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Submission + - Why Your Sysadmin Hates You (

jfruh writes: We've learned many lessons in the fallout from Edward Snowden's whistleblowing and flight to Hong Kong, but here's an important one: Never piss off your sysadmin. Even if your organization isn't running a secret, civil-rights violating surveillance program, you're probably managing to annoy your admins in a number of more pedestrian ways that might still have blowback for you. Learn to stay on their good side by going along with their reasonable requests and being specific with your complaints.

Comment I'm a USENIX Blogger at LISA12 (Score 4, Informative) 40

I would suggest to anyone who thinks that USENIX conferences are solely for graybeards who walk around wearing suspenders, flipping nickels at people, then you should take a few minutes to read through the training program from LISA12. Not only is there the old standard Linux stuff, there are also great classes on building AWS infrastructures, cloudstack, PowerShell, and tons more. It's really pretty great.

Submission + - Conferences - Are Smaller Better? ( 2

Bandman writes: "Tom Limoncelli, author of 'The Practice of System and Network Administration', discusses how difficult it is for geeks to build real-life communities if you live outside of a couple high-density tech-oriented areas.

The solution he has in mind are regional conferences devoted to specific topics. He's going to be speaking at the NJ-based PICC'11, but even long-running events like PAX started as a small conference meant to build community.

Having a small group of organizers dedicated to building a local community seems to be more economical for everyone involved, and leads to events where everyone can take a bigger part in the process."

Comment Irony (Score 1) 277

Does anyone else find it ironic that they're using information obtained from a cracked server to determine that the weakest security is the password? Anyway, I think the passwords are only weak because the users get to choose them, and *users* are the weakest link in the security chain.

Comment Re:But but but (Score 1) 536

If the allegations against the FBI are true, and they had contractors successfully hide a weakness in a hugely successful open source project like OpenBSD, can't you at least conceive that it would be possible for them to have insiders at Microsoft that have done something similar? Microsoft wouldn't have to be aware, as Theo apparently wasn't.

Submission + - SysAdmin Conferences Go Local (

Bandman writes: "Last year, the NJ chapter of LOPSA organized the first "local" SysAdmin conference, meant to be a smaller, more inexpensive option compared to a national conference like LISA or SAGE-AU.

This year, the Seattle chapter is joining the fray with the Cascadia IT Conference, and the NJ-based Professional IT Community Conference is returning in a big way.

Last year's technical sessions are now online, so you can get a taste of what's going on with these local conferences."

Submission + - Defining DevOps (

Bandman writes: DevOps is a trend that has been taking the sysadmin world by storm. The idea of co-mingling sysadmins and develops sounds foreign to too many people (and sounds old-hat to others), but like it or not, the movement has a big foothold.

The author attempts to sow seeds of understanding with a standard definition, stripped of all the "touchy-feely stuff": "DevOps is an increased interaction and interdependency between developers and operations staff"

Comment Re:The answer is google (Score 1) 4

That is an interesting idea.

I am worried, though, about the quality of online-only docs. I mean, I'm one of those sick people who actually /likes/ to write documentation, and even I don't like documenting the boring stuff...but if you get a good book, that's exactly what you'll get. The boring stuff is documented in as much detail as the exciting stuff, and sometimes it's the boring stuff that's going to save you in a corner case.

I might be wrong, and I hope I am.

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