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Comment Sure, why not? (Score 1) 351

At present, I probably wouldn't eat cultured tissue just because it's wildly expensive and only available in teeny little bits because the cardiovascular system is there for a reason in mammals; but if the tech were worked out what possible objection would there be to it?

Cruelty-free, so long as you don't grow the brain; and quite probably a lot cleaner than the authentically-butchered-in-its-own-entrails-and-hopefully-not-too-feces-smeared natural stuff. Less chance to pick up cool parasites and stuff in the field as well.

Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 2) 238

I think that's arguable. The UK abolished the death penalty for murder in 1965 but there was a vote to reinstate it in each parliament until 1997. That meant a consistent refusal to act on majority opinion. You're right we technically retained it for various crimes (Treason, piracy and queue jumping) but I'm not sure it would or could've been acted on.

It's funny though. The Brexit vote was about the primacy of parliament yet when it threatens to exercise that by not acting on a non-binding, knife edge, existential referendum, Brexit leaders get quite agitated.

Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 4, Informative) 238

It depends what kind of democracy you want and what kind of democracy you have. Democracy isn't a Model T. It doesn't just come in one colour. In the UK we have a representative democracy. It's intended to act as a shield against the temporary whim of the people. It's why we don't have the death penalty. We elect people to arbitrate between the interests of the nation and the people.

Referendums on the other hand are just mob rule. "A device for dictators and demagogues". It's also worth bearing in mind that while most people who voted, voted to leave, it was a minority of the electorate.

Comment Umm... (Score 1) 89

I'm confused by the issue here:

Yes, it is definitely true that digital forensics requires care to not munge the evidence and preserve its integrity; and that gets a lot harder if you are actively attacking a remote host that multiple other people have access to and can potentially also be altering, rather than just shoving an HDD into a write blocker and reading it back; but I'm unclear on why that relates to encryption.

Basically nothing you 'find' on a computer is actually meaningful without a layer of software interpretation(or, for simple formats, one skilled in the art running the algorithm in their head). Why is applying a decryption algorithm to an encrypted file different than, say, trusting an NTFS implementation to accurately take a partition full of meaningless garbage and present you with a filesystem; or a JPEG implementation to tell you whether a given sequence of bits is kiddie porn or not?

It is true that if encryption happens to be what turns a 'seize the server, grab images of the drives' investigation into a 'hack the server in an unknown location, malware the data out on the fly' investigation then, in a weak sense, I suppose that 'encryption' has complicated the investigation; but aside from that it doesn't seem any different than the usual problems with attribution of files, interpretation of formats, and so on.

Comment Re:C'mon, one google search to solve all your prob (Score 2) 729

Plus, you don't need to build your l33t rig just because you intend to do some gaming. If you don't want to build it yourself there are plenty of companies who will shove a tested combination of off the shelf components into a box for you, for a pretty modest premium over doing it yourself; and even a random Dell or the like probably just needs a better graphics card to be more than adequate for most games, since CPUs are mostly absurdly powerful.

Sure, the agony of trying to figure out why $1500 worth of parts won't POST after accidentally slicing your hand open on case sheet metal and without sufficient test equipment or spare components sucks; but that's largely irrelevant because it's totally optional.

Comment Evolution (Score 1, Interesting) 321

It's Darwin at work. People get children much later in life than they used to. This means the chance that they get a healthy child is lower than it was before. The children who are born healthy have a greater chance of reproducing and living long and healthy lives, so they also get their old age deseases at a higher age. Their children get this ability too so humanity as a whole gets to live longer and healthier (provided nutrition isn't a problem).

Comment Re:Eu is too big (Score 1) 194

Yes, it's so annoying! The EU is now working on abolishing roaming costs within its borders. That means if you live close to the border and you hop over for groceries or whatnot you don't suddenly pay three or more times the price you are used to for your calls to your home country about the shopping lists. The only way to prevent that to happen is a Fraxit, Nexit, Itxit, Grexit, Spaxit etc.

Comment Survey (Score 4, Informative) 194

I tried to fill in the survey that is linked to above. First you have to state if you act for a company or as an individual. I filled in Individual. Then I had to answer many mandatory questions about the company I represented and how important 5G was for my company. After that came questions like:

5G European deployment should also target as priority from the start the services that enable creation of ecosystems with vertical industries, namely mMTC and URLL classes of use cases


Yeah, I can easily aswer questions like this as an individual who just uses his phone for YouTube and Whatsapp. Thanks EU for the nice survey.

Comment Re:Other motivations (Score 1) 164

Even among people who can afford hardware, there is a lot of effective consolidation because of 'pools'. These aren't irrational behavior: if you have a small amount of hashing capacity going it alone might pay off handsomely but will probably pay nothing, while pooling more or less guarantees a return proportional to your hashing capacity; but also leaves you largely at the mercy of the infrastructure.

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