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Comment Re:That's not even all (Score 1) 299

Safe nuclear in the sense of no reactor ever emitting significant amounts of radioactive material doesn't exist. Safe coal, solar, wind, etc., by the same sort of rigid criteria, don't exist either. Overall, in the real world, nuclear has proven very safe for decades. You seem to be arguing that we have to have had more nuclear disasters than we've had.

Comment Re:missing info... (Score 1) 411

I can understand the situation, but I really doubt that pre-crime prison sentences for potential terrorism are going to help in the long run. As he was showing indications of intent to harm self and others, mental health treatment is probably more appropriate. I'm not real happy about a prison sentence for thinking about joining a terrorist group, and I doubt it will serve the intended purpose.

Also, I'm not blaming the authorities for the nightclub attack. I'm pointing out that it's a difficult problem.

Comment Re:IRS can only pursue taxes on "income" (Score 1) 203

I shouldn't have said "warranted". The police, or other law enforcement agencies, can start any investigation they like on anyone with no cause whatsoever. They're limited in the things they can do during the course of an investigation,at least theoretically. However, if this is an investigation of individuals, the Fourth doesn't apply because they're not searching the individual's effects. If it's an investigation of the exchange, then it isn't a general warrant.

Comment Re:They won't. (Score 1) 322

Another thing to do with a carbon tax is to reduce other taxes to keep it revenue-neutral. The tricky part is making sure the poor get enough relief, since income tax cuts don't give them much extra money. In the US, paying everybody's first $X of FICA payroll taxes might work.

The really neat thing about carbon taxes is that they allow the market to adjust to produce less CO2, which is going to be more efficient and effective than top-down directives.

Comment Re:Ah .. .The War On Cash Continues (Score 1) 258

In the US, cash is legal tender for all debts. That doesn't mean people have to accept it in exchange for stuff, but it does mean that, if you owe money, cash works. There are transactions that involve short-term debt, like restaurant bills, and longer-term. Every two weeks, my employer owes me money, and I'd have no legal recourse if they decided to just hand us cash. I'd be annoyed, personally, but that's not a legal issue.

Comment Re:Blanket Warrant (Score 1) 203

Your Fourth Amendment rights work, more or less, with your persons, houses, papers, and effects. They don't necessarily apply to information a third party has about you. In this case, Coinbase is a legitimate business, and there are reporting laws that likely come into effect. I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know the legal situation, but this is very likely legal.

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