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Comment Re:the radiator will be huge at 50w/m2 for anythin (Score 2, Interesting) 175

Part of your air conditioner's load is removing heat that has been conducted inwards through roof and walls. Coat your house with this stuff and the heat flow will be outwards. Perhaps it won't be enough to remove the heat coming through windows and air leaks, and generated internally, but it should lessen your AC load substantially..

Comment Re:Yeah, but WHEN? (Score 2) 175

Pay attention. Solar cell prices have dropped dramatically over the last decade. Nobody has claimed the really efficient stuff (>40%) is cheap.

Medical technology is reaching the public, despite the FDA's foot dragging. For example, the advances in available AIDS treatment has made a lot of news in recent years.

Comment Re:Democracy Fail (Score 4, Informative) 175

Mao's political method was to enter a village and kill every leader who didn't agree with him. Get a new set of leaders, kill every leader who didn't agree with him. Repeat until purified.

The words "nuance and subtlety" do not apply. His central committee was thugs and murderers like himself.

Just WTF are people being taught these days?

Comment Re:Stupid question (Score 1) 181

Getting rich in elective office requires that your office have enough power to sway laws in economically effective ways. That limits them to President, US Senators, US Representatives, many governors, some state senators and state representatives (or equivalent offices) and mayors of cities in proportion to their size. By influencing laws and the enforcement of regulations they either gain through scams like Gore's carbon credits or bribery. They are also open to bribes in making appointments.

Bribes can take the direct form of money, sex, property, or other gifts, or the indirect form of promises of do-nothing jobs after they leave office, or offering do-nothing jobs to family members (like Chelsea Clinton at NBC or Michelle Obama at a hospital in Illinois).

Comment Re:Unjust (Score 1) 181

In matters of exchange, justice is paying for what you get and getting what you pay for. Al Gore has beyond any possible doubt not provided any technical, organizational, business, or marketing expertise of any value to Apple. If legitimate guidance is what Gore is being paid for as a board member, it's not just.

So what is Gore's value as an Apple board member? Gore is politically connected, and his presence on the Apple board is a threat to Apple's competitors, an implicit promise that competitors of Apple can expect trouble from the government.

Comment Re:And you should learn to read before replying. (Score 1) 143

It's hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like there are two well-wrapped and addressed boxes held together with strong tape. These 2 boxes are inside a third box and the surplus empty space filled with crumpled paper - adequate, but not good if it's at the bottom of a pile of heavy boxes. The flaw was wrapping the outer box in brown wrapping paper with an address label stuck on. It doesn't take much to tear off the wrapping paper, and that's how he got the first letter from the USPS with the label on a torn piece of wrapping paper.

It looks like there's an address label on the third box, and that should have been enough to get the package delivered. Perhaps it wasn't because the postage was on the wrapping paper label and not the third box label.

Making paper the outer layer of your shipment is not the smart thing to do.

Comment Re:I think they predicted Hillary would win electi (Score 1) 107

It's not quite that simple. Outside the US, governments pressure medicine suppliers to lower prices by threatening not to honor patents, so either the suppliers lower prices or competitors enter the field. In the US, the patents are honored, and the suppliers lobby or bribe legislators and bribe the FDA to keep generics unapproved.

A knowledgeable consumer who can afford to go to a place with low medicine prices can profit thereby. Getting low medicine prices generally in the US will require large and sustained political pressure.

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