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Comment Re: How about human dignity? (Score 1) 187

Sir, As an old timer slash dotter I commend you for keeping it together, the economy is improving, with luck The probability of you finding jobs increases. Or if you so choose you can come to the UK here we have no shame of government intervention and have an excellent disability benefits system including mental damage and even for just plain unemployment

Comment Deal with bullying managers (Score 1) 473

Deal with bullying managers that impose tight immovable deadlines in front of senior management, and then when I tell them to reset the client's expectation and blue sky renegotiate the entire contract with the client because the deadline is unachievable in front of senior management they get upset and then start bullying you and physically attacking you and I walked into a Police station and the Police officers refused to take my official report of a harassment incident. I wouldn't get any witnesses anyway because they were junior management and everyone's scared of their careers - they all have families to feed. That was in my old company, now in my new company my predecessor's predecessor had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide, but these get covered up by corporate management.

Comment Re:proving parent right... (Score 1) 356

Let's be clear: If the government wants you, they're gonna get you. The laws aren't there to uphold social norms, they're there to club you over the head and drag you off in a way that seems justifiable to the unwashed masses, should the authorities so choose to do so

So what do you want - for the government instead of using laws, lawyers and judges to use some sort of random voodoo guesswork? Get the bad laws changed!

Comment Re: Stay classy ./ (Score 1) 223

At my last job we had constant RAID failures due to an SQL Server database running ten thousand transactions a second all day every day with no break including weekends. Only EMC Clariion storage array was reliable enough and it hasn't had a single failure for three years apart from HDD failures upon which it automatically pages EMC. Their salespeople are idiots but their design engineers are good. During the dotcom boom they did the best hardware, dont insult their storage hardware which is damn good

Comment Re:Province is Provincial (Score 1) 223

I bet that just finding the server that the content is cached on among the millions of servers Google has would require some sort of debug mode to operate on their main search engine which would require them to more than double their server power overnight. Just ask Linus Torvalds if the linux kernel was witched to debug mode with full verbose logging, how much performance penalty it would have

Comment Re:Good for him (Score 1) 911

They have taken an oath as servants of the people, but instead, seek to rule over them as their masters and confiscate/limit the fruits of their labor and give them to those who have not earned it in exchange for political favor, and try to control what private citizens spend their own money on, while limiting the amount of success someone is allowed to attain.

So the poor have no Right to food, what a horrible uncivilised unChristian country, would be ridiculed at the United Nations, have them depend on what - Christian charity? As a scientist I know that if a population is starving the likelihood of shootings and stabbings increases, which all American citizens do not want. Do a poll - How many Americans want themselves and their children to be tortured for money and physically shot and killed? And would you give a five percent tax to avert this possibility? Pretty much everybody would say yes they would pay the tax.

Comment Re:Frak (Score 1) 675

On the big chess board if the missile defence system is put in check by the Russians then America would have to move its pieces to perform more invasions of Arabic countries pre-emptively

Russia has good relations with Iran. What if Russia orders Iran to fire nuclear weapons at Europe? Or at Israel knowing that the USA intervened in Serbia - a Russian-controlled country. If Iran caused trouble to Israel the USA would have to nuke Iran, if Iran has nukes for secondstrike at Europe this is unacceptable under NATO

Comment Re:There's a hopeless retard here for sure... (Score 1) 333

I think its way simpler than that - the US has two stances - passive in the world, and actively imposing its will on the world with its military. It was passive and Pearl Harbour happened, the US invaded a bunch of countries including Germany which hadnt actually started a war with the USA. So the precedent is set that when the USA gets cheesed off, any country it doesnt like gets hit - so its not you-invade-me we-invade-you, its America-sitting-on-its-ass or America-invading-everyone-it-doesnt-like

Comment Re:Faulty Reasoning (Score 1) 653

It seems if a zero was entered into a field instead of a non-zero number, the web app would crash (or it was something equally stupid - please don't hold me to actual issue

I've seen onshore problems far worse than that. But yes the offshore ones depend on management communications which isn't always good, for example a web app came back in ASP.NET instead of VisualBasic, it's like "You don't get a more basic error than using the wrong programming language, what should I do throw away the webserver with all our existing customers on it?"

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 861

Anyone who doesn't recycle when their government cajoles them to because they think it violates their civil liberties is harming their neighbour via increased pollution and increased landfill, this violates many world religion including Christianity where there's a commandment "Love thy neighbour"

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