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Submission + - Wikileaks DNS shut down

Sparx139 writes:, the DNS provider for Wikileaks, has terminated the domain name
The decision came as a result of the recent DDOS attack on, with EveryDNS attempting to protect their infrastructure and other clients from the attacks.

Wikileaks confirmed via twitter that has been "killed". The website can now be reached from

Submission + - Microsoft do Ruby (

Etrigoth writes: Following on from their Silverlight/DLR announcement recently, Microsofts John Lam has released the first preview of IronRuby, a Ruby compiler targetting the .Net CLR. Early benchmarks claim that IronRuby is already significantly faster then Ruby 1.8.6 in Method Invocation and on a par for Library performance.
Interestingly, Microsoft have released this under what is their essentially open source Permissive License and a further suprise comes from Microsofts intention to release IronRuby to the popular Ruby community Ruby Forge instead of their own Open Source hosting network CodePlex. Microsoft intend to accept Source Code submissions for IronRuby but presently, one may only submit code for the IronRuby libraries. John Lam says "once the DLR matures and reaches 1.0 status with fully supported public interfaces, we will fully open up all parts of the IronRuby project for external contributions."
A Mono developer, Seo Sanghyeon, has already created a kit to allow the IronRuby preview to function under Mono/Linux. More information on that here.


Submission + - iPhone Can Now Run Apache, Python and Even Vim ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: After the first Hello World application, hacker NerveGas and the people at #iphone-shell have built Apache, Python and other Open Source apps for the iPhone using NightWatch's toolchain. Yes, your iPhone can now be a Web Server and do all sort of 1337 things. This also means that third-party applications for iPhone will happen no matter what. People, iPhone Doom could be just around the corner.

Submission + - Dell Asking ATI for Better Linux Drivers (

Open Source IT writes: "According to a presentation at Ubuntu Live 2007, Dell is working on getting better ATI drivers for Linux for use in its Linux offerings. While it is not known whether the end product will end up as open source, with big businesses like Google and Dell now behind the push for better Linux graphics drivers, hopefully ATI will make the smart business decision and give customers what they want."

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