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Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 1) 401

There's a difference between the OP's stop funding all wars and your defunding the military.

No (federal) social programs means a number of things. Lazy but capable people will have the choice of work or die. Truly incapable people will have to rely on charity and state and local programs. Charitable giving will increase because the end of social programs will mean that working people have more money, and more working people means more available goods. As people realize they are responsible for their own well-being, troublemakers like rioters and Soros-funded protesters will get less respect and will be more likely to be shot when they try to steal from honest folk. This will tend to put a lid on rioting.

The US dollar is already destroyed, having lost about 98% of its value over the last century. Other countries' governments and people in responsible positions in large financial institutions recognize that fact. Making the fact public will hurt short term public confidence, but if it results in US finances being put on a sound basis (a political decision) then the dollar will become a stable standard at perhaps 50% of its current value.

With regard to Atlas Shrugged, the book acknowledges the necessity of a military. Some libertarians are fools who think that minimal government means almost no government.

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 227

Actually, TFA gives no clue as to efficiency. The stated figure is for yield, i.e. the amount of ethanol out versus the theoretical ethanol out if every carbon atom in the CO2 input were incorporated into ethanol. Whether the remainder is unconverted or converted into something other than ethanol is also unstated.

Comment Re:I don't think UBI would work out because... (Score 1) 880

Inflation has averaged 7% over the last decade, the Consumer Price Index about 2.5%. That is stagflation when the stagnation is taken into account. The 4.5% difference per year is 45% over the decade, and it's going to hurt when that 45% comes back into the market - such as from China, when it demands products for the dollars it has been saving.

Comment Re:Cut full time down to 30-32 hours to start! (Score 1) 880

40 hours/week is what most people consider a reasonable tradeoff between free time and being able to buy more nice stuff. It's also an indication to your employer that you're serious about your job, that you're worth pouring more resources into and worth being considered for promotion.

Somebody working 30 hours a week is a dilettante, not serious about his job and not invested in the success of his employer's business.

As an employer, who do you want working for you?

Comment Re:Better options are available than UBI (Score 1) 880

undertaking work of public benefit

"Public benefit" will be things like signing up people to campaign for the party in power, and doing such campaigning. "Public benefit" includes things like enrolling illegal aliens in welfare programs. It's a political smokescreen.

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