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Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 102

England (GB) is an island nation so the cost of many things has always been higher, American fast foods amongst them. For example compare the price of a BigMac in Hawaii or Alaska. I spent several contract terms there in the early 90's and found that the average citizen spent a larger portion of their income on basics like housing and food then in the US, even at that time. What I find odd is the currency based on sterling silver is falling in relation to a soft backed currency based on 'confidence'. Seems like someone is gaming the system. But I am not an economist so what do I know...

Comment You'd think (Score 1) 279

You would think that the first thing you would do after accepting the job as cyber security poster child would be to run out and make sure your shit was secure. Being a political appointee I would not expect Rudy J to do it himself, but at least hire someone competent to do a review for you.

Comment Re: so what? (Score 2) 101

Very recently my GF was at a mall in NorCal and went to use the restroom. She came out afterwards and looked very odd so I asked her what was the matter, actually I said snarkily " Did everything come out alright" and she replied " No that there was a strange 'lady' in there staring at people" Apparently the 'Lady' was strange enough that several others felt so uncomfortable with that they reported her to security. It turns out the 'Lady' was a guy dressed up as a woman hanging out in the bathroom peeping at women using the rest room, so don't tell me there are no issues with so called gender identification cases.

Comment WOW (Score 3, Insightful) 196

Not to be an apologist for a telecom company, in this case Verizon, but holy crap 500 GB is a lot of 4G/LTE data used in a month, even 200 GB on a single cell device is a lot of data. I personally can't imagine using that much data or spending that much time on a smart device. What uses would other /. residents find for that amount of data, unless it was your only access point, e.g. you had no wireless at home or were on the road as a full time mobile user ?

Comment Not horrible (Score 1) 52

The thing is not horrible looking. I like the idea of dual motors, would be even more impressed with 4 motors, one directly hooked to each wheel, but they are getting there. As for the noise, I've always wanted to have a recording of an old steam train instead of a car sound anyways, or maybe even an mp3 of horse hooves from a stage coach. The range seems a bit short, but in reality for most cases recharge time is more important than actual range. YMMV of course...

Comment Document (Score 1) 431

Document emails, circumstances and audio record anything and everything you do. If the job is worth the effort then you can endure a bit more and get enough to support yourself. I'd advise that if the 'guy' has been there that long you should just prepare quietly and move on to greener pastures. Sadly what so many don't realize is that you can do everything right and still lose.

Comment Echoes of time changes days gone by (Score 1) 119

I always remember time changes as busy nights in support when I worked for a large bank. The spring forward was usually a breeze, just a matter of a lot of server verifications and log checks, but the fall back was usually a messy night. Much harder to deal with and resolve issues involving duplicate timed log entries and transaction logs. I don't really miss those days...

Comment No comics... (Score 1) 32

I had the Yuma Sun coming in dead wood only because of the comics. Their digital subscription doesn't include the Sunday Comics or the mass of inserts you normally see on the Sunday paper and I missed them. I recently dropped the digital version when they began charging an additional fee to get both the printed and the digital version. It seemed odd but economically it was cheaper and fit my needs better to just get the dead wood version. I can only surmise that there was an additional licensing fee for the comics online, and that it was significant enough that the publishers felt they could not pass it on and maintain a low dollar cost point that people would continue to pay.

Comment What service can I use... (Score 1) 87

What service can I use to download to my stand-alone mp3 player ? I really don't care if they only play for a limited time, I just need a variety I can play while I am out fishing and have no network connection. I routinely stream at home or where I have Wi-Fi, but at the river I don't get cell phone service thus have no network access at all and buying CD's is getting harder to do.

Comment Better yet... (Score 1) 351

The state of South Carolina could hire an OSS programmer to design a filter/firewall that could be made available free of charge from the state web site to parents of children who feel the need to filter web sites. Simple to read and follow instructions could be provided and the cost could be borne by the state rather than passed on to those that don't give a shit...

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