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Submission + - McCain MySpace hacker raided by FBI

Shatter36 writes: "Following on from the clever hack of John McCain's MySpace page on Wednesday, a slashdot subscriber decided to do a follow up, tricking the page maintainers into displaying an embarrassing comment on McCain's page for 18 hours. Not that exciting, except that today he was raided by the FBI and had all of his computer equipment seized, even though he didn't actually "hack" anything! — all the images that appeared in the comment were hosted on his website. He's posted a short account of the afternoon's events on his website (probably NSFW — he sounds a little upset). This is just ridiculous. I am lost for words, though I guess one should never underestimate the stupidity of politicians..."

Submission + - Internet Conquering American Idol?

vivIsel writes: All sorts of media outlets have been a-buzzing by the saga of Sanjaya Malakar, an American Idol contestant who might just be headed for victory — but the thing is, he can't really sing. Thanks to the efforts of a lot of Indian-American patriots, some teenyboppers, and perhaps most importantly, the blogosphere and related entities, Fox's television behemoth (American Idol is the most-watched show in America) might be headed for an embarrassing moment. At least, that's what Dave Della Terza, the founder of votefortheworst.com is hoping for. The Times is covering the story, as is the Washington Post. The Boston Globe has its own cynical take on the affair.

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