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Comment is it any wonder ... (Score 3, Insightful) 115

... that folks pirate stuff? I have no personal interest in x-box or any apps that run on them (don't own one and have no desire to), but when you treat your customers like shit, then you can't really complain when they treat your product as a freely available commodity. Suck it up MS, you will reap what you sow for previously loyal x-box users.

Comment It seems... (Score 1) 368

....that many commenters do not have a sound grasp of statistics. nah fuck it .....I cant be bothered telling you about 30 year averages, mathematical modelling, errors etc Go and sit in your basement and cook/freeze whatever and ignore basic high school physics.

Comment can't speak for others obviously but ... (Score 1) 185

We have a small holiday rental property in which there is free wifi and a Ubuntu PC. This suits us well - particularly the PC as we do not need to worry about what is downloaded and who looks at it. Wifi is of course another issue, but this thread is Ubuntu, and we are very happy. I suspect that some of the naysayers either have needs other than ours or have not looked into needs such as ours. My 2C, keep the change!

Comment Re:A case of being legally right, but morally wron (Score 2) 37

Yes, you've got it. It was the speculative invoicing that was the problem, not the copying/distributing. I very much doubt that this will go to the High Court (the last course of legal action in Oz for all you non-Aussies), but I'd expect that they would also reject it. A good sense judgement imo, regardless of the infringement.

Comment Re:Climatology (Score 1) 288

Sad you were taken as a troll. The science is as clear as it can be - we are emitting more CO2 than ever before - CO2 is a greenhouse gas - measured temperatures are rising. No other thoroughly investigated possible link to measured warming is viable except rising levels of CO2. Geez some people here are scientific fuckwits. Some of you fuckheads need to read some real science, not the crap poured into the media by fox etc. who inform the blogs of non-scientists. Do you actually believe that Mockton has something useful to say? Frankly he's a fraud who - amongst other crap - claims to be a member of parliment when he cannot be because his peerage is inherited.

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