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Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 243

The oil revenue is a "gift" (at gunpoint) from the oil companies to Alaska. The government of Alaska didn't drill those wells. The general population didn't, and neither did the Eskimos. Oil companies found, drilled for, pumped, and piped the oil, paid for the infrastructure, maintained and run it.

Comment Orbit? (Score 1) 202

Given the vagueness of the estimates and the proposed distance and orbital period, can we actually say with a good probability that this object is actually orbiting the sun? We haven't been doing really precise measurements of planet's orbits all that long. Couldn't it just be an object passing by the solar system that isn't even orbiting?

Comment Re: This Is The Question (Score 1) 202

Good humorous observation.

It seems to me that the requirement for clearing its orbit is unreasonable, given the eccentricity of Pluto's orbit. Pluto would have to clear a ring 2 billion miles wide. Also, Pluto's orbit is inclined 17 degrees off the orbital plane of other planets, so it would also have to clear the ring of the other planets' orbital disk at the diameter where it intersects Pluto's. A planet in an non-inclined circular orbit only has to clear a ring of a few tens of thousands of miles.

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