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Comment Re:An Insider's View (Score 1) 95

First of all, never call your product a "competitive product". You know what this means? Essentially what you're saying is "the others are just as shitty, so why try harder?" Another thing is that the message is not what you say but what your audience hears. It's nice that you feel like your customer has a seat at your table, but this does not arrive at your customers. They do not feel that way. And if you care about how your customers think about you, this is what matters.

One thing is certain: Goodwill goes a long way, and it takes a long, long time to rebuild from ruins. And let's be honest here, Comcast's goodwill is in the gutter. You have a long uphill battle in front of you if you really care.

Comment Re: Pew Researchers.. no shit sherlock (Score 1) 214

Where's the irony? If anything it's ironic that the only part of the constitution of the USA that today still has some relevance (unlike, say, the 3rd) that people will defend tooth, nail and claw is also the most irrelevant one: The second.

Have you noticed how first, fourth and fifth were simply thrown out the window and nobody gave half a shit? These are, by the way, the ones that are most likely going to affect you as a normal citizen. But they were de facto eliminated without any kind of outcry or protest.

But dare to think about pondering somehow dealing with the second and you find half of the US crying bloody murder.

And yes, the second amendment has been rendered redundant a long, long while ago. Why do you think your government doesn't bother trying to remove it? You have the right to a gun. Do you think that means that you're by any stretch of imagination a threat to your government or that you can keep it "in check" that way? I hold your gun and raise you an army. Even something like the national guard would be enough to eradicate any kind of opposition you and your buddies could possible represent.

But that's America for you. Fighting over petty rubbish while simply ignoring the important bits in life. You can argue yourself into hysteria over, say, abortion, gun laws or the origin of the world, but let your government get away with any and all decisions that really matter.

You people are really the perfect people any dictator could want.

Comment Re:TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! (Score 0) 256

Well... yes, it is.

What people want is to return to the good old days when America was great. Remember the times? The 60s? 70s? When there was plenty of jobs around because all those blacks and Mexicans wouldn't muscle into your area and steal your jobs? Well, now that your little Tommy can still go to a school where he has internet access and Janeeca and Akeem won't have any in their school, Tommy gets a head start again.

Just like it used to be in the good old days.

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