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Comment Unlimited = 20 to 30 gigabytes per month (Score 1) 61

Just a reminder that if there are isn't a speed cap on them, these plans typically start throttling you after you use 20 something gigabytes of high speed data in a billing period. Therefore, these so-called "unlimited" plans are actually "20 something gigabytes of high speed data per month" plans.

Submission + - Copyright Troll Lawyers Charged with Major Fraud and Extortion (startribune.com)

BcNexus writes: No strangers to the front page of ./ for their trouble with the court, two lawyers from the USA state of Minnesota have been charged with conspiracy, fraud and more in connection with their years-long copyright trolling campaign. They allegedly would upload their own pornographic materials to the web, threaten their victims with expensive copyright infringement suits for downloading the porn, and then offer to settle with them for an average of $4,000 each.

Comment Re: My missing option? (Score 1) 172

Regarding mobile phone service for someone *living* in Japan, I recommend you talk to the people over at /r/japan at Reddit. They like to discuss that sort of thing. [While I mostly lurk there. :-) ] Regarding your "bid to talk to me" idea, that sounds pretty awesome! I'd sign up for it!

Comment Re:Why is this on SlashDot? (Score 1) 350

No one said the experiments tested how much RAM is enough for a so-called "regular user." The article never says that. The article's purpose is to answer the question "Should I get 8GB or 16GB of RAM?".

The author answers the question by running several experiments and giving the reader the results. Most of the Slashdot crowd is proficient enough in computer science to take those results and apply them to their own use cases. That is the value of the article: it gives you information that you can apply to your work or home life.

Comment Re:Why is this on SlashDot? (Score 1) 350

Two reasons:

The results apply to use cases that many folks encounter. For example: I develop, compile, and occasionally look at memory dumps; but I also support people who use apps (one of the use cases the author tested); and I also play games and use applications (also tested in the experiments) and I support people who do too.

Moreover, this article takes the squishy question of how much RAM is enough and helps answer it with hard numbers and results that can be applied more widely than to just the exact circumstances of the experiments.

Comment Tested: 1)Apps; 2)Games running alongside Chrome (Score 2) 350

They tested running a single game? That is incorrect. They didn't test the system by simply doing that and only that.

TechSpot tested three different games, each running alongside Chrome with 65 active tabs. That simulated concurrently running (AKA multitasking) RAM-hungry applications.

And before they even tested concurrent multitasking with games, TechSpot first tested the system with Blender and other applications, simulating app use.

Did you RTFA?

Comment Re: Right ... (Score 1) 117

It's breaking compatibility with Miracast devices. That is to say, it is removing support for Miracast devices and replacing it with support for Chromecast/Googlecast devices. For example, that means the Shield will no longer work with my television because my television supports Miracast but not Chromecast. That sucks because they are replacing a more open technology/standard with a proprietary technology that works with fewer devices.

Comment FYI: Alternatives (Score 1) 112

Anyone interested should look into one or more of the following alternatives. They don't add any ads to the experience as far as I know. The exception being Tivo, but my understanding is that their ads don't interfere with watching the content. Each of these alternatives have varying levels of openness and freedom ranging from truly FOSS to not FOSS/OSS at all...

Ceton's products: http://cetoncorp.com/
Silicon Dust's products: https://www.silicondust.com/
Kodi's offerings: http://kodi.tv/
Tivo's products: http://www.tivo.com/

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