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Submission + - Build your own network tools 1

ArcadeX writes: My new job has me traveling and working on ships in confined spaces. I currently have a Latitude D410 that belongs to the company and runs XP, but they allow me to run linux as a VM, which I use for network surveys, troubleshooting / sniffing, configing routers, you name it. I'm looking to find something as small as possible, with as much crammed into it as I can find. Been looking at UMPC's, I like the samsung, and the asus R2HV even has built in GPS (linux driver nightmare?). Trying to keep things under a grand, but not holding my breath, but the things I would need are wireless, at least one NIC, preferably two (i'm expecting to just have to use a 2nd usb nic), serial port, half way decent battery power, decent sized hdd, preferably solid state, pcmcia, and either onscreen or built in keyboard. I know most tablets would do the trick, but the idea is to go as small as possible and not have to carry the typical bag full of add-on's and usb devices. I'd expect any device I find would be a nightmare loading linux to get full functionality out of all the devices... It's a shame you can get something with the ethernet tools of a compass, and versatility of a linux desktop...
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - /. and geek stock

ArcadeX writes: "Been playing the stock market recently based solely on /., and curious if anyone else has done anything similar. I know the few months that I've been playing are by no means a decent picture of what to expect, and for the most part I actually expect my good fortunes to crater like most imerging tech stocks, but so far I've gotten about a 50% return on my investments... course I haven't exactly invested much, I work helpdesk after all. One example would be GBRC (disclaimer: google finance is in beta for a REASON) mentioned a few weeks back on /. which has had a really decent short term return (yeah, yeah, doesn't mean anything for long term). Just curious if anyone has any long term input about what I've seen the last few months."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Looking for ideas on a complex hotspot network.

ArcadeX writes: I currently work for a local not-for-profit financial institution with five branchs. At our main office, we provide free wireless internet to our members (and local neighborhood from what the logs tell me), and the question has been raised about providing hotspot access at our other branches. Currently, we have no legal CYA, just a router with DHCP and several WAP's around the building completely separated from our network. Been looking at NoCatNet and like it, but need a total solution. Looking for a linux distro that is easy to install in a windows shop, than can handle DHCP (possibly with a time limit for the squatters?), some type of splash page to tell people they are responsible for what they do online, not us, a VPN tunnel through our network to our main branch internet pipe, to keep them out of our network, bandwidth throttling to keep our interbranch network lines from getting drowned, and would love some form of content filter (DansFilter?) to say we at least attempted to keep out the kiddy porn. I've used linux for years, but never as an advanced user, and no one else here knows anything about it, all of these options would have to have some form of web interface, and the easier to use the better, I've never even set up a VPN in linux.

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