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Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 1) 91

The overhead to make a cell phone connection is much higher, and requires a point to point connection, thus the network will fail under that load. SMS or text messages don't require the same direct connection but can be bounced about and their lifespan is much greater, thus they can be made when the cell network is unavailable for normal calls. The downside is that text messages can go stale and the protocol does not include reception acknowledgement. Thus you can send 3 messages and get only part of them or receive them out of order. Hardwired phones that aren't VOIP are on a different system, and Satellite phones are a different animal entirely and very likely to function. Your solution of Ham and Marine radio will be a MUCH more reliable alternative to a cell phone or text in the event of an emergency and are quite forward thinking as a survival tool. The only downside to those are the limited people equipped to receive them. I've a neighbor who has both HAM and marine equipment he uses regularly.

Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 2) 91

Only those that are required to by some laws, regulations, or an external body, such as financial or health care institutions. Everybody else cheats on infrastructure and recovery equipment. They figure the odds of 2 or more related apps going down and then combine recovery/fail over systems and equipment into one. The cell phone industry is one of the worst, they barely have enough equipment to handle 50% of their KNOWN customer load and just figure that not everyone is going to try and make a call at the same time. When we were primarily a land line market the governing FCC require them to handle at least 80% before a failure, but as we switched to mobile devices they did away with the requirements for workload almost entirely, arriving at the basic priority restoration system we have now. In the event of a emergency the cell networks are going to fail almost instantly, leaving texting as the only, unreliable alternative.

Comment Re:Translating for the rest of the world (Score 3, Interesting) 126

I worked on PDP's in my younger days. I haven't thought about that in a long time. Another oddity I deal with but never understood why is the difference between International sports hosting order and the US. In the US it Team A @ Team B, while internationally it is Team A hosting Team B. I have to remind myself of that when I am watching UEFA/BPL/La Liga, vs US football or the MLS.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1, Troll) 68

So speaks the flailing EU, the sinking GB, the nanny states of Australia, or the irrelevant nation of Canada ? or maybe you hail from the greater significance that is Central or South America ? Maybe you are posting from the land of wine and honey that is greater Africa ? There is no country or region at this point, or really at any point in history that is not suffering from some sort of failure or another, be it racial inequality, economic instability, privacy issues, global climate change, etc.
But of course the US and 'north' China are the joke...

Comment Complain (Score 0) 270

People biatch and complain when FB allows links to so-called hate speech, or porn but they also biatch and complain when they block other content. FB has a right, and duty to verify and vet links and edit content posted to their service in the same way a news organization 'should' verify sources prior to broadcasting it. I think they deserve to be applauded for taking the brief time and spending a little effort checking things out before restoring access. It shows a bit of responsibility and accountability lacking in many social networking tools and quite a few news services.

Comment Wishing on a star (Score 2) 105

I switch seasonally from a town in the SF bay area that has multiple options in ISP's and a very fast home service of 100mbps to Yuma AZ where I can barely get 15mbps from the only show in town for more money. While it pales in comparison to Gbps service just the addition of another competitor drove down the cost and increased bandwidth in the existing Comcast offerings. BTW I've mentioned before I love Astound/Wave communications, and TWC/Charter to be known as Spectrum communications SUCKS donkey genitalia.

Comment I'd rent em space (Score 1) 87

I'd rent them space for a drone recharging station/rest stop especially if it got me preferred delivery or a discount on delivery. I'm already a prime member and get more than my monies worth in Prime video and discounted shipping, not to mention the kindle library and streaming music. I hate coming of like a shill but I like amazon and my family and I shop a lot online. I buy paperback books by the boatload from amazon for ridiculously low prices and then share them with friends or donate them to the local school.

Comment Just in time (Score 1) 110

Just in time for the Olympics. I am sure the idea of major social network block is making NBC giggle with joy. The more social media is blocked the better NBC's Olympic monopoly will become.
It is bad enough they don't cover half the events to begin with but the times they broadcast the ones they do cover is horrible. We'll get hours and hours of floor exercises and 20 minutes of judo. By the time the track and field is done we'll know about every cousin of 'John Doe' the 200 m sprinter but not have seen 5 minutes of Archery coverage. I can't believe they are having golf in the Olympics this time...

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