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Comment Re:Jumped the shark a long while ago (Score 1) 41

My understanding is that this will be based on the Pre-reboot reality. We will certainly be seeing (mostly) new characters so it should feel a little more "Star Trek" than the movies.

It is going to be set shortly after the TOS era though, and this does still have its problems. There's a lot of established continuity that we're tied into; and Star Trek fans will remember every single throwaway line about Sarek, when we are meant to have encountered each race and so on.

Comment Re:New SPARC? (Score 1) 88

or one of the BSDs - OpenBSD, FreeBSD or NetBSD

or one of the BSDs - OpenBSD

FTFY. Only OpenBSD supports Sparc64 on modern Sparc64 - ie with T-series processors. And even that does not support the hardware crypto kit (cos Oracle wont let it).

Oracle need to think again FAST! OpenBSD on the new hardware could be a world beater for serving secure websites (something the world actually needs AND wants). However, they are currently engaged in supporting it in the Ellison traditional manner - with multiple stabs in the back!

Comment Re:World domination right on schedule (Score 1) 88

World domination right on schedule More like world domination has gone of the rails

OpenBSD is the only OS apart from Solaris to support Sun/Oracle Logical Domains (LDOMs), and the OpenBSD support is extremely limited - for example I/O is restricted to the primary Domain - as there is no way to create an "I/O" domain in OpenBSD.

If there is going to be new silicon and no new Solaris, then presumably Oracle will have to release some of their hardware documentation - and possibly fund some OSS developers!

Currently, FreeBSD and Linux no longer support hosting LDOMs at all, and support as a guest O/S is very limited.

Disclaimer: I have used OpenBSD on Sparc64 since the Sparc64 architecture has existed, while consistently hating Oracle's guts.

Comment E/I preemption (Score 1) 209

For every subchannel that a U.S. broadcaster offers, the FCC requires the broadcaster to broadcast three hours of educational and informative (E/I) programming for children on that subchannel during hours when children are likely to be watching. This is why even a 24-hour weather radar subchannel will cut to some syndicated E/I show like Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures a few times a week. The cost of syndicating this programming encourages broadcasters to end unpopular subchannels.

Comment Re:Devil's advocacy (Score 1) 125

Sorry, I overlooked this part the first time I read your reply:

If you want to rent games on PC you can sign up with Gamefly, but it would cost more.

From the front page of GameFly:

To enjoy GameFly, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how.

Once I got past that barrier, all games listed on the All Games page appear to be either for consoles or for handhelds made by console makers, not for PC. This is because PC game rental infringes U.S. copyright, unlike console game rental.

Steam allows users to trial games and gives full refunds within a certain time, which is a good substitute for "renting."

Until Valve decides that you've abused the refund policy and takes away access to all games that use Steam authentication.

Comment Re:Devil's advocacy (Score 1) 125

I recently upgraded my PC from a 7-8 year old Core 2 Duo, and even before that upgrade I was still playing AAA games, like Dying Light, just not at the highest settings.

Thanks for the data point. I'll mark ability to scale down to a C2D as "works for some".

most people have a PC around for other uses anyway

Except for people like one of my former co-workers, who owned only a smartphone. Mobile-only users adapt with Bluetooth keyboards and occasionally blocking out time for errands during library hours. Likewise, people who have only a laptop with Intel graphics and no standard MXM slot can't cheaply upgrade to a gaming GPU.

If you own a console with a $60/year subscription for 6 years you'd have an extra $360 to off-set the additional PC sticker price, subsequent PC upgrades (if needed), or pocket it.

Or theoretically spend it on some corresponding PC game rental service, if only one existed. Though "you can't play online on a console without also buying game rental" appears to be an argument in the PC's favor, console fans could reply "you can't buy game rental at all on PC". What do PC gamers typically use as a substitute for PlayStation Plus Free Games or Games with Gold? Or do they just rely on reviews? Or buying into a Humble Bundle every few months?

If you want to go used or older generations then the costs for consoles go down.

Likewise, I ought to try to remember to recommend a more recent used desktop PC with a new GPU to others making price comparisons.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 3) 209

Most of those reasons for pirating are because they can't get the content very easily in a legal way. I guess most people are willing to pay, as long as it doesn't get too complicated.

I would rather pay in money than in time and frustration. I WILL NOT pay in both money and time/frustration.

This is the perfect summary.
I *pay* for Netflix && Amazon Prime. I don't expect to see something in my streams when it's new to the theaters, or even when it first hits shelves on disk (though it'd be nice), but when I can't stream a 5yo movie/TV series then fuck it, off to usenet to pull down a copy.

It really is that simple. I used to pirate piles of shit when I was younger, now it's not worth the hassle unless I really want to see it and my paid services don't make it available.

Comment That's what we call a buying opportunity. (Score 4, Insightful) 128

Wait for Trump to say something stupid that knocks a chunk of money off of a stock, wait a few hours for it to crash, buy low, and sell it after a week when the price rebounds. Once again, the ultra-wealthy with their high-frequency traders get richer, and normal people's retirement funds get poorer....

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