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Submission + - Bleszinski: "I'll never make another disc-based game" (

Ash Vince writes: Ex-Epic design chief Cliff Bleszinski has had it with disc-based games.

In a new interview with Gamasutra, the former Gears of War designer said he wanted to make a PC game in the modern online environment that allows creators to have closer relationships with their players.

Submission + - Save MySQL petition (

Ash Vince writes: A petition has been started which aims to try and ensure an open source future for MySQL after the acquisition of SUN by Oracle.

In April 2009, Oracle announced that it had agreed to acquire Sun. Since Sun had acquired MySQL the previous year, this would mean that Oracle, the market leader for closed source databases, would get to own MySQL, the most popular open source database.

If Oracle acquired MySQL on that basis, it would have as much control over MySQL as money can possibly buy over an open source project. In fact, for most open source projects (such as Linux or Apache) there isn't any comparable way for a competitor to buy even one tenth as much influence. But MySQL's success has always depended on the company behind it that develops, sells and promotes it. That company (initially MySQL AB, then Sun) has always owned the important intellectual property rights (IPRs), most notably the trademark, copyright and (so far only for defensive purposes) patents. It has used the IPRs to produce income and has reinvested a large part of those revenues in development, getting not only bigger but also better with time.


Submission + - Subversion for Database Changes

Ash Vince writes: Where I work we have recently moved to subversion to manage our codebase. We have been running it for several months and have now had a number of successful releases of our software using it. As far as source code management it seems to do everything we need but since the application we provide is heavily database reliant we need something to track changes to both table structure and content of certain tables.

Since we cannot be the only people in this situation what solutions have other people come up with to fill this gap. At present we have been using a text file containing the SQL which we then keep in our subversion repository. This just about does what we need but seems a bit messy. Is there a better solution out there?

(In case its relevant we use MySQL as a database server)

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