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Comment A strategy that seemed to work... (Score 1) 144

At one place I was at, a strategy that seemed to work for at least one manager was to keep a spreadsheet, listing each developer. He'd record their estimates, the time it actually took for each task, figure out a multiplier, and apply it to the estimate for the next task. After a while, he had fairly accurate estimates of what each of his developers would take for each task, moreso than most other managers. Granted, it takes time and will be highly variable at first, but *does* seem to zero in after a few different tasks.

Comment Re:Add "engineering" to the list (Score 2) 664

Oregon prohibits drivers from pumping their own gas as only state licensed Gas Station Engineers have received the proper education and certification to properly perform such a complex task. You can only imagine the carnage that would result if lay people would refill their own vehicles.

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

I think that's how Subaru implements the hill holder for stick shifts.

Some people also don't have good upper-body strength. I drive a friend's car frequently and when I park it I just zip it up, but he can't release the brake while seated normally. He has to lean way over and two-hand it to get it free. When he parks it I can take it out of gear and budge the car forward if I lean on it enough. Perhaps a better designed lever would help, but an electric brake would eliminate the problem for him.

I still prefer a simple lever.

Comment Re:Just Slashdot (Score 1) 113

Hadn't heard of that app before. Is it using an actual external VPN service, as in all your traffic goes through some 3rd party? Or is it hooking into the network stack as a sort of virtual local VPN where everything is local, intercepting traffic getting around the normal restriction of writing to the hosts file requiring root?

Comment Re:Because it is profitable to do so (Score 1) 575

Unless you paid less than 1/3 of that for your ticket, in which case we're giving you just 3x the value of your ticket (yeah, the limit isn't even $1,350, it's 3x the value of your ticket capped at $1,350.)

Nitpick, but it's still not capped. 3x the ticket price, up to $1350, is just the upper limit of what you're automatically entitled to. The airline can offer more. And in this case offering more might have attracted another volunteer costing far less than what the litigation, let alone bad publicity has cost them.

What baffles me is that United didn't even do that. Passengers said the largest offer they heard was in the hundreds.

They offered up to $800 according to all the reports I heard. That same trip taking off today has a list price of $437, so $800 is almost 200% the list price. By law if United could have gotten passengers to Louisville in 2 hours from their arrival time, they would have only been limited to 200% up to $675, so they might have been offering more than what people were entitled to already.

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