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Comment It's a TRAP! (Score 0) 42

Do not trust anything the media companies do no matter how benevolent they seem. Their end game is to control the stream of data to the customer and they will do everything in their power to destroy Net Neutrality. I would have forensic attorneys and coders going over these bits with a fine-tooth comb before using it.

Comment They need to change the business model (Score 4, Interesting) 64

The FCC needs to take back control of all spectrum and assign one company (fully regulated) to implement the towers/technology then let the providers lease space on the towers for their customers. They now compete on service and can't play games with throttling streaming competitors.

Comment I can haz? (Score 2) 237

So where is the link to download and install Edge for my Android device? Or my friends iPhone? My customer's Mac? or my neckbeard brother's Linux box? I still use a Windows machine but more and more people are consuming most of their content on a mobile device. If I can't get Edge on the device it will never get the traction IE did.

Comment Re:Bloody F!@#ing Idiots. (Score 1) 202

Grid storage has historically been cost prohibitive. However several big energy players are working with the auto industry to re-purpose used batteries from EV's and hybrids which is driving the cost of grid storage down making it more economically feasible.
You are correct that nuclear is the way to go based on existing technology but the NIMBY attitude is so strong getting them built anywhere is a monumental task and even if they get built face continuous resistance and scrutiny on a much larger scale than solar or wind.
If this product can produce a fraction of the claims it makes it will still be seen as a win for MoDOT.

Comment Re:Credit card payment systems (Score 1) 771

I suspect this is precisely why they are ditching the port. Square was able to skirt Apple's connector tax and Apple was none too happy about that. But for Square to make their card reader with the legacy 30 pin connector would have cost $1 to manufacture and $5-$8 in Apple tax! Without the 3.5 mm audio port there is no longer a way to make compatible accessories without paying the tax.

Comment No DVR, No sale (Score 1) 144

The intentional exclusion of features from these devices to drive their own services means I won't be using a console for the foreseeable future. I use my PS3 almost exclusively as a streaming player now. Sony removed features from the PS4 that made the PS3 a useful device once games run dry. I can buy a NUC device and get much better ROI.

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