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Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 1) 523

What are you talking about? That tutorial you linked to is crappy. The correct code there is

int main()
        ofstream myfile( "example.txt" );
        myfile << "Writing this to a file.\n";
        return 0;

The ofstream constructor opens the file for writing and the destructor takes care of flushing and closing the file.

Comment Re:A bit much for parody? (Score 1) 565

Except that the NRA doesn't make any money from gun sales, not a single penny. Most of their money comes from membership dues-- you know, money that people pay to be part of the club, to vote for board members, to pay for the NRA being their (our) voice in the political process.

The NRA says what it says and "buys congresscritters" because I and nearly 6 million other dues paying members pay our dues for them to do so. Unlike, I will add, ANY anti-gun organization, each of which gets the entirety of their funding from leftist foundations and billionaires like Mike Bloomberg.

Comment Re:Women.... (Score 1) 499

Yes, because having a home, transportation, entertainment, and food (and don't forget full access to the check book!) provided to you in exchange for being the primary administrator of that home is being "unpaid". What a sick point of view you have.

It's supposed to be a partnership, where two people work together to make a nice life.

Comment Re:A bit much for parody? (Score 2) 565

I think the Yes Men are likely to be 'hoist by their own petard' on this one. This is not an uncomfortable topic AT ALL for the NRA. It was at the root of McDonald v. Chicago! If it really does draw attention to it, it will highlight the blatantly racist nature of gun control and who has historically driven that racism (democrats).

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