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Comment Re:for clean air clean up insurance law (Score 2) 990

Liability insurance is on cars because in some instances the owner can say "It was stolen/borrowed/rented - not my fault."
Most insurance companies offer a discount for more cars than drivers. Shop around.

Nonetheless, legally mandated insurance is a violation of the principle "innocent until proven guilty", and should be ended immefiately.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 0) 990

The cost of the $7.5k from the federal government is the acceptance of the principle that it's good for the government to steal money from other people and give it to you - or vice-versa when your preferences fall out of favor with the progressive elite. The government that gives that sort of gift is a tyranny, and by accepting that gift you side with the tyrants.

Comment Waste (Score 1) 254

Many of the advanced battery technologies will have toxic chemicals. With huge production volumes, there's going to be a lot of poisonous waste materials. I suspect the environmental damage of new batteries is going to make the claimed damage of carbon seem like happy-fun-day.

Comment Re:What is Justice (Score 0) 287

What part of "Punish the police" did you not understand?
The whole system of making illegally acquired evidence inadmissible is wrong. It creates 2 injustices, the original felon goes free and the policeman breaking the law is unpunished. Because the only downside for those illegally acquiring evidence is seeing work go to waste, there is negligible disincentive for acquiring evidence illegally.

In a case like the one in TFA, the felon should be doing hard time for attempted murder, no possibility of parole. The policeman should be punished by (for example) a month in jail and a fine of a month's (gross) pay.

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