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Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 356

In what alternate reality does one think that the internet wouldn't have been developed without one person? Or that computers and thus networking of those computers, and thus communication via those computers isn't just an inevitable part of the path of science and technology? We are all dumber for having read your post.

Comment Re: Real answer... (Score 2) 128

He's either overstating the case (Vive does have better tracking which helps) or maybe he's comparing different experiences. The real differentiator is what you're doing. On a proper setup, people don't get sick playing roomscale Vive games. That is true, and true for probably a hundred people I've had try my Vive. However, you can get people sick immediately with artificial movement, and especially artificial rotation. Quite often at the end of my demos, I'll see if people want to try feeling sick, and we'll pull out Fancy Skiing or something - and almost everyone gets queasy the first time.

So yeah, if he's showing people Job Simulator on Vive, and some flying game on Oculus, he probably isn't lying, but he's coming to the wrong conclusion.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 1) 128

You need 3 cameras to do much with Oculus Touch (bringing the cost over that of a Vive) and the tracking is nowhere near as good. I have both headsets: the Oculus is more comfortable and makes for a generally a better visual experience, but Vive tracking and general roomscale experience is better. The Oculus cameras are a dead end - either they'll move to some kind of inside-out tracking, or something like Lighthouses will win.

Comment Re:Real answer... (Score 1) 128

Yeah, Slashdot has become a reasonably depressing site, where people with no idea or insight come to be mad about technology. Sometimes it's grinding some pointless axe about a programming language, bit of software, or company - sometimes it's sour graping about expensive tech.

You, me, and everyone else who has played with modern VR understands current limitations. Meanwhile, the critics are stuck in some weird time loop from 2007 where it makes everyone sick and doesn't track right and looks terrible. I also like the complaint that it's not social - I game alone reasonably often, but pretty much never use the Vive alone, and I use it really quite often. Something about the experience makes it much better with other people.

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