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Comment Re:Why do I feel like (Score 2) 40

Its a stingray (IMSI-catcher) with more options for anyone using the phone, on any network.
Voice prints, logs, text, images, remote mic on, gps, facial recognition and now fingerprints. Ready in a nice gov spy app from any local contractor.
Parallel construction will never be more easy to get unexpected fingerprints from any user on any cell phone connected.
It will all be sold as security for the consumer, the national security part been hidden deep in the fine print again.

Comment If you are an interesting person (Score 1) 29

What are you still doing using an Apple product years after PRISM?
The cost of collect it all access is down from NSA, GCHQ budgets to been per case cheap for a city, state or local gov task forces.
If you have to have a new cell phone to be part all local culture, be seen with it as a no battery fashion accessory.
A never powered decoy phone seen in surveillance images could induce a sneak and peak investigation uncovering gov interest that the phone.
Tracking a networked phone is easy nationally, having a van or car drive up and team enter a home to find a mystery phone is more difficult to hide in very closed communities. A few strangers that don't fit the area at the front door with "keys", down the side of a home or in the back yard will often not go unnoticed by the local community.
Too many contractors, ex mil, ex gov staff have the keys to phone networks and consumer grade telco ready OS's.
The ability to push malware, track from servers is a great service to rent per investigation to any level of city, state, federal government.
User Journal

Journal Journal: This May be the Stupidest Celebrity Lie Story Yet

Being on either of Richard Nixon's Enemies Lists, published and broadcast in 1973, became badges of honor to just about everybody mentioned in them. Wikipedia has both lists covered in spades. Columnist Mary McGrory (#20 in the original) said it was the nicest thing that ever happened to her, etc. Highly acclaimed director and comedian David Steinberg decided to broadcast his appearance on the list too, around 2002. This has been the center point of many of his interviews since, his biograph

Comment Re:Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 571

Nice attempt at a goal post move. The issue is not GW but AGW and the the linked concepts of carbon caps and carbon taxes.

As to facts... its a big complex issue with many sub-subjects.

Do you want to go anywhere in particular?

Because if you want me to sperg on the issue, I can do it... and you're going to make an appeal to authority, I'm going to laugh at it, and then we're going to part with both of us throwing insults.

That's what happens.

So can you promise not to make an appeal to authority? Because if you can't make that promise... then I can promise how this is going to end.

Comment Re:Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 571

Because too many of them virtue signaled on AGW without understanding the science and now they feel like if Al Gore is wrong they're somehow stupid.

Don't get me wrong, some of them are genuinely stupid people... but there's a lot of misplaced trust, lazy thinking, appeals to authority gone rampant... and various other things.

But at the end of the day, their egos got committed to the "cause"... and now they just don't want to feel stupid.

You can evaluate this pretty easily by actually querying them on the science... most people that swear up and down one way or the other don't actually know anything beyond what children are taught in 1st grade. It boils down to happy cartoon suns with squiggly sun rays. Start querying methodology... and suddenly they don't want to talk about it anymore... which is literally where the actual discussion starts... consistently bailing at the start of something that is professed to be understood and which there are professed strong opinions about... is suggestive.

Comment Or the other reason.... (Score 3, Informative) 413

The fact the whole state is a river flood plain and only stupid people build homes in a river flood plain?

Global warming may have cause the weather pattern changes, but it does not change the fact that if you build in the low lands, you have to expect flooding because it will absolutely happen with a 100% guarantee.

Comment The US gov tried their best (Score 2) 243

to ensure the people hired by the USA in 1950-90's after Operation Paperclip had the best skills to carry on the German vision of total internal quality control over any project.
What went wrong in the 1980-90's with the post German generations of US gov staff testing?
Top US universities educated many of the worlds best graduates based academic merit over the decades.
Did all the great people go to the private sector, starving the US gov of needed skills? Did the NRO make a better offer to the very top % considering gov work?
Who or what is holding back the best US graduates from finding top jobs and working on gov projects that once had effortless internal institutional support?

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