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Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 183

There is no standard-required way to compare arbitrary pointers.

There is no standard-required integer type into which you can cast an arbitrary pointer. (intptr_t etc are technically optional).

It's architecture-specific whether comparing pointers as signed or unsigned is the correct thing to do.

There is no such thing as portable C because of crap like this, only "mostly portable C, eh, good enough".

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 270

I'm proposing that criminal laws applying to a corporation shouldn't be written at all. There are more than enough civil laws to go around, and any criminal liability can (and should) be put on the shoulders of those involved.

And it generally is. A corporation doesn't shield people from criminal liability. Otherwise criminals would be using it all the time to use the typical example - rob a bank. Cops show up, "Nope, can't arrest me. I'm the CEO of bankbusters, Inc. A company. Go pound sand." Cops walk off all pissed off. Black people would be using it all the time. Get pulled over, as the cop pulls up, they reach under their seat quickly and whip out the corporate papers and say "Buzz off smokey! I'm a corporation! This car is owned by the corporation!"

Let me see if I can compress about 2 years worth of the basic law courses into a paragraph. BTW, I'm not a lawyer either. I took a lot of the courses but never took the exam.

The problem is, corporations do things we want. Such as making cars, watches, that cell phone you have and so on. In the process of making or doing whatever it is, there is often a mine field of laws. Believe me. If you go into business you'll find out. One really stupid thing to do is go into business without consulting a lawyer. Especially if you make any kind of money. Other people want to take it from you right away. Just the way it is. So the law has to show that you did whatever you did wrong with intent opposed to just some guy that did something. This is where people don't understand. Say you make a widget. You didn't give a crap about laws, just make a million of them. Now a bunch of people have them and now you find out there's a law against it or some part of it. Criminal law. When they check into it and find out you didn't give a crap, you could be in a heap of trouble. On the other hand, you have a lawyer, did the legal work and in spite of your best efforts it somehow managed to get overlooked - why hold you liable? Depends on the prosecutor, they may charge you anyway. Another example is the deep water horizon spill. Here's what happened there - http://petroglobalnews.com/201... . They could have easily locked some of them up for quite a while.

Another example was the guy that did the Neodymium magnetic balls. He consulted with the US Government, had all kinds of approvals, checked laws.. and so on. He still lost his shirt because kids were swallowing multiple balls and ending up in hospitals, or dead. They went after him.

Just makes for getting people upset. Yea, that corporation is the same as a person. Just seems so wrong until you find out why.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 784

I'm tempted to grant you your wish to live under a Trump Presidency, where anyone who dares ask questions is told to shut up...or else! The only thing that is pulling me back from granting your your wish for this hell on earth is that all the rest of us would have to suffer right along with you

Why would it matter? The government seems to do almost the same thing regardless of who gets elected. Not much really changes. The other side always goes nuts and says the world's going to end if the latest Hitler (all Republicans) or Stalin (all Democrats) gets elected. The world never ends though.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 671

Trump is actually dangerous.

Yea, somehow when Bill Clinton and others have done EXACTLY what Trump has proposed, it was great. http://dailycaller.com/2016/05...

Man, they have you snowed good. They have you believing Trump is the boogeyman. Of course, they've paid a great deal of money to make you think that.

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