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Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 152

If the majority would vote to abolish or diminsh protection of "intellectual property", there would be less money to produce profits and content.

Maybe we'll see less content, maybe we'll see less lobbying and laws being bought by the content industry, or less absurd amounts of money going into the pockets of a few.

I think humanity will find new ways of producing content for entertainment, it is not a law of nature that only monopolies and obscene amounts of profit can generate content that people want to watch.

Lets try and see what happens. Noone will die of hunger if there would be less entertainment available.

There is no reaons to be afraid of less profits for the content industry.

Comment Impossible (Score 1) 345

How would you calculate the "amount of automation" that would be the basis of taxation?!?

I think Bill Gates sees the problem with automation: 90-99% of us will be without work.
What he doesn't see: this will mean that the economic system as we've known it for about 200 years now, will cease to exist.

The current elites and rich want to cling to the status quo, obviously, and come up with weird ideas that are wishful thinking IMHO.

I think the company, whose economic function is to organize work at a larger scale, might have to change fundamentally.
A single person + an army of software/robots could replace entire 10000+ companies one day.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 171

I'm paying $65-$75 per month for two phones with plenty of data via Project Fi. So far the service is also excellent. You were saying something about all prices being the same?

I have Fi and love it, but it's not in the discussion for the level of data usage people are discussing here--your "plenty of data" is about 4GB/mo split between 2 phones ($20 for the first phone's voice/text, $10ish for the 2nd phone, leaving about $40 to reach your $70ish total).

The post you were responding to was talking about 100 GB plans to compete with the current 20 GB "unlimited" plans--even the latter would be $200/month on Fi, and 100GB at $10 each would be $1000/month at Fi's pricing.

Fi is awesome and cheap f you are usually on wifi at home/work and so don't really burn a ton of data on a regular basis, but it's not going to replace your wired network at home the way a cheap, fast 100GB/mo wireless plan could.

Comment Re: Trade union fighting for survival (Score 1) 720

Exactly. People think a lot of people will suddenly become lazy. In fact, they won't - a lot of people LIKE their current lifestyle.

The problem for unions is that if people become indifferent to "regular" jobs and start to prefer more flexible, casual arrangements that are based as much around convenience as pay or work environment then the power of unions will wane quickly. The power of modern unions is heavily rooted in fear, and when that sense of "without this job I can't feed my family" is gone then so is the core incentive for members to fight hard for whatever agenda the union is pushing.

Now, that's not a bad thing... unions were formed to fight employers who exploited that fear and while better than that alternative, they're just the lesser evil; they use that same fear to manipulate and ultimately exploit workers.

In other words, taking away the need for unions entirely means that the balance has tipped firmly towards workers rights. That's not a bad thing, unless you're a union or a corporation.

Comment Re:Our Attitude To Tech Resources (Score 3, Insightful) 133

I'm struggling a bit with the comment that "1GB is in fact completely unacceptable."

The assumption I'd make is that the reviewer is buying a small modular laptop to run what he considers lightweight laptop-style tasks... specifically, a modern (because nobody sane runs an out-of-date one) graphical web browser.

Having actually tried it, I'll agree that running a modern graphical web browser on a systems with 1GB of memory *is* painful.

I'll grant that this raises more questions than answers. Is it reasonable to need 2+GB of memory to run a silly browser? Is running a web browser the only sane workload for a small laptop? I'm comfortable saying "no" to both of those, but I guess that's why I'm just a lowly code grunt instead of a Verge reviewer...

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

There is no real difference.
Prohibition of Cannabis started with taxes, that became "prohibitively" high.
Do we really still believe in prohibition to "regulate" drugs?

The idea of "sin taxes" is wrong IMHO: It creates the wrong impression, what is not very very expensive cannot be too unhealthy.
However, most things, even drugs, are pretty harmless if taken in moderate amounts and if the user has some discipline.

Once the general wealth of the population rises, sin taxes stop working, and the pupulation, wrongly motivated by money alone, won't be able to control itself.
Instead, we should educate children and keep it out of their hands until they are adult. After that, we have to accept that people make their own decisions.

Comment Affordability (Score 2) 532

If it's the poor who are now the most likely to smoke, it's hard to see how they will ever afford the AUD$40 (USD$30) pack of cigarettes.

They won't.

They'll buy black market cigarettes for a fraction of that price.

Comment Re:Stratus has proprietary redundant *everything*. (Score 1) 137

Really, really, really expensive though. You wouldn't want to use one of these for anything normal.

Environment Canada used to run a similar architecture from Tandem for processing weather data. They wanted the "real timey" aspects of how it dealt with data, but the extreme data processing redundancy was a bit of a problem ("don't lose my money" is massive overkill for a temperature value that's updated at least hourly) and they ended up doing some deep O/S development to cut 150 disk writes per data element down to something sane.

They were solid, though; only time I ever saw one go completely dark was when someone did a generator test and a UPS battery bank exploded.

Comment Re:Another bad investment (Score 1) 63

Even Sprint can't be that stupid ... or can they?

If they're trusting Tidal's subscriber numbers without even looking at their own traffic patterns to get a picture how much Tidal data (and that other streaming services) is moving across their networks, then I wouldn't put any amount of stupidity beyond them.

Comment Yep (Score 2) 215

Two of my three Android devices have custom ROM's, and the third probably will once the LineageOS folks start pushing out reasonably stable builds.

The only reason the third doesn't currently have a custom ROM is that Motorola didn't go batshit with the bloatware, so waiting for the warranty period to up wasn't a pain.

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