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Submission + - Venezuela and Nicaragua offer Snowden asylum

0111 1110 writes: Following an UNASUR bloc meeting of South American leaders in Bolivia on Thursday and as Spain corroborates Bolivian President Morales' account of the effective grounding and search of his aircraft in Austria by France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, President Maduro of Venezuela has made NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden an offer of unconditional "humanitarian asylum" in his country. Following this announcement President Ortega of Nicaragua also offered asylum "if circumstances permit it". Snowden had previously applied for asylum in both countries.

Submission + - 30,000 Schools choose Linux Over Windows ( 1

danamuse writes: Millions of schoolchildren are now being raised running Linux at school using multiseat Linux software from Userful. 30,000 schools worldwide are running Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE and other distros along with Userful's multiseat software which turns one Linux PC into ten virtual desktops. Apparently Microsoft is going to be selling their own multiseat solution called Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, a full seven years after Linux had multiseat figured out. Seems like Linux found a good way to gain marketshare, and now Microsoft is scrambling to stop it.

Stone Tools Found On Crete Push Back Humans' Maritime History 176

The New York Times reports that stone tools discovered on the Greek island of Crete, and reported last month at an academic conference, are strong evidence for rethinking the maritime capabilities of early humans. The researchers who found the tools (hand-axes, cleavers, and scrapers) estimate them to be at least 130,000 years old; if they're right, humans have been traveling long distances at sea (Crete is 200 miles from the northern African coastline) for at least several tens of thousands of years longer than earlier believed.

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