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Journal Journal: Facebook/twitter icons 1

One of the worst things they've done to this site. I have *Friends* on facebook. I don't want them to know how much of a nerd I am. Furthermore, the slashdot stories aren't stories,they're summaries about stories. If I was going to post something about the topic to facebook, i would just link the source.

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Journal Journal: Negitive feedback 3

I've gotten a couple posts questioning the validity of my attempted humor. Some people really don't think I'm that funny. It only takes three different mods to hit +5 funny, and I myself have seen a few other people have posted that aren't that funny. In any case, I am my own worst critic. Several ones I've posted I didn't think deserve any attention at all. So, in the future, I'll try and limit myself even further, to truly post only what is really funny, rather than some things that I think might be funny.

For those who are annoyed with my sense of humor, just be glad I was filtering out a good 80% of what I thought to post. You're seeing what I consider to be the top 20% of my humor. I'll try and tighten that down to at least 10%.

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Journal Journal: Still confused about Freaks. 5

I realise that every journal I've ver written is about freaks. Sorry, but I'm fasinated by them. Recently, I got two more. I'm just curious why anyone marks anyone as a freak. Anyone know? Any of my new freaks care to elaborate as to why they decided I was a Foe? I try to restrain myself from flaiming or posting anything too ofensive. If there is something I really feal strongly about that might offend someone I'll post it anyway, but I'll try to do so as clearly and logically as possible. I understand that everyone might not understand or agree with them, but I would think that they would respect the opinion and the manner it was presented in. Or do people just use Foes to demark those they disagree with? I understand using it for Trolls or those truely offensive, but why use it to censor those you disagree with? Are they so sure of themselves that they could never be wrong on an issue? Or are they afraid that they will read a well reasoned argument that makes them change their mind? Let me know, will you.
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Journal Journal: IntlHarvester I also Luv U

Once again, I have a non fan. I don't really understand the point of relations. I mean really, what is this a 2nd grade valeitines day party? Well, Just to show I don't have any hard feelings. Mr IntlHarvester, I am your newest fan. WHen you think about it, its only your closest freinds that are confortable enough to say that they don't like you. If you don't buy that then, lets just say im keeping my friends close and my enimies closer.
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Journal Journal: To Lars, My freak

I apparently have a freak. I don't really know why. So Lars T. (470328), I made you my friend. You can hate me all you want,but I still wuv u.

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