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Comment Le-no-no (Score 2) 49

They should sell out to the French so the name works as this is more relevant to the business model. We had a vendor trying to get us to go with their desktops. We are now stuck with 3 of them in our network. They use weird proprietary parts such as a goofy non-standard ATX power supplies that run the power connectors for SATA off of the motherboard boards. Proprietary garbage. These servers will prove to be even more of that BS.

Comment Re:Fine! (Score 1) 365

If I was in the position of power to respond to the d-bag at Microsoft, here would be my response:

"Fine. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. And expect an audit, we want to make sure those numbers you spouted were accurate. Thanks for playing, next contestant please!"

I am so sick of corporate welfare and race-to-the-bottom economics. Welcome to 'Merica. We dropped the A to save money on signage and it better reflects our mentality. We are a dumbocracy political system and crapitalistic economic system. We give crappy pharma drugs to dull our brightest so that point out that we are stupid and pander to the dumb to get votes with the best dribble the marketing morons can brew up.

Comment Re:If MS does that... (Score 2) 365

This is another call to anyone still holding stock after the Windows 8, Surface tablets, and Windows phone fiascos that the rats have left the ship and the odd pitch and roll of the ship is not a momentary issue that should be shrugged off. Microsoft is the Titanic of corporations. To stupid to think that it could ever fail.

Comment Re:Fine! (Score 1) 365

I see this a lot. People want solutions but they want everyone else to change and usually not even willing make a small token change themselves for the greater good for all. Liberatards and Conservadinks are the fundamentally the same, they just have different agendas and ultimately serve similar puppet masters, AKA corporations.

Comment Re:Now all they need to do... (Score 1) 138

Paxil is garbage for a majority of people for the reason you mentioned. I had a neighbor friend that was OCD and he would become a train wreck if he let his script lapse or decide to quit taking them. It got to the point where I dreaded hearing him knock on the door because you don't know what he had been doing and how long I would be trapped in his presence.

I have had my run of anti-depressants and they help for a while until the underlying conditions self-corrected then I would go manic. They tried to claim I was bipolar but it is more like I am too sensitive to my surrounds so dealing with idiots who argue with you or try to slow your progress can lead to manic behavior. The meds I took for bipolar turned me into a unambitious dull person. I had no drive so doing anything with computers other than grinding in a MMORPG was tedious and frustrating. This was not a good outcome for a Software Engineer at the beginning of a career.

I have since retooled and gone into the IT world. The best thing I did was to get off those three meds that kept me zombified. I did some online school and took some interest into repairing computers. I am married and have 4-year-old son now. However, I have had a few episodes of depression but a Vitamin D deficiency was discovered and treating that was significant. My depression cycle was seasonal so it made sense. However, there is still something else at play that I am trying to understand with my diet and physical activity. It seems that carbohydrates and protein in my diet may push me one way or the other. On the more manic side, a high protein diet keeps me tame but too much simple carbs or coffee without a good breakfast can be a bit crazy if I don't find some nuts or other protein. When on the depressed side, the carbs are a comfort but make me go into hibernation mode (no ambition and coasting through life).

Psychiatrists that see you one a month and do no testing (not even basic bloodwork) are the pill-pushers that should not be in the mental health industry. Sadly, the USA health insurance industry thinks that handing out happy pills is enough and anything more is doctors padding the bill.

Submission + - Microsoft's share suffered biggest crash since 2000 ! (

Taco Cowboy writes: Microsoft shares hit by biggest sell-off since 2000, $30 billion market cap wiped out

Shares of Microsoft dropped 11.4 percent today, representing the biggest single-day drop in over 13 years. The last time it occurred was on April 24, 2000, when shares plunged 15.6 percent as the world's largest software company locked itself in an antitrust dispute with the U.S. government. Since then, Microsoft has never experienced such a shelling, until today that is. This came after the software company posted dismal quarterly results due to weak demand for its latest Windows system and poor sales of its Surface tablet.

A lot of links available, below is only a very limited list

Comment Re:Fax (Score 1) 572

Amen! I hate fax machines. I cringe when someone says "Fax it to me" in such a way that everyone has that capability. Yes, I do have an all-in-one printer but at time I have not had any landlines or the landline is actually a cable box that is more like VOIP so sometimes it works and sometimes it crashes the box so I quit trying. I usually respond with "Can I scan it and send it as an e-mail attachment?" which usually is replied with a enthusiastic "Yes! Here is my e-mail address."

The fax machine has so many security and quality problems that it is worthless for the casual user. Power users in the legal and medical industries still use it but the truth of the security problems is a nightmare that is ignored just like the stupid social security number problem. Too many powers-players do not want to change since they are complacent with the current systems (since someone else pays the price of the security failure, not the ones mandating it).

Ironically, attempts to use more secure methods are shot down since any security weakness is used to scrap the proposal even though it would be infinitely more secure and require a high degree of technical knowledge to compromise. I guess there is too much money to be made cleaning up messes from info obtained by dumpster diving.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 866

Chemistry in college is a cash cow/weed out course for science/engineering students. A 200+ capacity lecture course required in the freshman year. No graded homework, just 4 tests that were all multiple choice (paying TA's to grade for partial credit was not an option). Multiple choice in high school was 4 answers based on 2 obvious wrong, 1 semi-close, and the correct answer; in college, it was the right answer and the 3 most likely wrong answers if you made a calculation mistake or decimal point position error.

This class should be eliminated for college students without a need for chemistry. High school students need it to "get a taste" to see if you have the aptitude and give the basics needed in life when dealing with chemicals whether it be beer brewing, baking, cleaning, and other DYI involving solvents, adhesives, paints, and such.

I do think topics in economics such as how interest on loans work and how to budget should be mandatory. Even teaching algebra in a way that shows its everyday value would be an improvement. High school classes should have a rating of importance to a corresponding aptitude test that would help a student figure out their strengths/weaknesses and then what they should take to fill the voids or expand upon for the area of study that they most likely will pursue in university or trade schools.

Comment Re:IPs parallel the discoverable world (Score 1) 321

"Just because its the law, does not mean its right." - cited to unknown (anyone know?)

I say this in response to any half-wit that follows/enforces a law without thinking it through (or at least get a "gut" or "common sense" feeling about it).

Another phrase I hate, but would love to throw back in the face of the speaker, is "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." I would haul in (after failing my test of obscure laws and other obvious violations they make on a daily basis) all the politicians, law enforcement, lawyers, judges, etc. that would have the nerve to utter those words and see how they like being on the receiving end.

Sadly, the only time that may ever happen is near the fall of our various government levels in the USA. Hopefully, under a new and improved system, these type have either met their demise or took the cue from former Nazi war criminals (AKA hiding in South America).

Comment Re:Slightly off topic..but.. (Score 1) 170

How about federal laws must have at least a 90 day "cool down" period in which the public is able to review the law as passed and a process of immediate appeals can be initiated by the states to force the Supreme Court to review it before any of it can be enforced or enacted. For issues requiring time-sensitive action, involving agencies/departments that handle such things (FEMA, DOD, EPA, etc.), those can have another process to act quickly but then oversee and audit strongly to minimize waste of taxpayer money.

Sorry, that might be too sane and reasonable. Just let the greedy and power-hungry sociopaths continue unchecked...

Comment Re:Dunno what beef is - already using 8 in product (Score 1) 269

HP driver support for older hardware that is still viable is pathetic. I cannot get a working NVIDIA driver since the control freaks at HP won't let NVIDIA release them directly and I have had poor luck forcing Vista/Win7 64-bit drivers to install and then actually work in Windows 8.

This HP laptop I am using has the touchscreen requiring a stylus and the tracking to the touch point is always off so going to the corners does not work at all so I have to use the mouse or touchpad. That is a big UI failure for this hardware. I suppose Windows 8 could be good... maybe when they do the first first service pack and/or re-release as Windows 9.

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