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Comment Re:I specifically said the opposite "wasn't hiding (Score 1) 157

But do you believe that, under these circumstances, it was reasonable to handcuff him,

Yes. It's called "detained pending an investigation". And since it's a common practice in law enforcement, Turner may be able win a suit against the department, but the individual officers were acting in accordance with standard policies.

Comment Re:Not good (Score 2) 158

It's hardly Boeing

I've also worked for outfits that do a very good job scaling processes up. They think ahead. Boeing's problem (when I was there) was tradition. They still had people who remembered the way things were done on the Superfortress. And things were not going to change until they were gone.

20 years ago, I worked in a building in Renton. One corner of that building was a computer room that housed an ancient (even at that time) mainframe. They did batch processing for some engineering functions, with everyone getting weekly paper printouts as output. As time went by, the facilities were sold off (a shopping center is there now). And that building has been demolished .... except for the corner where that mainframe sits. It's still there, sitting in an otherwise empty field. Because the old farts won't port the process to anything newer and refuse to work with anything other then weekly paper printouts. Surrounding processes can't go faster than they do without generating piles of interim revision notices (which are a nightmare to reconcile).

Comment Not good (Score 4, Interesting) 158

From what I saw at my time with Boeing, they don't do well when they are under pressure. Things get rushed, forgotten or hastily slapped together. There was an anonymous thread a few weeks ago on an aircraft discussion board as to whether it was OK to use hardware store grade fasteners on aircraft structures. I shuddered. Because I've seen it come close to that when they ran out of approved parts.

Boeing (also known as the Lazy-B) builds good stuff when it's done at a leisure pace. But try to accelerate things and they go to hell pretty quickly.

Comment Re:Paper tax return (Score 1) 77

So you make it harder for yourself

It's not really harder to fill out the forms by hand. And its an issue of the vulnerability of electronic filing that I am concerned with. Somebody has to key in the figures, so it might as well be done by the IRS rather than me. What makes life easier for them also makes it easier for the scammers.

We have to stop thinking of ourselves as being subservient to our bureaucratic overlords.

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