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Comment Re:So what next? (Score 1) 223

Presently, modern technology is used only to efficiently siphon productivity gains to the 1% taker class...

Polio. Smallpox. Rickets. A whole host of other diseases. All eradicated or avoidable by modern technology.
Electronic communications and entertainment.
The automobile.
A 17th century lifestyle is nothing but drawbacks.
Anyone believing the vile garbage you spew is a fool.

Comment Re:So what next? (Score 1) 223

Proper government exists for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of its citizens as well as possible. Such a government is by necessity small, because a large government requires high taxes to support it, and high levels of taxation do more harm than good both in principle and in practice. Such a small government is not "statist", "transnational mafia", nor "warlord chieftan". The "mega-corporate" term you use is vague and not necessarily bad, but in any case corporations should be neither favored nor disfavored by government.

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