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Comment Re:*** INFINITE FACEPALM *** (Score 1) 63

This is what they call a "solution looking for a problem".

I normally use information to decide if I need an umbrella - I don't randomly go around the house touching things and waiting for an LED to flash.
What next? The "am I thirsty" waterbottle? Oh wait we already made that.

Seriously, this is like autonomy-inversion.

Ah, but this way the umbrella catches fire. How many flaming umbrellas do we get your way, eh?

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 369

Heh, Italy just rejected the attempt to create a new Mussolini, signalling that an Ixit is likely on the Horizon - a move that's been called "Trump-aligned" as well as "Brexit-aligned".

Rejecting the power of a central government to impose unwanted immigration on the people is an anti-authoritarian move.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 0) 369

I'm old enough to remember how Regan was Hitler. We all remember how Bush was Hitler. But, hey, I'm sure there's a wolf this time.

Also, your characterization of people* who say "let's have less immigration while the economy sucks" as "supremacists" is cute. They must be racists, right? It's also the reason Trump won. Keep it up.

(*) About 1/3rd of America, ditto Brexit voters and the coming Ixit voters.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 1) 369

"One thing it's not any more is a truly communist country."

Really, you're going to use the 'no true Scotsman" fallacy?

To be fair, the majority of the Chinese economy is now owned by private individuals, not the state. So, in that sense, it's a capitalist economy with a strong communist presence, as opposed to a communist economy.

It's still totalitarian, though, which is enough of a problem.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score -1, Flamebait) 369

C'mon man, just come out and say it: "Trump is literally Hitler". You know you want to. The stormtroopers with their Pepe insignia will be carting off all the gay mexican muslims to the Trump-branded death camps by the end of January, right? Refer to this documentary proof:

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 369

Those are for top tier talent, possibly white americans to basically export their knowledge and kickstart their startups

Western-appearing people are a real prestige thing for Chinese companies. To the point where they'll hire non-technical people who are good at public speaking to give power-point presentations, and pretend the speaker is the chief architect (jobs like this are known as "white monkey jobs"). I expect they'd be willing to pay a hefty premium for actual skilled talent from the West.

Being a fashion thing, it could vanish any year, but for once there's a situation where "White guy form America" is actually a plus in the tech labor market.

Comment Re:And is Steve wrong? (Score 1) 369

Hey a valid point in this thread, what are you trying to pull here!

Not sure of the exact details, but I've heard that *all* businesses operating in China *must* be at least 50% Chinese owned. So if that is true, not exact a level playing field anyway. Tipping the balance back a bit isn't all that surprising. Though some right-wing econo-capitalist invisible-market ideology would probably argue against it as regulation that would stagnate growth...

That said, I am not sure in the US, but I know at least in Canada there *are* certain industries/markets that do require some % level of Canadian ownership as a form of protectionism against outside competition. The requirement or the level changes occasionally per industry and political cycle but it does exist. Telecommunications is one such example I believe.

Comment Critical Mass (Score 1) 262

I think it has less to do with salary or size of talent pool, and more to do with job opportunity pool. Which is why you see communities trying to become the next "silicon valley".

The difficulty is unless you already live someplace you have to move there. If you have things like family, most of your wealth in a house, etc... that's a pretty big deal and commitment. So in the case of Omaha, if everything works out great! If not, you're screwed. You work in a field that is somewhat limited, you have a house you need to sell, and you need to displace your family again. In a place like San Jose, if everything doesn't work out, you can find another employment opportunity in your field. Technically the "market" should be the opposite of the 42% salary, in that you could demand more in Omaha because you're more in demand due to scarcity. However what drives salary is changing positions. In Omaha you don't have a lot of leverage to say well I'll just leave to go to one of your competitors, whereas in San Jose perhaps you do, so they pay more to retain you.

Anyway at some point a community has to hit that critical mass for a particular industry to be successful otherwise it just isn't worthwhile and has negative impact. This is why some community's long view trying to attract particular companies with tax incentives etc... Problem is there is a lot of competition there as well, you need more than a few, and some factors, are out of your control (say state tax or something else)...

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 737

Yup. I remember prior to Trump winning the nomination hearing about a neurosurgeon running for the republican party. At that point I was like, OK wow, at least one of the 16 or so nominees will be smart and surely that guy will win. Then I heard him talk about things...

That phraseology "well I'm no neurosurgeon, but..." just got flipped around and ironic.

Though to be fair to the profession, perhaps there were 99.99% of neurosurgeon's doing a facepalm every time Carson got on TV... The exception to the rule if you will.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 1) 369

No one is shouting anything. I just don't care to debate someone trying to redefine already poorly-defined, loose categorizations. I'm just happy now that absolutely anything can be described as "strongly right wing".

Perhaps we can all stop taking that nonsense seriously and talk about ideas rather than which box those ideas belong in -- they're all "strongly right wing" and "left wing" and probably also "moderate".

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