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Comment Re:US is in trouble (Score 1) 691

If a slow train is using a line, it bogs down the other trains in the same line.

Freight and passenger trains share tracks all the time. This problem is known since the first trains and first railroads, and there are solutions. For example, you can have short segments of spare tracks where a slower (freight) train can stay to allow a faster train to pass.

Comment Re:5 dollar patch (Score 1) 466

It's not just games, when you buy win 7 home premium that disk contains all the "content" of win 7 ultimate.

What MS do with windows is in some ways even worse. You can unlock the extra content for a while without paying upfront but if you do you have to either pay for it after the grace period is up or do a complete reinstall since there is no way to downgrade editions.

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