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Comment Re:CAN I GET THE CAR THAT SPIES ON ME? (Score 1) 219

Clap your hands everybody
If you got what it takes
'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow and I want you to know
That these are the breaks

Brakes on a bus brakes on a car
Breaks to make you a superstar
Breaks to win and breaks to lose
But these here breaks will rock your shoes
And these are the breaks
Break it up break it up break it up!

Comment Re:Sandboxing? (Score 1) 23

It would be interesting thought for DRM and an OS. Remove the DRM and the quality "image" with code is used in the unprotected copy as its part of the new free file. The free copy is then opened and OS and code access to the wider OS is granted to phone home.

As for why, maybe the OS likes a format thats well understood to ensure a set look and feel over desktop, apps, phones.
A more lossy format might change over different hardware and software. With a push for publish once from any device, some image files might have layout options that are more useful and have been created from a TIFF.
Photography support for an image as captured. Applications might like to edit a full color image, not just a created jpeg or other format. i.e. a RAW format export to full size, color "unprocessed" TIFF that can then be worked on with hardware, software and full OS support.

Comment Re:So even without the conductive layer . . . (Score 1) 96

AC given how hair, cloth, clothing, chemical testing and other emerging evidence has been rushed to produce a positive or matching result by expert "crime" labs over the decades in many nations, don't expect too much from a fancy city or state or federal "DNA" report or expert reading a report back under oath..
Who will be the only DNA "expert" in that city, state or nation? How well are their gov labs run? Who inspects their methods? A trusted gov worker with a huge case load just counter signs their own "matched" results to save time or for some other reason?
Outside labs with real experts that a legal team can trust are expensive. Remove all funding during a trail to ensure no further or outside tests can be done and only the prosecutor can present their experts.
The result that legal teams now need to be aware of is a greater range of phones can be accessed, updated, logs and dates corrected and "found" files presented in court.
Just as in the past with testing, matching or lab results a secure phone could exit the chain of evidience for a few hours and return altered thanks to easy access to ensure conviction or cover for parallel construction.

Comment Re:How smart is Snowden, exactly? (Score 1) 106

The past work of any whistleblower can be understood as in who hired (e.g. CIA), who contracted (e.g. NSA), positions offered in what foreign nations, amount of information of interest to the USA in that nation. i.e. more of an outpost nation that could be seen as low level test or needed skills for complex work at a hub of international diplomacy and politics... say a location like Switzerland.
Do average staff members get a placement e.g. a US fly over state site and then get tested/trusted with international work with a more entry level support role in a nation with less of a work flow i.e. diplomatic cover to ensure the software and hardware support needed on site or a job in the US..
It also reflects to what the US gov did or did not seek as a stringent background report for promotion or even the ability to see and submit an application. In depth, in person interviews with everyone up and down the history of an applicant vs a state and federal "digital" search for a newer lesser clearance for some levels of gov work.
Also note that the State dept will allow "other agency" staff posted by the US gov to present very simple cover stories to other nations, the press, their friends as far as any diplomatic role/work goes. The life story will be searchable and have a depth of detail re online images, education, gov work before any posting.
The trust and skill set needed for the workload and the "other agency" that gave the top clearance usually shows the skill levels needed.

Comment Re:Won't do anything (Score 1) 106

It really depends on the world view of the data flow.
The NSA, Australia, Canada, NZ and GCHQ get the origin, destination, number and content of the call via their shared collection sites globally.
The call will get the same amount of interest as any call. If the caller recipient of the call or any of their contacts ( a few hops i.e. friends of friends) are listed as been of interest, even more value will be placed on collecting that communication.
That occurs on the national and international pipes and is not passible to avoid that kind of shared collection globally on any consumer telco account.
The next step down is a city, state, local gov or NGO working "with" a gov or local gov buying contractor software to push down on a phone or run as a trusted installed application to turn on the mic, cam or upload a generated log file.
That access and changes would be more detectable to the user given the need to run as an application layer and interact with the users hardware..
Cant escape the NSA and GCHQ collect it all.
Can find out if a log file is been created, uploaded or the cam, mic is getting turned on by pushed down installed software.

Comment Re:Too much luxury (Score 1) 128

"There are no low end devices, no $150 ones don't count."

The Pebble does count and is a fantastic smartwatch that is the most refined and the only one with a good battery life.

You should check out the oldest smartwatch maker and actually use their devices before you claim they dont count.

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