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Comment Re: Best way to defend yourself (Score 1) 377

And before you start on the 2nd amendment, I will remind you that at the time, smooth bore muzzle loader flintlocks were the prevalent weapon

And do you apply that same reasoning to the 1st Amendment? Are color magazines and DVDs and computers not protected under the 1st Amendment? After all, at the time all they had was quill pens and parchment and very simple manual printing presses.

Do you see how stupid that reasoning is?

Comment A better way (Score 1) 1001

I recently had the idea that the next time I'm part of an interviewing process, I'm going to ask the candidates to write a short essay on the importance of a programming principle like DRY or YAGNI. I think someone who understands why it's important and can communicate it clearly is going to write better code than someone who has memorized some technical minutiae.

Comment Re: Taste Score (Score 1) 242

No, if you were interested in accuracy you wouldn't be quibbling over a common food industry term. Read this:

Canada defines it thusly:
processed means, in respect of a food product, canned, cooked, frozen, concentrated, pickled or otherwise prepared to assure preservation of the food product in transport, distribution and storage, but does not include the final cooking or preparation of a food product for use as a meal or part of a meal such as may be done by restaurants, hospitals, food centres, catering establishments, central kitchens or similar establishments where food products are prepared for consumption rather than for extended preservation; (,_c._291/FullText.html)

Comment Re: Taste Score (Score 1) 242

So then you're on the other side? You love processed meats and can't stand that they're not healthy like fresh meat is? Everybody knows what processed meats are and trying to be pedantic about it to act like there's no difference between processed and fresh meat just makes you look stupid.

Like it or not, processed meats are not healthy for you. Fresh meat is. Veg.*ans love to conflate the two as a way to implicate all meat as being unhealthy. Processed meats without crap carbs like pasta and bread are still better than crap carbs without any meat.

Comment Re: Taste Score (Score 1) 242

If you want to be a pedantic meat hating ass, feel free. You obviously know what people mean by processed meat, you know it's not the same as fresh meat, but you don't care. You're happy to create confusion on the topic in an effort to impugn fresh meat by association with processed meat.

Comment Re: Taste Score (Score 1) 242

Things like hot dogs, sausage, chicken nuggets, and bacon, which have been processed or cured with a variety of chemicals, including nitrates and MSG. These are quite different from fresh (i.e. unprocessed) meats like steak, chuck roast. To conflate fresh meat and processed meat is dishonest or ignorant.

Comment Re:Eat Fat, Get Thin -- Refined carbs makes you fa (Score 1) 242

Animal fat does not give you heart disease. Sugar and carbohydrates do. Many vegetable fats (e.g. corn and soybean oil) have the wrong balance of Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acids and thus are horrible for you. Only palm, coconut, and olive oil have the proper ratios.

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