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Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 1) 126

I'll give you one example of how "marketing" doesn't equal "services". Your linked page, regarding Prenatal care, can you show me where they announce they actually provide prenatal services? The page is nothing more than a wikipedia type page on Prenatal care. I could put the same page up on a personal blog, in its entirety, and would that mean I am actually providing prenatal care? NOPE.

Thanks for trying, but you're believing the hype and not the reality.

Comment Re:Always wait for the S version (Score 1) 96

We switched away from buying our phones through Verizon, to the Apple Upgrade Program. It's a zero-interest loan over 24 months, but you can upgrade every 12 months by extending the loan so that you have another 24 months remaining.

On this plan, the most logical behaviors are to 1) pay off your phone and hold onto it as long as possible, or 2) upgrade the moment you can so that you're not continuing to make payments on last year's model. The worst option is to upgrade every two years, because your monthly payment is exactly the same as if you upgrade every year but you have an old phone half the time.

Comment Won't happen. Sorry, there is no AI ever ... (Score 1) 297

... that can turn the harebrained buzzword/bullshit-laden confused and convoluted descriptions ("specs") of my marketing crew into a working product.
No freakin' way. The AI would probably have a meltdown.

My job will remain for a loooong time. If the rest of the population were able to formulate what they actually want, I'd be out of a job 10 years ago, with CASE tools taking my job. But that didn't happen. However, I might be the one discussion the new software with the AI. Looking forward to that. But then again, research shows that talking uses something like 80% of our brain while writing uses 25%.

So some sort of coding via type, even if it is to talk to an "AI", will probably always remain.

My 2 cents.

Comment No. (Score 1) 100

Isn't sinking 100s of millions into construction of a new corporate headquarters one the Fucked Company(tm) 6 common signs that a company is about to implode?


Not if those 5 Billion come from the 240 billion in cash that you have accumulated in earnings but selling product with revenues up to north of 30% (iPhone raw earnings are between 200$ and 250$ per device. Which is why Huawei, Google and Co. cry themselves to sleep at night.). Then 5 Billion for an attempt to build the worlds best office building is a nice neat little extra for the crew.

If you're a startup running on high burnrate spending other peoples money with no income to show for though, that's an entirely different story.
Then building a flashy new building is usually a sign that things are going to turn south soon after. I just finished reading "Boo Hoo", a first hand account of the 'rise' and fall of of the hayday of Dotbomb times. That is a prime example of what your talking about. Apple is just about the exact opposite of that.

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 2) 126

1) Yeah, which is why I did it. Inflamatory subject using rational thought. Imagine that.

2) If you ran a Hamburger Restaurant and said that you're not a "Hamburger" place because only 33% of your business was "Hamburgers", would you be telling the truth, or telling a lie?

You sell Hamburger, fries, and a soda, and count that as 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 you'd technically be correct. But everyone in the world would understand that you're in the "hamburger" business. Right?

3) So, yeah, Abortion procedure itself is only 12%. Technically correct using the metric as applied by PP, which is VERY similar to how I explained above. How about you ask the question differently. How many people visiting PP are there to get an abortion vs "other" services they offer. BTW, those "other" services are fairly limited to .... being an abortion provider.

They claim to be "women's health" but they do not offer Prenatal anything ... except abortion. They don't offer Mammograms like they continue to claim (as in NONE). They don't do .... a whole lot of things related to "women's health". (Fact Check article is technically correct: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics)

BUT I have an idea, I've suggested a number of times. Planned Parenthood can keep all the funding it gets now, if they stop providing abortion or referrals for abortion. Lets see how much of their Business is Abortion. I'll bet it is like a Hamburger shop not being able to actually sell burgers. Just fries, cokes .... And yes, this would settle the case, once and for all. Their primary business is abortion. They can't exist without it.

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