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Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 1) 165

It's NASA's job to do NASA's job. They let this political rent seeking get way out of hand over the decades.

Did NASA let this happen, or did Congress force it on NASA? The way to get a good launch system is to tell someone competent to do it, give that person adequate funding, and let said competent person get the job done. I've never been confident that the purpose of the Senate Launch System was to put anything into space.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 355

Trees are actually pretty complicated things, and it shouldn't surprise us if some change in their environment would change their behavior. Thermometers are simple things, well understood, and we know the relevant environmental effects. When you've got thermometer readings, use them. If you want temperatures before then, you need to find and use proxies, and they can get complicated. Best to rely on people who study the proxies.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 355

So you want to take my money at the threat of violence to accommodate your political needs?

If you want to complain about that, you're a bit late. It's been going on since we formed governments.

It's also irrelevant, since that isn't what a carbon tax is. It's an attempt to internalize a market externality, and has nothing itself to do with politics (although setting it is a political process). The planet is warming up, and that's true regardless of your politics.

Comment Re:Scientific Reports (Score 1) 355

Most of the evidence is statistical, which doesn't make it invalid. Further, if you were a semi-competent scientist, you'd realize that the CO2 you produce is way below the noise level, and doesn't affect anything in a measurable way. The CO2 produced by every car in the US probably does have a measurable impact.

The basic principles can be explained on the back of a cereal box, although not in enough detail to prove that CO2 is causing global warming. You need a lot more data for that, and as it happens scientists have collected far more data than that.

You could try reading some peer-reviewed publications and writing a paper showing why they're all bunk. Then get that published, and you'll be famous. So far, nobody has managed to do that.

Comment Re:An open plan office (Score 1) 349

Developers will scream and complain and demand that they have a "development system" that only a few percent of their users will ever get close to.

Damn straight. My number one desire for a long time has been faster compiles (number two is usually faster testing). I have no objection to having a test system that's at the low end of what my users have, but I want something I can do real work on.

Pointy-haired boss: "We've decided that a [certain system] is adequate for your use. Besides, how many times are you going to do ray-tracing in your career?"
Dilbert: "Once, if I hurry."

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