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Comment Re:do you want $100+ oil changes at the dealer shi (Score 1) 133

Anyone that owns a performance car has been paying $100 oil changes at even a quickie lube for a while now. MY dealer oil changes are $160.00 If I buy the oil and filter myself it comes out to be $65.00 to do it in the driveway.

I'm guessing that you have not owned a car and taken it in for an oil change cince 1980? Even my Honda Civic was $70 for an oil change just yesterday at a Valvoline quick lube.

Comment Re:During the 70's or 80's... (Score 1) 133

Except you cant use Microsoft WORD to write anything that says anything negative about Microsoft.... it's in the EULA.
Oh and they own your docx files because it is in their format.
Oh and you had better read the EULA of their Visual Studio as to what they own of yours.....

Nothing has changed except that they hide it better in a wall of text written by the scummiest people on the planet. Intellectual Property Lawyers.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 133

Ebay always sides with the buyer, open the case and ebay will simply refund the money paid if returning the item is too difficult. in international cases from china ebay wil even say, "here is your money, keep the item" because if the auction is marked "no returns" that means that the seller does not want it back for any reason at all even damaged so the buyer can get a refund and keep the item.

If he did not open a case with ebay then he is either very stupid or just started using ebay.

Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 1) 123

SAP cant scale worth shit, we recently added 4000 people in the call center and it took SAP 8 months to "scale" the stupid garbage pile they call software to handle it.

Then when we wanted to put in a system in the RMA database to track repair RMA data, the SAP experts said it was impossible, so one of the IT guys wrote the system we needed in PHP with a Open source SQL backend. he has a MITM box that will grab info from SAP and then spit it to the RMA server. when you do a query on the RMA page you get the full history of the device from manufacture date, to ship date, to who, to all repairs and even Tech support calls on the device.

SAP was unable to deliver this. Because SAP is really shitty.

Comment Um... no. (Score 1) 109

If it looks like porridge then it's still in the middle of fermentation.

honestly, did they even look at some of the early recipes out of europe or the middle East? Pharaoh Beer is from 2570bc and if you do it properly is not sweet and not "like porridge"
What makes beers bitter is Hops, and if you don't have hops in it then it's not bitter Hops were not known to the middle east or china and were not even used until europe in the 9th century.

archeologists need to stick to digging up things and leave beer making to the experts.

Comment Re:Something is fishy in Denmark (Score 1) 594

If the employees are happy and feel they are paid fairly then any attempts to unionize will fail, the workers will just not have any desire to do so. Only when they feel that working conditions are bad or they are being treated unfairly or underpaid is when a place is ripe for unionization.

I have been hearing that tesla employees complain about working conditions and expectations, that can be a catalyst for one of these plants to get a union in place.
But if management has any brains at all it's easy to squash. you simply roll out better working conditions and things are are pretty much free to employees. Give them free sodas and snacks in the break room, give them longer breaks, increase their pay and have more open communication. Suddenly employee happiness shoots up and attempts to unionize drop to the floor. Paying $10 a day per employee in "free perks" is absolutely nothing at all compared to the costs of running a business.

Comment Re:Unionization worked in the past, kill it now. (Score 1) 594

Guarantee YOU cant do it, so you are even more unskilled.

Come on back when you actually understand how a car works and tell me it's unskilled. Assembly of the drivetrain on a ancient ICE car is not for the drool and stare crowd, an all electric setup can be far more difficult and you need to understand how to run each of the testing systems at each stage.

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