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Comment Re:My Fingers Have An Alternative... (Score 1, Insightful) 87

Steam should be sponsoring WINE project, and start getting it stabilized for STEAM. I've long proposed that WINE could be the final nail in the coffin of Microsoft, if it becomes the full replacement to Windows. Imagine all the Specialized Windows Software, that is dependent and only available on Windows, being tweaked enough to run in WINE. It is a way to wrest some of the control of Windows APIs from Microsoft.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 1) 117

Actually, you can't point to any actual numbers that indicate it is a problem. All the predictions of disaster have failed to materialize. And things NOT predicted (like the Greening of Africa) that may actually be a benefit to the planet are ignored. CO2 is a natural gas, one that Plants love. Increasing CO2 increases plant biology, which will increase food production and continue the Greening of large areas as plants and increased rainfall mix to create new forests and jungles.

The only thing you can do is say that CO2 is slightly higher than before. You cannot say that CO2 / Global Warming / Climate Change is bad, because that is simply a subjective claim.

So, keep up with the hysterics.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 2) 117

The problem is that areas had record cold this past winter, and "deniers" get slammed for correlating a weather event to global climate change - but when "alarmists" do the same thing, most people just nod. It is a double standard. For the record, again, before anyone gets all irate about it, I do not deny global climate change - I'm just not biased enough to be blind to the double standard.

Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 2) 236

Computers are compromised all the time, and published docs on Wikileaks all the time. IF you start punishing Wikileaks now, you're just saying THIS time is too far, and all those other times ... not so much.

That is kind of the whole point of Wikileaks, and has been. So, unless this is your latest protest in a long line of protests against Wikileaks, you're just a closet shill. I would protest against Wikileaks, except this time, the far left which has been feeding off Wikileaks for years, has finally been Leaked as being exactly what I always thought they were. That, and very few on the left cared about those being hacked and released to Wikileaks before Friday, so turn about is fair play IMHO. Karma is a bitch.

And for the record, I am a Libertarian. Karma is a bitch unless you stand on principles even when they don't work in your favor. My only joy in this is that the Press cannot hide this shit from view, and we're all seeing exactly how the 5th estate has been carrying Clinton's baggage around. It is also kind of fun watching the cognitive dissonance from Hillary Supporters trying to defend the indefensible. I expect the silence from normal DNC trolls to last only a short while (next time Trump inserts foot into mouth)

Comment Re:22 Days? (Score 1) 44

How much time would it take to "prove" it could be done? 365 years? Fly 100 Meters, land, charge for a month, do it again. That doesn't prove ANYTHING, except patience. It wasn't hard to fly 22 days, if they flew 22 days in a month, I would suggest that would be something. Flying 22 days in 44 days would be important. Flying 22 days in 90 days, 180, or even 270 days would be significant, but they have taken well over 1 year to complete the task, flying only 22 days out of that period. Meaning, they took over a year on the ground to fly 22 days. Not all that spectacular. And it only proved one thing, it is currently VERY impractical.

Comment Re:Because money (Score 2) 236

You seem to think that the "dumb conspiracy theories" comment was flippant. It wasn't. It is part n parcel of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" claim by Clintonistas. Everything they don't like is a "conspiracy" so it is dismissed. Even when it turns out to be true. This isn't the first time it has been tossed around, and I doubt it will be the last ...

Oh hey look,

The Clinton Playbook page 105

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