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Comment Re:Fluffy hit piece (Score 1) 301

Rumor? Yea, call me back in November. They have zero credibility and I doubt they have anything truly earth shaking that's provable.

Not that being true is a prerequisite to do political damage to somebody...I'm sure they will drop something, but it's likely to just be some useless junk they try to spin into the news cycle at the appropriate time. It won't turn out to be anything.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1, Insightful) 301

I was not aware they ever did any vetting, and if they did, what their standard of care was

Of course they do vetting... They ask two questions... 1. Is it a good story (not true, just plausible is all that's required)? You can make it up as a total work of fiction, but if SOMEBODY might think it's true you meet this requirement. 2. Will it draw attention to us? It doesn't matter if it's good or bad attention.

Unless your story meets these standards, forget it.... Well, unless you are willing to pay something for it. Websites and press releases cost money you know.

Comment Re:"Clean Energy"?? Really? (Score 1) 282

You seriously miss my point... I'm not claiming coal is clean here.. I'm claiming that solar and wind are NOT without environmental impact when you consider the complete lifecycle of the equipment. Photovoltaic solar is incredibly messy.. Perhaps you don't care because that "mess" is located half a world away (in China) and not in your back yard? The production and maintenance of wind turbines is similar in it's environmental impact and being made from huge amounts of fiberglass will be a HUGE mess to get rid of.. Then there is all the hydraulic oil and lubricants that keep these things pointed in the right direction and the blades turning.... And that's just for starters. Surely you see that even these methods of energy production are not without their problems.

Now if you want to start making noise about what's "cleaner" then have at it with somebody else. Coal is pretty messy stuff, but it's cheap and plentiful. Natural Gas is much cleaner, just not as cheap. Solar is VERY expensive and a pretty big mess too. Wind is not without it's long and short term impacts. Just admit to yourself that "CLEAN ENERGY" doesn't really exist and never will if you are being honest about the total lifecycle of the equipment.

Comment "Clean Energy"?? Really? (Score 3, Interesting) 282

I hate to break it to folks, there is no such thing coming.

The industrial use and production of energy is a messy business, both environmentally and financially. This will not change.

Consider the recent advent of two major "clean" energy alternatives, solar and wind. They are FAR from "clean" environmentally no matter how you slice them. Photovoltaic solar is really a horrible thing for the environment. Manufacturing and scrapping of solar cells is a messy thing and creating and operating those "let's build a huge array of mirrors to focus the sunlight to make something really hot thing is even worse as it takes huge swaths of land, has a serious issue with local wildlife and is *really* expensive. Wind isn't all that much better. It takes large areas of land, puts substantial structures on it and has a detrimental affect on the local environment too (killing birds, bats, bugs and such).

About the only real hope here is fusion, but we are a LONG way from even being able to field an operating industrial level facility so there is no way we can judge the environmental impact of such a thing. I can tell you that right now, they are pretty messy, with superconducting magnets and emitting radiation.

"Clean" energy is like "Free" food. It doesn't really exist.

Comment Re: Using Satellites to Do What Satellites Already (Score 1) 159

Because when the enemy takes out your satellites you can't communicate anymore. And if you can't command and control, you've lost.

Quite right.. Which is why the Iraqi Army lost two back to back conflicts with the USA. The Command And Control networks where degraded to the point of ineffectiveness within an hour of the bombing starting. They where reduced to passing notes and carrier pidgins which left the front line troops with no backup and no way to coordinate the hasty retreat they so desperately needed.

Comment Re:Maintenance (Score 1) 239

Give me a Cisco over a Dell for reliable performance and ease of finding people who can support it.

Cisco is the "rock solid" hardware and software vendor of choice in routing and switching. They are not the fastest, they are not the cheapest, but they are the most reliable routing and switching platforms going, at least that's how they are historically seen. Other vendors are starting to approach their reputation of course, but if reliable is what you are buying and you don't really care about the cost, you still buy Cisco.

Now if cost is your driver, you are going to be buying junk like Netgear "pro safe" offerings, which are functional (up to a point), but hard to manage and despite the "life time warranty" fail often. Yes, I know this because... I use both...

Comment Re: Fuse (Score 4, Interesting) 128

These days, try to flash new firmware w/o a new boot loader... Good luck, most of this stuff is now starting to require the firmware image to be signed, which is enforced by the boot loader. Unless you happen to know the private signing key that the boot loader's public validation key matches so you can sign the new firmware, it will brick your device.

It is not on all devices yet, but you can bet it won't be long..

Comment Re:Good news for their stock (Score 1) 239

I cannot argue that.... But last time I got a pink slip turned out to be one of the best bonanzas I ever had financially with the severance package I got. They even *admitted* they fired the wrong guy in my exit interview and asked me to stay. When they refused to pay out the severance and retention bonus for a 90 day stint that turned into 120 (a total of about 1/2 a year's salary) if I stayed, I left of course... But I've just now, 15 years later will have a year that matches that one income wise...

Comment Re:Maintenance (Score 2) 239

Don't worry, they will make it up in volume..

Personally, I think they are loosing their shirts to two things. 1. There is lots of competition now in this area, Cisco used to be just about the only game in town and that's driving equipment and support costs down. 2. Their core competency of Routing and Switching has seen very little technical innovation over the last decade, so people are not needing to upgrade their equipment. Really, for most desktops 100BaseT is plenty fast enough. There has been some changes in the server room, but most of that money goes to the server vendors.

Cisco was the latest new thing about 15 years ago, now they are going the way of Sun Microsystems, Digital and the like. I expect them to continue on this path until they either merge with somebody larger and we loose the Cisco name to some Hyphenated company name or die.

Comment Re:Good news for their stock (Score 4, Insightful) 239

This is right from the MBA playbook for juicing your short term stock price.

Sometimes a reduction in force is totally necessary. I worked for a company that halved it's work force between 2000 and 2005 and just missed getting de-listed from the exchange by 2 days because the stock price was too low. In this case, the MBA's where right and let half the work force walk because the other option was everybody walking when the creditors closed us down.

Now, I don't like the "bean counter" types any more than the next technically focused guy, but they are a necessary evil. You need somebody watching the money stacks to keep your paycheck from bouncing and making sure the company has the cash to pay the electric bill and rent. So, don't bad mouth them too much. They may not know very much about what you do, but I'm confident you don't know much about what they do either.

Reminds me of an old Dilbert... Where the PHB was coming up with a project plan. "I have to start with some assumptions.... So, I'll assume anything I don't understand is easy." He presents his project plan to Dilbert and it starts "Design a database to maintain the exact location of every object in the universe: Time allotted 2 hours"....

Comment Re:Using myself as an example (Score 2) 104

I change between cable & Verizon dsl or fios depending on price.

I don't believe you. When you subscribe to FiOS; they disconnect your copper and have no way of going back to it. It is *extremely* difficult to keep copper unless you are a business, or have some major legitimate reason for keeping copper. In which case; they will charge you for an extra line.

Huh? Oh you mean for the phone line... Yea, if Verizon/Frontier is your LEC and they have installed FIOS and you didn't have another cable option, then you are up the optical creek. But I dare say that's not very common. I know of new construction areas where this is true, where they never put in copper, and they are stuck with one option, but this is not very common around here.

At my home, they installed FIOS about 10 years ago. They left the TWC copper connection dangling and just hooked up the FIOS ONT cable to my house wiring that way. I can *easily* switch back and forth between the two options and get cable, phone and internet from either or both. I haven't switched off of FIOS though, so I don't know if they left the copper in working order or cut it when they where burying the optical run, but I don't really care. TWC would gladly bury another wire for me when I switch. I have a feeling I won't have to wait too much longer though, I'm not happy with Frontier's customer service so I'm likely going to dump the fiber for awhile once my contract is up and they start bumping up my rates again.

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 280

And you figured all this out when exactly? Last week?

Tell me, oh wise one, WHO was saying this back before the invasion started or while the war was underway but Sadam was still in control of Iraq? You? Do you have proof of your position AT THE TIME? A news paper clipping, a letter to the editor or even a BLOG post? I dare say you don't, not to mention that literally NOBODY else held that view, even in the democratic party, at the time.

You see, you are engaged in revising history to suit your views. Which is a dangerous way to run a rail road/country/life...

BTW.. I'd like to point out that the current conflict with ISIS is being conducted under the exact same "use of force" authorization as the Iraq invasion was... So are you now saying we should just go full isolationist and not do ANYTHING now, given the flawed nature of the authority the president now has to prosecute this conflict? Go ahead and contradict yourself...

Comment Re:Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 1) 706

I knew somebody who was murdered... She was killed by her husband with a baseball bat who was trying to cover up his affair (and get out of his marriage apparently). He might have gotten away with it had he not disposed of the bat, gloves and the valuables he "stole" in the dumpster at work, or had the garbage truck come before the police.. I knew two people who killed themselves by shooting themselves in the head (one with a high powered deer rifle) too. They may not be mysterious circumstances now, but at the time, they where kind of perplexing.

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