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Comment Accurate planning can be done, if taken seriously (Score 1) 217

It's amazing how often I've seen projects - even strategic / multi-million buck ones - being planned "on the back of an envelope".
Some dude shits out a guesstimate that's then slapped in a powerpoint and it becomes the target & budget which is handed to the luckless PM and the dev team.

Getting the right people involved, and going into detail on scope, spec and architecture etc. is not "wasted time and money" but instead an investment; these are activities that will have to be done (or should be done) eventually anyway...
Of course, the estimate is often higher than key stakeholders "guessed", hence the popularity (as mentioned in another post) of the cynical "lowball then come back for more time and money later" method.

Then we get posts like this saying "development is impossible to estimate". Bullshit; with a competent PM controlling the scope and a tech team that know their stuff it's not that hard.

Comment Airbnb's clients may kill it... (Score 1) 122

Interesting article on the BBC...'My Airbnb flat was turned into a pop-up brothel'

Quote: "I found used condom wrappers under the bed, I found the bin was overflowing with tissues and condoms. And basically what I had to do was pick all that up with my hands."

With people like this renting stuff, I'm not sure I want to try Airbnb anytime soon...

Comment Re:Better 2 Weeks Late Than A Faulty Release? (Score 1) 42

Yup, same here. Really a pain when you were using floppies...
I remember when I was trying to install at a customer site who had a load of Compaq boxen; was with IBM, and we'd just managed to persuade this big customer to go with OS/2 instead of Dos&Win. Could not get the damn thing to install - due to being IBM and the high-profile nature of the deal, managed to get through to the devs.
"We've only ever tried to install on IBM machines...." (Remember the wonderful PS/2?)

Quit IBM shortly after.

Comment Re:FreeBSD, Hackingtosh, or Linux (Score 1) 281

BSD FTW! Probably PC-BSD as an easy start...

As for shill above wanking on about "losing your windows skills"...don't worry, if you're a normal human being I'm sure you can learn new things while still retaining your old knowledge, especially if - like many - you regularly work with both.

So - duh - you actually become MORE valuable on the job market!
Being working well for me for over 30 years now...

Try Apple also, based on BSD so under the hood it's not too unfamiliar. Used Macbook Pros (get the right model) are serious tools, and of course you can multi-boot if you can't get your VM to do what you want.

Comment Re:Poachers should be tortured when caught (Score 1) 70

Define "poacher":

(a) Bastards slaughtering elephants with automatic weapons for Ivory? String 'em up, (if you can catch them).

(b) Desperate people in conflict-ravaged areas needing any food they can get their hands on? Maybe not.

Meanwhile, the biggest cause of megafauna and other "wild" animal extinction is not poaching; it's habitat loss.
You want to torture to death large swathes of populations in Africa, South America, India and China?

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