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Submission + - Ubisoft DRM Troubles Continue

An anonymous reader writes: On Sunday, Ubisoft's authentication servers for Assassin's Creed II were down all day. Ubisoft claimed via twitter that their servers were attacked but that the problem was resolved Monday morning. However, the DRM-related problems persisted all day on Monday, as witnessed by a 28-page thread on the Ubisoft forums where customers describe being unable to connect to the authentication servers and losing hours of gameplay due to erased saved-games. (In a classy move, Ubisoft erased the original complaint thread from Sunday.)

Submission + - Why Microsoft is failing (

homesalad writes: There's an excellent op ed in the Times today by Dick Brass, vice president of Microsoft from 1997 to 2004, that gives some examples of why Microsoft fails to innovate even while developing some interesting products. The author blames "internecine warfare" from much of the issue, and talks about a few innovative ideas that stagnated for years because of a "dysfunctional corporate culture". Interesting reading for anyone who wonders how a profiteering, monopolistic software company can be brought down by profiteering and monopolistic departments within.

Submission + - Surveillance out of control in GB ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The machine is out of control. Personal surveillance in Britain is so extensive that no democratic oversight is remotely plausible. Some 800 organizations, including the police, the revenue, local and central government, demanded (and almost always got) 253,000 intrusions on citizen privacy in the last recorded year, 2006. This is way beyond that of any other country in the free world.

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