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Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 196

Thank you for both correcting my point with more accurate data while making my point.

I meant really the Christian Israel under the Byzantine Church, but the point is well made- Christendom was slow to anger by 4 centuries of insult, and it was the Islamics who attacked first.

Comment Re:You don't want this to succed (Score 1) 308

Heh, I remember getting a copy of Solaris, oh, 16 or 18 years ago, they were doing a giveaway sort of thing.

Anywho, I really enjoyed reading the release notes and user agreement; notes about increasing TCP windows to deal with satellite communication, stern warnings that the software was not to be used in nuclear power stations, missile guidance or other weapons systems, I think on submarines.....

Comment Re:They are concerned about lost tax revenue? (Score 1) 302

You can call it just a superstition if you like but psychologists, sociologists, and economists have made connections between Christian tradition and a healthy society. I'm not saying following every Christian belief will bring an ideal society, only that we've seen Christian societies excel where others did not.

I'm not gonna mod you down, but I will lay a big [citation needed] on you.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 211

It's about understanding people need things to survive, and these things are being threatened. If you don't want to be confused with a denier, don't sound like one. Rightly or wrongly, your logical appraisal of this topic has lead you down a very similar path to deniers. If you really are interested in understanding this, you have some work ahead of you.

Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 278

Well, his strong claim may have been incorrect in that sense, but I'm pretty sure that your claim is also incorrect. The trick is that they have to make some argument that the public interest is served by requiring the private businesses to respect people's Constitutional rights. Separate but equal? Remember? We went through all of this back in the '50s and '60s, so why are we still squabbling about it?

Perhaps more significantly, the government can pass laws or impose regulations that have restrictive effects on certain kinds of speech. I don't care how private you think your entity is, if you collect and distribute such speech as child pornography, you're going to get the heck regulated out of you. With my hearty endorsement, much as I approve of freedom of speech (which is NOT the same as freedom, though there are important relationships).

I'm afraid I suspect you [4145623] of being another libertarian confused about what freedom actually means. The presence of real-world constraints does not eliminate freedom, but rather they are part of the "meaningful" part of my sig equation.

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