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Comment Re:Top down decision (Score 1) 250

I actually don't favor government surveillance nor a lack of privacy... I just don't automatically assume that the mere possibility of such in a cashless society would necessarily result in either. By similar reasoning, I don't assume that the fact I might be enabling the chance I could get hit by a car on my way to work by walking to the bus stop that is 5 blocks away and having to cross a very busy road on the way is necessarily going to result in my getting hit by a car either.

My point, however, remains... that the original assumption that I was trying to address about who would favor a cashless society is incorrect, as I neither work for the bank or government, nor do I have any incentive to see either achieve any particular gain through a cashless society.

Of course, it's probably so much simpler to just throw labels around at people that you disagree with rather than to realize that a motivation in someone else might be driven by factors that are not so trivially categorized.

Comment Re:What are the implications on encryption? (Score 1) 111

From a big brand, telco, US OS, consumer product or service who wants to sell int he UK everything will have to revert to plain text, voice or other useful data as sold.
If the app is secure, the junk OS that it works on will capture what is needed.
The best tool the security services have is tending apps that are offered as free, secure and have huge amounts of global users built on junk crypto.
Its hard work to sell against free and to get other users using bespoke working secure solutions.
Any for sale encryption scheme will face "free" junk apps that everyone wants and that offer the security services a backdoor.
If the app is free and has really great crypto that works, expect a lot of fake stories about developer tension in the project until the best crypto staff move to other tame projects or are replaced by people with less skills or who are informants. The next upgrade is then junk or tame.
Front companies offering free crypto apps with translation, languages are also used to out pace any emerging secure apps and have glowing crypto support and reviews.
Over a few years most users globally are trusting junk crypto, front companies with security service staff or projects with few staff able to secure crypto over the project.

Comment Re:How will they know.... (Score 1) 111

Any US or UK brand will help so any tame OS, telco brand encryption will revert to plain text.
If it does not revert as expected someone has found, been give or feels the need to use real crypto and its time to access their computer, device and capture keystrokes.
If that fails, get a logger into the keyboard or telco device as hardware or an upgrade.
Any new device ordered online and been delivered is open to security service upgrades during shipment.

Comment Re:Could be fun (Score 1) 111

Every device in the UK would have a trap door or back door for the security services. Anyone interesting would register a few cheap junk UK devices and give them to family, boring friends and have them be interesting all day, everyday :) Recharge the batteries every night and be ready for a few road trips next day.
Any mic that got activated would get hours of been in an empty parked car, a university lecture or work gossip every day, repetitive music or video game soundtracks. Fun for all the new translators expecting regional slang, meetings and gossip.

Comment Re:The only communications affected (Score 1) 111

They will just revert to the trusted networks of the 1950-80's. A holiday, tour, massive flow of illegal migrants, students, study trip or part of the jet set. Takes a few days or weeks for the round trip but no calls, voices or computer needed. MI6 or the CIA might get a photo of a meeting but if nothing is said and no later digital files exist...
The security service contractors sold the UK that every interesting person, group cult, faith, political party, criminal would always talk on the phone (voice print), use a fax and have network computers, bank accounts just like in the 1980's over the next decades.
A phone call, file, computer network would always play a key role in any activity.
The interesting people just revert to their own face to face global networks. For that the security services need local informants. Thats hard too if interesting groups are closed and never need strangers.

Comment Re:End-to-end encryption (Score 1) 111

The use of working encryption will be something the GCHQ will find as all other messages resolve to plain text thanks to UK and US vendor cooperation.
Junk US and UK encryption will be on most of the normal OS devices and systems.
Most of the IM services are logged or the surrounding OS is full of trapdoors and backdoors.
They will then look at the surrounding software and hardware to see what could log input. Remote code update for your UK telco approved phone.
If its really bespoke some extra gov hardware for a motherboard, keyboard will capture any data entered before encryption.
Some form of one time pad created away from the computer or telco device and a photo might work.
The security services would know a message was sent, the origin and who got the message but privacy would be ok for a while :)

Comment Re:They never learn (Score 1) 111

The telco access, the court document that first allowed your ISP to log you. That would be the national record of interest to anyone looking.
The UK has a long history of court and police data walking.
"Journalists caught on tape in police bugging" ( 21 September 2002)
Beyond that if your of interest to the GCHQ or NSA, expect some device or OS (hardware or software) on your network to be altered to log any password used or entered.
Any new hardware bought online might be altered during shipping.

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