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Submission + - SPAM: N900 Release - Are The Best Things That You Will G

aldira writes: Today's world is more improved and developed than that of the early eras. We the inhabitants of this new world are more developed. We are using different types of devices and items to make our life smooth and easy. One of the most distinguished features of the phone is its comprehensive navigation system that can allow the users of this mobile phone. Communication was really a great problem in the past. People found it quite difficult to communicate with others. They used N900 Phone
  to write letters or communicate through other means. But it took much time. But with the advancement of science and technology, telecommunication sector has improved a lot. Many new and innovative telecommunication devices and systems are developed to serve the purpose of the people.

Mobile phones N900 Release
are used by many people of the world. It has become cheaper and affordable. More stylish and attractive designed mobile handsets are coming in the market. Gadget lovers are very happy to get all these wonderful gifts. They are crazy about these items. They keep themselves up to date about the gadgets and mobile phones. There are many mobile phones and brands. LG, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry etc. are gaining much popularity these days. Among them, Nokia has created its own space in the telecommunication market. It is one of the leading providers of mobile phones are other technically improved gadgets.

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Submission + - NASA breaks ground on new Deep Space antennas

infoMux writes: The agency's goal is to integrate all NASA communications resources into a unified, more capable network. The new antennas, known as "beam wave guide" antennas, can be used more flexibly, allowing the network to operate on several different frequency bands within the same antenna, NASA said.

Submission + - Microsoft exec who rose despite THAT BSOD video (computerworld.com)

ericatcw writes: Most /.ers know that old Bill Gates demo where Windows 98 crashes catastrophically after the hapless assistant plugs in a scanner (it's only been watched on YouTube 1.5 million times). Ever wonder what happened to that young guy? Rather than being fired or exiled to the mailroom, Chris Capossela kept rising. Today, he's back in the spotlight, as Microsoft's marketing veep for Office, Exchange, SharePoint and their new hosted equivalents. Capossela explains what Office's ace in the hole is in its fight for big business against Google Apps, how Microsoft is starting to co-opt Twitter, and how the Redmond culture really is a bit like the Borg.

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