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Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 113

I was 8 years old when I wrote my first BASIC program on an Apple ][ E. I felt that same world-changing around me sensation.

I didn't get my first modem until I was 18. I was away at college and discovered BBSes, Gopher, Telnet, MUDs, MUSHs and IRC networks.

I was exposed to people from different walks of life, from different corners of the planet and of different points of view.

I'm far from the most open-minded person around but I know and appreciate the differences between people so much more than I would have if that experience of learning to code hadn't expanded my mind when I was 8 years old.

I hope that this young lady gets to experience some of what you and I did when beginning the journey.


Comment Would they sell? (Score 1) 299

Imagine you're an ISP who paid your congressperson to vote for this law. Someone wants to use your freshly-purchased law to embarrass you and your law vendor.

If I were in that position, I would tell Search Internet History, "Sorry, we don't sell that." (At first, and then when I later got caught selling it to others, it'd become a more combative "Sorry, we don't sell that to you.")

Comment Re:bezel-less curved edge (Score 3, Interesting) 99

F that! I already have a hard enough time holding my phone with a bezel without accidentally touching the edges of the screen. Forget putting adding a protective case to protect your multi-hundred dollar toy as you won't be able to use the edges of the screen.

I traded in my S7 Edge specifically because the curved edges were so damn annoying. I would almost constantly trigger functionality on the edges of the screen, interrupting what I was doing. Adding a case did not help: the pressure the case put on the edges actually made it worse. Touching elsewhere on the phone would distort all the interconnected pieces of the case just enough to trigger a touch in a random place. It was also annoying when playing games where I might need to touch near the edge of the screen: the curvature made it harder to read the screen and touch the edges.

Upgrading to an "old-school" flat-screen phone eliminated all of the annoyances caused by the curved edges. I will never buy another curved-screen phone. Since Samsung is committed balls-deep to technology that actively pisses me off, I doubt I will ever buy another one of their phones.

Comment Re:Several things (Score 1) 205

It can't be dead due to the enormous security risk, because the industry has supposedly accepted proprietary EME "content decryption modules." The one aspect of Flash that really mattered is still with us; it's just theoretically smaller (provided people abstain from installing the ones that will have them join botnets, mine bitcoins, etc).

Comment Re:Object relational impedance (Score 1) 524

Well, we don't happen to have money to hire a database designer, to invent the SQL queries that would do what 20 lines of Perl over JSON file can do.

Actually, we do use the relational database, except for the most wildly varying entries, there's a text field, which contains the JSON objects. I mean, if the field "measurement" may be an int, a float, an enum, an array, an array of arrays of variable length, containing int, float, NULL or NaN, or a structure composed of a string and three booleans, yeah, that can be normalized into a bunch of tables, and queries for these can be written, but... seriously, why?

Comment "I'll be ready for extensions." (Score 1) 524

"If I write this program in an easily extensible way, expanding this later will be a breeze."

Lots of classes, rich inheritance trees, broad project on top of a robust framework, making adding extra modules fairly easy. Your program is clean, well-documented, and has a logical structure, all according to best practices. It's also about 4 times bigger than it would really need to be, it takes 3 times as much RAM (primarily due to loading all the neat frameworks and libraries that you used "not to reinvent the wheel" even if you only use one or two simple functions from these), but who cares, this is the modern paradigm, and everything is automated and works so smoothly you can be nothing but proud of it. Now just to support it, fix some bugs, and implement extra features.

Then the new requirements arrive, you look at the email, you look at the top level schematics of your system and you realize, with a sinking feeling, that you never imagined the system would need to be expanded *that* way. And that this particular framework doesn't support this approach, and never will, because its authors decided they never plan to support it, or that the target platform doesn't support, and can't ever support the kind of libraries you use, or that you currently depend on a piece of hardware to do a job which you will need to write from scratch, or the new legal requirements (which are not disputable; new law says so) go completely against your system philosophy, which provides equivalent but completely different functionality, or the essential library just has been discontinued, and new security holes have been found in it...

Or at the very least, you realize that a feature that amounts to ten lines of code performing a really simple tricks requires you to create ten different files, two thousand lines of code, config and extras, and modification of several existing files, because the way the extensions of this type are applicable is writing a plugin which is a separate project with a whole non-trivial instantiation of framework, build system, security, and compatibility with your smart dynamic plugin loading mechanism. What would amount to pasting a 12-line function called once per tick from the main loop, amounts to a three-week project building the plugin/wrapper for that 10-line snippet.

You CAN NOT foresee future requirements. You CAN NOT plan all possible future extensions ahead of time. And the more you plan for, the more "flexible" you try to be, the larger and more rigid your project becomes in areas you failed to foresee, and the harder it will be to adapt it for these.

Yes, leave hooks for stuff you have it on a good authority WILL happen. Do not try to plan for every eventuality though. Write good clean code that does what it's meant to do, and doesn't try to be ready for anything else. It will be *easier* to expand once the time comes.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 4, Interesting) 513

Lets start with Government, unless you're a "frothing at the mouth" Libertarian like me (and from your Post history here, you're not "frothing), you're misunderstanding the use of Hyperbole. Which seems to be all the rage. Hence the over the top REAL LIFE examples or late.

Seems like every day I hear another liberal talking about how RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS and another Conservative talking about how TERRORISTS KILLED EVERYONE.

What nobody seems to be talking about is how Americans are being spied upon by the dark shadow government and being outed when politically expedient. We all should be terrified by that knowledge.

And once you realize the Government is spying on you, ATT/Verizon spying makes even more sense. Who do you think BigTelCo is spying for?

Again we've already lost the war, this is just mop up stuff to tie any loose ends that might have slipped through. Nothing to see here ... move along.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 0, Troll) 513

You're okay with powerful government already busted several times for spying on Americans, but should BigTelCo do it, you're OUTRAGED!!!! Or are you outraged that big government that is spying on you wants to use the proxies to spy on you even more? Oh wait, you don't care about Big Government spying on you, because RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS and TRUMP IS EVIL got your goat?

We've already lost the war, this is just a mop up battle for the remaining bits of resistance out there.

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