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Comment (Score 1) 613

not just you, but another 13 buddies out of every 100 people

And if you go back and read my post, you will see that I mentioned 30+ people in my own circle as never having this problem. Last time I checked, 30+ is more than 13.

Learn basic stats before you go around calling BS - otherwise you look like an idiot

Learn basic reading comprehension before you go around reprimanding people - otherwise you look like an idiot.

Comment stupid poll - should be millions, not thousands (Score 4, Insightful) 465

15000 times 185cm is 27.75km, and that's the largest option on the list?
As a matter of fact, I currently live at a distance of about 1.2 million times my height from my birthplace. In the 1980s and 1990s, the distance was about 2.84 million times my height in a different direction.

Comment Re:Fonts are too small (Score -1) 198

It has not occurred to you to try using Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE, ICE WM or numerous others that let you change settings from the GUI...

You are a liar - either an idiot, an astroturfer, or a troll.

His comment was directed at Enlightenment (and software like it), not any of the ones you listed. Obviously, he can use a GUI to change settings in any of the desktop environments you list, and he probably has. He never stated he was using Enlightenment. He feels that ANY desktop environment that still requires the manual editing of configuration files to be unacceptable. Conceded assholes like you need to learn how to read.

Comment Re:If True, Fascinatingly Bizarre Logic (Score 1) 720

Because any government is made of the same greedy and ignorant people that a company is. So the question is, which is worse: having companies compete with some amount of regulation or having a government (of greedy people) simply rule and decide things without competition...

I prefer the bunch of bastards I can vote out of the office. You may disagree, especially if you have a lot of shares, but I don't have, so I get what little control I can.

And last I heard, there were quite a few competing governments in this world.

Comment Re:icing on the cake: (Score 1) 1172

>>>Anyone who listens to Glenn Beck gets zero respect from normal, educated Americans.

I'm educated. I have two Bachelors Degrees, one Masters degree, and an IQ of 135. I watch Beck. I'm also a fan of Jefferson, who had an estimated IQ of 160, and I'm sure would also enjoy Beck's "question boldly" show theme. Jefferson argued that the Tenth Amendment was the most important amendment, because it blocked the central government from going out of control and turning into a tyranny.

Government is meant to be challenged, authority to be held accountable, and the people to be informed.

Comment Re:Competitive advantage (Score 1) 442

Since the Director of Marketing was the one who said this, it makes sense only if Linux has a negative connotation attached to it (they probably had some verifiable data for this so called "commercial stigma". Personally though, I don't think people are THAT afraid of the unknown but I am just an engineer and I am most probably wrong in my thoughts regarding this.

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