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Comment Sick (Score 1) 412

If the judge gets a stiffy from pictures of your kids, HE should be the one going to jail. I can remember my mom showing off some of my childhood pictures to an early GF that contained embarrassing shots of me bathing at a very young age. Maybe I can hold her hostage for some home made cookies for Christmas.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 412

Viewing a site that has virtual pedophilia or pictures of woman over 18 doctored to look under age is illegal in some places. I believe GB is one of those...
I totally agree with you, a crime should require some overt action, just a passive browsing or even being openly sympathetic to a cause is hardly grounds for criminal action in my opinion.
Freedom to express your opinion is the corner stone of a free society, but it becoming as rare as chicken lips these days.

Comment sigh... (Score 2) 304

I'd just call a taxi but I can't do that anymore, because Uber without all the same regulations applied to them drove all my local cab options out of business. Now I'm back to a market with only one option who is on the brink of holding the customer hostage for greater pay. Isn't it nice how no matter what happens the end user suffers...

Comment Unsafe (Score 0) 89

Of course they are unsafe, and filled with witches, sorcerers, and demons ready to take over the minds of young innocent students. Not to mention the curriculum wasn't specifically approved by the government and might have taught them something like it was bad to cut off the clitoris of a woman, or birth control could prevent STD's.

Comment A good teacher (Score 1) 403

I too had a very good teacher in high school that taught a class referred to as civics or government, but was in reality a class in critical thinking. It was one of these epiphany provoking experiences that changed my whole outlook on life, for the better I'd like to think. Some call me a cynic, I rather think of myself as a realist. I am less apt to be disappointed in people and things, and am sometimes pleasantly surprised.

Comment Re:Not the first time they've done this (Score 1) 124

Don't have kids, and the roads where I am from are paid for out of my vehicle registration. I pay income tax, sales tax, government fees on my utilities that I pay for up front out of the money I already paid withholding taxes on, sounds like some serious double and triple taxation or outright theft.

Comment I've got prime (Score 1) 70

I checked yesterday and the sneak peek episode 0 is there and looks really cool. They also have a teaser episode of the Tick, supposedly coming soon. I really like prime, even with the increase to $99 I get much more than my monies worth in shipping, the kindle library and music streaming.
I just wish they'd carry programs from Dave network as well. I REALLY want Red Dwarf...

Comment Re:Steve Bannon, not a racist? (Score 1) 805

What is the difference between a dog and a pig as a source of protein. It is merely the society in which you are brought up in, either is a valid farm animal and an excellent source of protein. How about Guinea pigs in South America, or horse in many parts of the world, fertilized(crunchy) eggs in the Philippines.

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