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Comment Re: theodp (Score 1) 198

It helps to know something about the topic you post to ... just an idea.

It helps to be right when you tell someone else they are wrong. Since I'm a physician I kind of have an inkling about what they do and do not teach in medical school. You are confusing osteopathy and orthopedics. Kind of like the difference between a maxillary surgeon and a dental assistant. I dare you to visit a chiropractor with a type III C compound fracture.

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 370

Finish early, ask, "What's next?"

Finish early, find something productive to do, do it.

Help out colleagues that aren't as blessed with spare time.

Gain new skills that'll be valuable to your employer.

Track your estimates against your completion times, use that to help your boss better allocate your time.

Yell when you've tried all those, I'm sure I can find some more options for you.

Comment Re:Air gap? (Score 1) 73

A member of the press builds a large Faraday cage vault and walks in with the file on the media given to them.
Some Faraday textile structure if they are in a hotel? A secure tent is always packed to protect a special computer.
Using the power of Linux and quality open source software they soon see the links in the MS document to staging servers.
They copy the document in full onto paper and then send a scan of their own new paper version to a document expert asking for a report.
The expert asks for the original file.
The file is driven out hours later to the expert who then clicks on the original file on their Windows computer...
A competing publisher just double clicks on the file, passes it to their experts and then publishes.
An air gap is good if time to publication is not an issue.

Comment Consider a movie script (Score 1) 266

Think of a fictional book or movie script about a person wanting to enter a company. For party political reasons or part of an undercover media investigation.
What tools would a fictional work place have to try and prevent such issues?
Hire only on merit. Interview every person considered. Can they talk, think, can they think and respond to different questions expected in the work place. Read their resume. Look at what education they have. What they did when not having to study. Did they study in their free time? Take other subjects? Did they join groups? Protest?
Hobbies? Interests? Travel? Try social media and the internet to look back over the resume.

Once a fictional company in a movie has some cash flow, would an investigator to walk the story an applicant told?
Did the person study well? Get good grades? Study alone? Pass exams well? Or did they always need support from their fellow students and have issues getting work in on time or to a good standard?
Did they need the support of others just to get good grades?
Did the person learn to study and pass well or learn how to get lots of help and pass?
Did the person attend protests? Political? Did they want a good job and good grades or talk a lot about working conditions?
Understand who they where friends with over the years. Lawyers? Artists? People into workers rights? Journalists? People into political issues?
What happens in a plot when a poor person is just given a "good" free education and then expects the same feelings of good to flow over into the fictional work place?
Like in a fictional book or movie with a plot complex issues are interesting to think about.

Comment Re:MS's role? (Score 4, Interesting) 73

The understanding that some member of the press will take the document back to work or networked home desktop computer and double click on the icon.
As they read the document the network makes a connection.
Its about the idea of the average reader in an average network location given the origin of the documents and their daily habits and the expectation of software they are provided with.

If a document is ever found the in the wild, it looks like malware with a good cover story to read while the code reports the user.
Add in OS X, Windows and Linux OS detection, complex ip reporting that works and a lot of different security researchers get interested and that adds interest to the document.
A "CIA" document with MS malware, thats just malware with better than average bait to get the user to open it.
A CIA document with unique phone home code that spans different OS's in very interesting ways would add to the CIA part.
Sometimes simple is better given the tools the reader is expected to use daily. The reader could be expected to us MS software to see all the document and uncover other details in the document.
A member of the press will want to look for any details in the document. Dates, notes, draft, corrections, history. Names, locations, officials that can be tracked to their job descriptions. If such simple facts hold, it can be passed on to document experts for further consideration.
A member of the press does not know who else has the document and could be expected to want to read and understand and then get published.
A security consultant looking over the document first could see rivals publishing first or finding details in the hours the security consultant was working.
A person who understood security issues could take the document to a special computer and fake network and see how the document responds in a MS Windows and MS application setting.
Does it phone home, what and how much data does it risk when it phones home.
Same document, very different first approaches. The understanding of set time to publish and the need to publish will push back decades of expected document security advice.
The US press does not care if they are tracked to their office as they have freedom to publish and freedom after publication. Read first, have the document looked over, get the story out.

A CIA version of FIRSTFRUIT. "The Most Intriguing Spy Stories From 166 Internal NSA Reports" (2016-05-16) https://theintercept.com/2016/...
"scanned 350 press items daily for “cryptologic insecurities” and maintained a database called FIRSTFRUIT with “over 5,000 insecurity-related records” ranging from “espionage damage assessments” to “liaison exchanges.”"

Comment Re:Trump fix? (Score 1) 298

Which is bullshit.

Go on holiday to fucking India and get your own time off if that's the criteria.

You're either lying, or just don't know how to ask for and take time off. I've worked for multiple American companies and staff take holiday at all of them - a lot of holiday.

Comment Pay for your bandwidth (Score 0) 288

If your app needs a big commercial grade internet pipe to get it tested, pay for it.
Dont just use a collection of consumer grade accounts.
Stop with the juice machines, company cars, fancy chairs and wasting investors cash on renting in CA.
Move to a cheaper state with low cost power, low cost local workers, low taxes and spend the savings on bandwidth and testing.
Put all the effort into the app, test it with real bandwidth and get it to market.
Happy investors, happy local workers and the internet provider gets paid for the bandwidth too.

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