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Comment Use a VPN (Score 1) 82

to keep your data safe from your ISP.
If you have to use Facebook, Google, Microsoft 10, be creative with any data use.
If an ISP, OS and social media want to collect data, let them collect pure fiction.
Maybe some Firefox add on can help with that? A constant stream of social media and web words been created?

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 252

But then the police here think they need Tanks, M16A4 fully automatic weapons, drones, bombers, orbital strike platforms......

When in reality, 90% of the police can barely handle a small caliber pistol safely, and they are so poorly trained they are not much better than a roaming gang of thugs.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 3, Insightful) 252

easy solution, raise the taxes. if your taxes are not high enough to pay for Fire,Police and road maintenance then you should absolutely pay more.
If your taxes are not being used for that but instead, holiday decorations, more pay for someone to choose to buy more decorations then it's time to start voting for officials more wisely.

Yes, Yes, I know the irony of an American saying to vote more wisely to another country.... I'm not happy with our Toddler in Chief, but then he is not much different than the ones we have in congress and local government all over here. Recently in my home town we had one of the commissioners demand that a law be passed so that anyone in government can not be criticized or go to jail.

It seems that we either elect very evil people, or stupid ones that have never read the constitution. From my experience, it's the latter, only the dumb want to be in political office.

Comment Re:What's the killer use case? (Score 2) 84

Could be walled in both ways.
Pay for freedom or pay for a SJW internet.
Pay and SJW will not report and ban communications. Only with other paying accounts users who have the same account settings.
Pay for the ability to enjoy freedom of speech and freedom after speech.
A sealed area thats free of SJW but only with other paying users?

Pay and SJW have whitelisted all interactions so the net is extra safe? Pay to be safe from all freedom of speech.

Comment Re:I don't have any you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 191

Like other nations do, a person gets asked for an email account to track the application.
Bank account shows buying any network product over the years?
So that email account might be asked for.
Re 'give over their accounts that they use to actively proclaim .."
The question is like the old political party question on entry to the USA. All the USA has to find any trace of a lie and access to the USA is revoked.
The more questions asked, the more people might try to hide from the USA.
Its very hard to hide from friends of friends internet usage. A photo?
Facial recognition works well over all the different public and private databases the US has a gov, mil or has access to in the private sector.

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