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Submission + - Apple Patent May Pose iPhone Privacy Threat (

BlueStrat writes: MacWorld reports that Apple has submitted a patent application for remotely and stealthily activating features like the camera as well as using other features remotely without giving any visual or audible indication to attempt to identify users by voice and even heartbeat. Even the accelerometer, combined with other features, are envisioned as being used to identify if the phone is traveling, in which direction, how fast, and even the type of transport (train, plane, car, etc). The concept is said to be aimed at recovering stolen iPhones, but the possibility exists for many other more-invasive uses to which these features could be put, particularly by domestic intelligence, security, drug enforcement, and local/state law enforcement agencies.

From the MacWorld article regarding hacking/jailbreaking/etc prevention possibilities:

"While the proposed system could appeal to businesses concerned about securing data that workers access on their iPhones, it could also potentially be used by Apple to prevent so-called jailbreaking, which lets users load unauthorized software onto the phone. The patent application says that ways the technology would determine if an unauthorized user had the phone include identifying activities such as hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking, removing the SIM card and moving a predetermined distance from a synced device"

The Internet

Submission + - Legal Threats From A Company On A Forum?

BlueStrat writes: A company or business owner threatening lawsuits against posters to an online 3rd-party community forum doesn't seem like a productive marketing move. I recently came across a possible example that got really, really ugly!

Being a builder of custom vacuum-tube musical instrument amplifiers, I frequent many online forums and specific tech sites. During a typical browse today, I came across this forum thread in Harmony-Central

Apparently, the owner of Sozo capacitors a maker of "boutique" tube-amp capacitors got into a flame-war with some of the denizens. Accusations of re-labeling of other manufacturers' parts were followed by legal threats to the posters. Which, being the 'net, naturally escalated to profanity and beyond.

Even if this fellow from Sozo was totally legitimate and his companies' products were everything he claimed and more, is it worth this kind of display in defense of your company & products?


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