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Comment Re:So they just reinvented the docking station? (Score 1) 71

I'm not going to argue your interpretation of individual phrases. This patent is for a phone placed where a touchscreen would be in a laptop, so that it can be used for both touch and display.

The Atrix Lapdock had the phone vertically behind the laptop screen where it could not be used for touch or a secondary display.

Completely different.

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 229

Anyone who talks about subjects the MSM wants to suppress is now a troll.

Hey, Kunedog, if by MSM you mean folks like CNN and the NYT, please stop describing them that way. They've fallen out of the mainstream - they're the old-school media now. Top-tier YouTubers and bloggers have more sibscribers and more views than the biggest newspapers or CNN. MSNBC and most newspapers have less reach than hundreds of second-tier bloggers and YouTubers.

Newspapers and Cable news channels are quickly becoming "something old people pay attention to", and the balance of power has already shifted to new media. In a generation the old-school media will be a quaint curiosity, like printed books.

Comment Re:Facts discount your opinion (Score 1) 229

While the first part is true what you omit is that if people can not monetize videos they won't make them

Not true, but it does create a barrier to entry. Two of my favorite YouTube channels are Patreon-funded, because they don't shy away from offending people. One is a political commenter, one is Jim Fucking Sterling, son (if you're going to make a game review video while waving a 3-foot long dildo sword, you're under no illusions about YouTube monetization). I have no idea how Red Letter Media wins vs the copyright trolls, but I have a feeling they'd be just fine if they lost their YT ad revenue.

But those are established names. Especially in political commentary, it would be very hard to "break out" if YouTube were demonetizing you from the start.

Comment Re:20 years (Score 1) 79

To see the difference between 4K and 8K, you have to have a screen so large or close that it exceeds your field of view, leaving you craning your neck around to see things, and with a flat screen getting a foreshortened picture anyhow.

Heck, to see the difference between 4K and 1080p requires you sit closer than most people do when watching TV - it's much more interesting for gaming than "lean back" TV watching. (You'll find TV showrooms set up where you stand very close to the TV when you evaluate 4K vs 1080p - it's a sales gimmick - but for gaming we sit much closer).

Comment Re:nonviolent drug offenders (Score 1) 129

where are the bodies?

You know, there's a thing called Google. You can search for things like this. It's not hard, snowflake.
I could go on and on with these links. Kids in the back where the two adults in the front OD and are now dead, while driving a car in traffic. And so on and so on. Happens a lot lately.

Raped? Here you go. Just google these. There are plenty of examples if you look.

I remember incident after incident in the early 1970s. Stupid kids doing drugs and dying. They'd also steal to support their habit because they can't hold a job.

So it's not a form of slavery to outlaw these. It's a form of slavery if you're a user. Not talking about MJ. Heroin, that's bad shit. I'm seeing it all over again as dumb kids use it and they're hooked. Now their stealing, all kinds of illegal activities, then end up dead just like they did 50 years ago. That's why it's illegal.

Politicians would love to find a way to not put drug offenders in jail. Come up with something and let them know. It would be an easy fix to simply shoot heroin addicts. They're going to end up dead anyway. I proposed to my State Senator to set aside a house where addicts could go and just supply them all the heroin they want. It won't be long after all. It'll save society from being robbed, hit by them driving cars, etc. He didn't have the guts to introduce it. I guess more people have to die first.

Comment Re:So they just reinvented the docking station? (Score 1) 71

I didn't say every claim contained something new. But the patent does. 2 examples:

"4. The electronic accessory device as recited in claim 3, wherein the operational component comprises an accessory display configured to present visual content. "

"5. The electronic accessory device as recited in claim 4, wherein the electronic host device comprises an input device configured to detect a touch event. "

Neither of these are present in the Atrix Lapdock, as it places the phone behind the laptop screen. The Apple patent has the phone placed where a touchscreen would be in a laptop, and that's what make these two claims possible.

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