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Comment Awww, I feel bad (Score 1) 231

The tablets failed to work during a crucial AFC Championship game last January -- again for the New England Patriots...

Aww, that's so awful for the Patriots. While the tablets may be to blame, it's hard for me to feel too bad for a team with a history of "communication issues" for visiting teams.

My .02, get rid of tablets, photos, phone calls, headphones, and anything else other than the coaches and players on the playing field and sideline talking to each other in person. They can all carry around clipboards that have Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, or whatever other brand sticker on the back if the advertising money is that important.

Comment Re:AT LAST! (Score 2) 86

Oh wow! You POSTED A "VLAD IS FAT" REFERENCE! Congratulations!

Just kidding.

Posting Vlad memes is literally the most basic, desperate, tragic, hopelessly-void-of-meaning, outrageously obnoxious, troublesome, costly, and downright pointless cry for help that the universe has ever screamed. Wow, you were born as a merely BORDERLINE retarded member of your species. WOW! INCREDIBLE! You managed to open your web browser and go to Slashdot (which in evolutionary terms, willing translates roughly to "fucking desperate for at least a few reasons") managed to somehow visit Trolltalk and post a "LOCKWOOD IS FAT" reference that was stale in 2001! WOW! This has literally only been taking place for ALMOST TWENTY FUCKING YEARS! WOW! Except guess what, nobody even reads Trolltalk anymore... which means you failed at submitting yourself to an act which means absolutely nothing. The only thing left to do now is kill yourself.

Not nearly as obnoxious as your post.

Comment Re:Their stock has been split since 1999 right??? (Score 1) 43

Yes. February 18, 2003 was the only split since their previous "high" Dec 23, 1999.

I think as long as it's clear that previous stock prices and/or volume data have been adjusted for splits an "all time high" still is valid even if it's not technically the highest price it ever traded at.

Submission + - Lawsuit Seeks to Halt New York Subsidies for Upstate Nuclear Plants (nytimes.com)

mdsolar writes: A collection of energy companies and trade associations have filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse a decision by the administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to subsidize several struggling upstate nuclear plants, arguing that the state overstepped federal authority to regulate energy prices.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Federal District Court in Manhattan, comes a little more than two months after Mr. Cuomo announced a deal to provide hundreds of millions of dollars per year in subsidies to buttress the bottom lines of four upstate plants. The subsidies were included in an order from the Public Service Commission, whose chairwoman, Audrey Zibelman, is named as the lead defendant.

But the suit argues that such action oversteps the federal government’s policy of allowing market forces to set wholesale energy prices, and benefits a single company: Exelon, based in Chicago, which owns all four plants. The plan also effectively makes New York residents pay billions through higher electrical rates to prop up the plants, several of which would have failed without the governor’s plan, the suit claims.

“Unless enjoined or eliminated, these credits will result in New York’s captive ratepayers paying the owners an estimated $7.6 billion over 12 years,” the suit reads.

Comment Re:Worst keyboard ever (Score 1) 44

Razer's marketing is full of hyperbole, often bordering on outright lying. Many of their statements are obviously made to be misinterpreted so as to make their products appear to be more interesting than they really are.
They are a dishonest, shameful company.
Never mind that their products are more flash than quality.

They are the Bose of computer/gamer hardware.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

That's just over $10,000 per citizen. Is that even a subsistence wage?

It's closer than you might think. If you have a wife and two kids, that's $40,000... That's only a little under a median household income. Perhaps kids pay out less, but that raises the amount available for adults.

If you're single you pick up a couple roommates, just like people working minimum wage jobs already do.

Also, the amount paid out is related to income. If you implemented a $10,000 UBI, plus a 25% universal flat tax, you would only receive the full $10,000 if you had $0 earned income. If you're earning $40,000, your net UBI/tax is $0. With $80,000 earned income you'd have $10,000 net tax. So you're not paying out $10,000 to every citizen.

With the nice round numbers above and $57,220 income per capita, the average tax will be $(57,220 - 10,000) * 0.25 = $11805. That results in 20.6% revenue/GDP. That's a little high, but it's completely plausible. You can nudge the variables a little and end up with a very reasonable scenario.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

If there's a reasonable possibility of kids jumping in front of your car and you can't avoid the kids when they do, then you were driving too fast, period.

That means you shouldn't be driving any faster than 20 mph beside parked cars or on any road that has kid-hiding obstacles within 3 feet of your lane.

Self-driving cars will limit themselves to 20 mph in such a situation for that reason, and that's going to piss a lot of people off.

Submission + - Nuclear Power Plant and Nuclear Lab Hacked (securitytaco.com)

zootsewt1 writes: In two separate incidents, a nuclear power plant and a nuclear lab were targeted for cyber attacks. Director Yukiya Amano from the IAEA disclosed that a nuclear power generation facility came under cyber attack within the last few years. He declined to state which specific nuclear facility was involved. Mr. Amano advised that "This issue of cyber attacks on nuclear-related facilities or activities should be taken very seriously. We never know if we know everything or if it's the tip of the iceberg."

In a separate incident, a nuclear lab in the University of Toyama in Japan conducting research on tritium (used in nuclear power plants), also came under cyber attack earlier this year. The attacker appears to have been able to exfiltrate large large amounts of data, some of which was related to the Fukushima clean-up. It is unclear who is responsible for this attack.

Submission + - Nuclear Fusion World Record: MIT's Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Breaks Its Own Plasma P (ibtimes.com)

mdsolar writes: On Friday, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center announced that they had achieved a key milestone — one that brings us closer than ever before to viable fusion reactors. The MIT team at the Alcator C-Mod tokamak nuclear fusion reactor set a new world record for plasma pressure at 2.05 atmospheres — 15 percent higher than the previous C-Mod record of 1.77 atmospheres set in 2005.

“This is a remarkable achievement that highlights the highly successful Alcator C-Mod program at MIT,” Dale Meade, former deputy director at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, who was not directly involved in the experiments, said in a statement. “The record plasma pressure validates the high-magnetic-field approach as an attractive path to practical fusion energy.”

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