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Comment Apple's warning is true..Danger lurks here.. (Score 2) 115

I purchased a couple of those white boxy chargers on E-bay and found that if I plug in the thing the wrong way, I get the full line voltage on the case of my apple phone. Those things could have killed somebody! Seriously, they are more than just a little dangerous. I could have died just holding my phone in bare feet while charging.

Once I realized the issue, ALL of them went into the trash and although I'm $10 poorer, I learned a valuable lesson. Don't buy stuff like this from E-Bay. Cheap cables and stuff w/o any active components? Fine... Just NOTHING that plugs into the wall unless you can verify it's not a knock off (which is unlikely to be possible). Shocking what kinds of stuff they get away with selling...

Still, why on earth does Apple run the price of this stuff so blooming high? Seriously guys, I don't mind you making a profit but do you really have to gouge me after I paid retail for that I-device to start with? How much does a 5V power supply actually cost you to produce anyway?

Comment Re:Only fatal if it kills someone (Score 2) 38

and it hasn't done that yet. The medical profession kills a million a year who would otherwise not have died if they'd have stayed away from a hospital.

And they save hundreds of millions from death too... Not to mention the increased quality of life that comes with proper medical care.... But hey, let's not quibble about the little stuff..

Comment Re:Nah. Won't happen. (Score 1) 549

Trump is, if nothing else, extremely adept at self-promotion, and so he wouldn't use this unless he felt it would be hugely popular.

Remember: Trump is a narcissist. Every one of his actions is motivated in convincing himself that he is powerful and loved.

You do realize that you have ascribed to Trump the normal characteristics and actions of your average politician right? Including Hillary....

Comment Re:Suddenly worried (Score 1) 549

Well now hang on.... Nobody who knew anything ever said he would actually DO the gun grab on his own, only that he would support policies, laws and judges that would make it possible. This he HAS done. Luckily he only had a congress willing to support his efforts completely for 2 years and has opposed his policies, laws and judicial appointments more and more with each election since. Had congress not thrown a road block or two in his path on this, he would have been a lot more successful achieving his objectives.

As it stands, he was reduced to the limited power of his "Pin and Phone" which is bad enough, although without lasting affect because all that can be undone by the next president before they get ready for bed on their first day. However the lasting affects of his judicial appointments will not go away and this WILL impact gun rights to some degree for a generation. He may not have succeeded in his goals completely, but he has succeeded in pushing us towards that objective to some degree.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 549

May I suggest a metal box? Keep your "on call" phone in the box when you don't wish to be bothered, and take it out when you don't mind a call.

My dad used to keep his "on call" pager in a metal box when he wanted the extra pay but didn't want the aggravation... He could always say "I didn't get the page" and show them the pager as poof.

Comment Re:Yes? So? (Score 1) 549

No, the other option we had slept though the 3AM phone call and 4 people including a US ambassador died because nobody got sent help...

For the sake of our diplomats I think I'll take a chance with Trump sending me a 3AM text myself, at least he's up and paying attention to something, even if the twitter wars at 3 AM were about as important as his last hang nail...

Comment Re:There's one reason you can't (Score 1) 154

Well there is a "common law" argument here too. Not all (in fact very little) of contract law actually is derived from Constitutional rights. Most of it comes from English "common law" which we inherited from being a colony.

Where I believe that the Federal law in this case would trump common law and pre-empt contracts as you state, the real issue, and question here, is about if the Federal government has the authority to do this given that pesky 10th amendment we so often ignore. On that argument, before the right court, I'm not sure the law would be enforceable or should be upheld. I think the STATES can do this individually, but I'm not sure it's the place for the Fed to do this.

Comment Re:Congress has passed a law... (Score 1) 154

Not for appropriations bills, they cannot be filibustered but only require majority votes... Which is how Obama Care came into being... You can do a lot in an appropriation bill... (And Undo a lot if you catch my drift.)

Then there is the whole Bully Pulpit of the president where you can hold the opposing party's feet to the fire for saying "no" in the Senate and the eventual pillaging in the press which is possible for all those Senators that face re-election in 2 years... That Filibuster thing isn't nearly as strong as one would like to think... But hey, it IS still part of the Senate rules, for now, assuming nobody pulls out the nuclear option and changes it like we've been slowly inching closer and closer to. After all, the party NOT in power has eliminated the filibuster for a number of Senate actions already, what's a few more?

Comment Re:I'll move out of the country if Trump wins! (Score 1) 586

Then their business model needs to be adjusted accordingly...

IF you cannot guarantee business continuity because it's too costly, then you must either adjust your business model to account for the costs, or admit to yourself that you are at risk. Data backups are a FUNDEMENTAL part of a risk management strategy for a company that makes their living selling data they collect. Surely they keep backups.... Preferably offsite ones. If that's too expensive, then they need to figure on making all the money they can now because they certainly are NOT a long term company as they claim to be, but have one foot in the grave and are just waiting to be pushed.

A data company without offsite backups? That's like a surgeon who doesn't wash his hands and reuses the same tools without sanitizing them. It's called malpractice.... Surely they know better...

Comment Re:I'll move out of the country if Trump wins! (Score 1) 586

Ah, yes, yet another reason why I'm thinking this press release is much ado about attention and nothing else.

Likely just a couple of snowflakes who are melting into their boots because their candidate didn't win and now somebody else will be making decisions they don't like. Calm down, it's just change, and change is good, usually.

Seriously, how much *real* affect can the president actually have on one's daily life anyway? In this country he/she is just 1/3rd of the system anyway. They are powerless to actually DO anything that congress and the courts don't approve of and EVERY member of the House must be re-elected every 2 years. If they really hose things up, we can at least stop them in 2 years by giving the house to the other party. Not to mention that the next Senate election at the same time will put 1/3rd of Senators on the chopping block. The voters will have their say soon enough if the republicans make a mess of this.

Buckle up, take a deep breath and relax... It's going to be an interesting ride and should be fun to watch no matter what side of this you are on.

Comment Re:That's cute. (Score 1) 586

I don't think the Canadians would stand for such foolishness, given they've had opportunity to join the USA with special privileges for centuries and have so far declined... I'm guessing they will be building a wall to their south myself... A big wall with nice doors, and the USA will pay for it.... (grin)

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