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Comment Re: How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 330

I graduated from ITT in 1989 so I have first hand knowledge of their practices. I actually had an instructor who was an electrical engineer. He was quite adept at discussing electrical theory but ITT made him a lab manager against his protests and he was unable to build the simplest of circuits. Another instructor taught us how to bluff our way through an interview to get a job you weren't qualified for. He did encourage us to study the subject material of the job if we happened to get it. And I was speaking to a classmate once about what he planned to do once he graduated. It turns out he was a professional student. He was easily in his 50's and simply took classes full time to get a government stipend. I was pretty naive at the time so it was actually quite an education.

Comment Productivity losses (Score 2) 183

I didn't see any mention of the productivity losses incurred by heightened security either. Our VPN is so locked down it's almost impossible to get things done remotely unless you happen to work in a business unit that is permitted to use terminal servers. To this day we aren't allowed to have video conferencing with parties outside the corporate firewall. I'd estimate the productivity loss to be around 5-10% of overall effectiveness.

Comment Re:In related news (Score 0) 188

WOW! What stupid brain-dead comment. I don't hate AMD at all. I have used AMD products repeatedly over the years. This was a joke. It appears the SJW's have taken over the moderation system and the cry babies are coming out of the woodwork. I have even had numerous comments deleted in recent months despite this site claiming it never does. It's a sad, sad day for /.

Comment Re:And when do they start training their replaceme (Score 0) 239

I know EE's who can design elaborate circuits in their sleep but could not assemble a simple JK flip-flop circuit from discrete components. Their brains are so higher function they struggle with simple ideas. It's kinda like asking a professional weightlifter to compete in a 440K. Both require athletic ability but one doesn't necessarily qualify you for the other.

Comment Re:Finally... (Score 0) 394

Apple may not care about DRM one way or the other but they do care about people bypassing their cash generating MFi program and their proprietary lightning connector and using the "audio" jack as a data connection interface. I'm sure they're still trying to figure out how to make Square pay the fee.

Comment Re:Who Lu? (Score 1) 111

I used HULU the first month it came out so I know how long it's been around. It's funny you mention Disney as a backer of HULU since Some of the best original content on Netflix are Disney properties (DareDevil, Jessica Jones, and soon The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders). But the fact remains HULU is niche product (although 12 million subscribers is nothing to sneeze at) looking for that breakaway hit but the networks keep trying to get it using the old style pablum "we'll feed it to you when we're ready for you to have it" mentality. If I want that I'll get a Tablo/Channel Master DVR+ and an antenna.

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