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Comment Re:The only fascinating thing about this story... (Score 2) 82

Try the linked
Will the copyrights and patents be valid or will fair use win? The wider court role of a "four-factor "fair use" test"?
The way APIs could be/is/will be/can be copyrighted.
The news and summary is all in the linked recap.
If its a win, its fair use for all.
Not a win, then some "fair use" test for US code? Doing programming in the USA just got more interesting. Code has to work and pass a final court test every time per product cycle?
Another type of win and its all copyrighted. Doing programming well away from the USA just got traction.

Comment Re:The only fascinating thing about this story... (Score 0) 82

Re 'is going to find out they've made a huge mistake."
It could get even more epic. Open source is found to be incompatible with the US legal system.
A rush to the exit by brands to their more friendly tax shelters to keep selling globally and revised products back into the USA.

Comment Re:We can date the jump into the U.S. in about 197 (Score 1) 357

The world had the skills to track the eradication globally of smallpox. So some skill to track the more interesting medical issues had to exist at that time per city, state, within the USA federally.
I was really hoping for autopsy policy, costs per state, city, ability to request different lab work if any. Did a medical autopsy get requested if the hospital paperwork covered for the reporting?
Was an autopsy reserved for mostly police and court work as policy and not medical research as it would question treatment issues?
If outsiders don't look for issues, a teaching hospital never mades mistakes and the self signed paperwork is all that is needed?
So I was hoping for some insights into the lack of lab work. A no autopsy policy? Lack of lab funding? Lack of staff skills? Has the policy changed?

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