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Comment Re:People have to learn how to think critically (Score 1) 239

This is true. But critical thinking skills in the general population threaten all sides of the political ecosystem. Right now the alt right is under attack for inventing and propagating 'fake' news. But that's just a pushback against many of the liberal media outlets, who have been incorporating a bias for years. And frequently, the alt right stuff is just made up to satirize the other side. It's so over the top that most people just laugh. But after the laughing is done, many people step back and look at the techniques the other side has been using in a new light as well.

Comment Re:Economics wins again (Score 2) 207

Power lines have more transmission losses

Maybe. But the increased capital cost to improve the line efficiency isn't worth the effort. And it's pretty cheap to increase power line efficiency. Double the voltage and the power loss goes down by a factor of four.

and worse energy density than a natural gas pipeline.

That doesn't make sense. We built a combined cycle natural gas plant. The pipeline in cost about a million a mile. The transmission line out was about a quarter of that. Figuring a 50% efficiency, the gas line was twice as expensive as the power line.

Comment Re:Bull twaddle, Seattle is best (Score 1) 253

Only suckers live in Seattle.


There's a lot more to life than a short commute to work from a cubby hole. Google and Microsoft are steering clear of the city proper in order to attract talent, because people at those skill levels want a life after working hours. And the night life in Seattle isn't that nice either. The two major issues that were raised about life in the city were housing costs and too many homeless people. So enjoy getting grabbed riding your bicycle by one of the hobo camps in the evening.

Comment Re:Whatever they feel like (Score 1) 353

If you have to rely on a particular developer's "environment" to be correct, you're setting yourself up for failure. The scenario you're describing sounds like amateur hour.

Google around for some of the pissing matches about tabs vs spaces. Ideally, I'd like to let the devs make their own choices. Use vi or emacs, I don't care. But if my company is going to degenerate into this sort of in-fighting then I'm going to put my foot down and make a choice. And if you don't like the tab stops I chose, there's the door.

Comment Re:Pathological brainstorming doesn't work (Score 1) 86

Outside facilitators are often brought in for a number of reasons. One is that management has already selected a course of action and the 'brainstorming' session is just a way to generate consensus among the workers. Everyone gets an equal chance to speak, including the plant who parrots the boss' idea. Another is that management wants to pick the brains of the people with domain knowledge and then run off and implement the ideas somewhere else. It could be the boss' idiot son-in-law who gets to lead the dev team with 'his' idea. Or maybe they'll just bundle it all off to a consulting firm in India (been there). Or the boss will spin off his own company and sell back to your firm (been there also).

Facilitators can be good in the case of poor group dynamics. I've seen more than a few occasions where one with some psychology/group dynamics knowledge ran a meeting with what appeared to be a very light, hands off approach. But afterwards, she handed the boss a list of people that really needed to be given walking papers for the team to proceed constructively.

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