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Comment BIAS (Score 2) 249

The political bias is evident in the structure shown in Ballmer's chart. Problems include categories NOT specified by the Constitution, and the claims that certain goals fall under certain categories. People who think that federal funding (and thus control) of education promotes liberty, are sadly mistaken.

Comment Re:There are only four programs that matter (Score 3, Insightful) 249

You and Laffer both have an unstated and hidden assumption, that maximizing tax revenue is a good goal. It's not; the long-term maximization of the income of Americans is a good goal.

Since much of the money that the government takes in is used to inhibit production and remove incentives to work, it's fairly safe to claim that the tax level that maximizes long-term American income is below the rate that maximizes tax revenue.

In addition, a tax rate below the maximum revenue rate increases freedom.

I included the phrase "long-term" for a specific reason. While a zero tax rate would maximize the income of Americans for the short term, the lack of a military that would come from a zero tax rate would eventually result in the end of the USA, and hence no income for Americans.

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