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Comment Re:GPL (Score 1) 176

Wow slashdot sucks these days.

That is as informative as a listing of alphabetical letters in the correct order. Basic, basic stuff. Plus the crazy inclusion of GPL v3 to confuse matters even more. Nothing in your post shed any light at all on why companies like apple are avoiding GPL v3. Its the patent and anti tivo provisions. I guess some genius will upvote this post as informative as well. Oh my god what has become of thee oh slashdot. News for idiotic peoples who think they are nerds.

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 1) 198

Ok, we someone here who's never paid attention in a hospital. There are life saving computerized machines that doctors and nurses use to keep people alive. Since they are critical, they are pass worded. which creates this delema. Some of those have manual backups that will work, but not as well reducing good outcomes. Some just don't because computers are better at stuff than humans. And don't believe the bs on tv where doctors "Improvise" when machines fail and create their own solutions that no one has ever thought of. That never happens and would be a horrible lawsuit waiting to happen.

Comment Re: Oh, the irony! (Score 2) 207

Wha..ttt THe...

How is that a point? LIving in a totaltarian state with real punishments for expressing disapproval of the government is better because, you know the consequences of your actions?!? As opposed to living in a country where limited secretive spying goes on, with out any measurable crack down on descent?

Its like admiring a serial killer for having the courage to act on his convictions, as opposed to a man that cheats on his wife but doesn't leave her.

Comment Dangerous suggustions (Score 1) 127

Trust me it will be auto correct on steroids. Screen shots will show up in divorce proceedings.

Although on the other hand, for those of us that can't stand small talk over text, its a god send. Sure, lets reply to small talk as if I'm good at doing that. It will be a protection against actually trying to explain in depth how my day went.

Comment Re:If he were, why isn't he using the money? (Score 1) 147

Who says he hasn't ? The blockchain. Pfft, The smart strategy with an investment expected to gain over time, is not to reduce principle, but to borrow against it at a rate lower than the rate of return you get on the investment.

This is why rich guys will often finance their sports cars, at like 0-1% interest, because their principle is making 7%.

Comment Re:BIZX is destroying Slashdot!!! (Score 1) 1310

You are saying all the right things, I left over dice ownership. I couldn't take it anymore. Well, I'll keep my eye on slash and contribute in comments as things come up. I have no idea on how you expect slashdot to make much dinero, but good luck to you. It seems like you have the best of intentions.

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