is the same for the last 20+ years, the government uses collectivism ideology to oppress the producers, the business owners, the earners to subsidise the lazy, the incompetent, the jealous. AFAIC the *only* oppression that matters and needs to be abolished is the oppression where the oppressor has the so called 'legal authority' to oppress an individual, all these other ideas that the employer has more power than the employee are garbage, always were garbage, always will be garbage, all used to create the system of oppression I am talking about.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 166

What I mean by that is that insurance should be used as insurance and not as 'care management package'. *Maybe* there is space for a product like that in a free market but we don't know about it, do we? We are not allowed to have free market.

My point is that health care should be done similarly to car care, when you need gas you don't use insurance to buy it because insurance does not exist for gas. You use insurance when your car gets into an accident and then it has to be a big enough level of damage for you to get insurance because of a large deductible. This is important to prevent overuse of insurance for basic maintenance.

Becoming a beggar becomes a possibility in the *current* USA system that is nowhere near being a free market. It used to be that USA had the free market including in health care and health insurance, people paid doctors out of pocket, it wasn't an issue. It was possible to buy insurance for a few bucks a month that would cover extremely expensive things like cancers, heart surgeries, large traumas etc.

People started becoming beggars when socialism destroyed free market in the USA.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 191

8: After a while you don't even notice it. There is definitely less yard work noise etc. than suburbs

I have to agree with this one heartily. When I lived in the suburbs of Phoenix, not only did I have to listen to barking dogs day and night, there was also constant leaf-blower noise. It was a maddening, loud din. To me, suburbs are the noisiest places possible to live. In cities with high-rises, you have some sirens now and then, and train noise if you live next to a rail line, but no leaf-blowers and no dogs at all hours. In rural areas, it depends on how close your neighbors are, but here listening to dogs barking all day and night seems to be the norm from everything I've seen and experienced. I've lived in all 3 BTW.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 2) 191

It's not worth never getting to be loud, it's not worth never getting to have a real pet.

Sounds good to me, because the other side of the coin is that your neighbors have to put up with your noise and your stupid dog barking its head off at all hours of the day and night. I've lived in suburbs and this is exactly how it was.

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1) 191

Reading on a train that travels at a constant speed on smooth rails is one thing. Reading in a car that drives on bumpy, poorly-maintained roads, navigating between lanes and changing speeds constantly to avoid other erratic drivers, and getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic where it's constantly stopping and going, is quite another matter. Personally, I cannot read in a car; I get motion sickness. I can read just fine on an airplane or a train, but not in a car for very long.

The fact is, cars just do not provide a very smooth ride. They also have no way for you to stand up and move around like you can in a plane or (moreso) a train, or go to the bathroom. Self-driving cars would make it a little better, and having self-driving-only roads would make it significantly better, but it'll still *never* be as good as a train ride, unless perhaps they invent levitating cars.

What *would* cause suburbs to spread farther is personal rapid transit like SkyTran, which would give you much greater speed (100mph, no stopping, straight to your destination), and a very smooth ride (rides on suspended maglev rails).

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 4, Insightful) 191

No, it sounds like the problem is the insane idea of running local code through a web browser. The web itself is probably the most Rube Goldberg-esque way of displaying interactive data and controls to a user (HTML, a backend language like PHP/Java, a client-based language (JavaScript), and then a crappy markup language for style attributes (CSS)). It's understandable how it evolved, but it makes no sense at all to use this for local applications.

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