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Comment true (Score 1) 356

MY 2012 MBP still works perfectly and with the recent SSD drive install will go another 2 years just fine. I bought it brand new when work bought me a piece of garbage $900 consumer laptop. and then 2 years later bought me a $800 crap laptop to replace the previous one that the screen failed on, and then finally a $650 piece of crap lenovo that prompty had all kinds of issues and the hinge cracked on in 30 days.... all the time the macbook was used the same amount every day, even dropped a few times.

the macbook pro cost $2000 and outlasted 3 Garbage windows laptops from Dell, Toshiba and then Lenovo. My current job is not ran by retards and bought me a $3000 dell precision 7510 it's built well and has decent parts in it like my macbook (no marvell garbage) it has been FLAWLESS for far longer than any windows laptop I have had previous except for when I used to use Panasonic Toughbooks.

It's not the OS, its the hardware being build decently. It's why I utterly ignore the idiots that claim that macbooks are overpriced and they can get a $600 laptop that will do the same thing. No you cant.

Moral of the story.... pay for the hardware up front, or pay for it over and over again. That last lenovo went through 5 keyboards as letters keys would stop working and have to be struck hard. not a problem for those that dont use them for work... but whne you are programming at $125 an hour havignthe fucking O key stop working will make life hell.

Now my current laptop actually runs a hypervisor as the OS and then runs a windows VM... if I have a problem I simply reboot and launch a working VM image. downtime is less than 60 seconds. Oh and we only use windows 7, windows 10 is completely banned corperate wide until further notice.

Comment Re:Kinda makes you wonder... (Score -1) 69

If you think it's there to protect the computer and OS you are horribly uneducated about it.

It's there to protect the precious software IP from dirty evil YOU. so you cant disable DRM and make a copy.

That is the only reason this crap exists in modern processors. Intel is King of DRM and they are trying to keep it that way.

Comment Re:But what part of the plant. (Score 1, Informative) 55

Here is the scary part. MOST places dont have the control network isolated from the internet. Typically because of the drooling moron managers that want to log in and spy on the workers from home.

I know of at LEAST 4 water filtration plants that have the C&C network directly connected to the internet.

Honestly the managers that deem that security breach necessary need to be waterboarded while someone takes a cattle prod to their testicles.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

AI vehicles drive less than 0.0001% of the miles driven by humans per year. the sample size is so small that no information at all can be extrapolated from it in any way. Plus Semi Trucks skew that number extremely hard due to the excessive miles they drive each day.

Based on the National Safety Council's 2009 estimate of 10 million auto accidents per year, approximately 27,000 accidents occur every day caused by humans driving. there were 4 accidents caused by AI in the 2016 year, and 3 of those accidents were proven to be the fault of the human setting it to violate speed laws or doing something stupid like telling it to autopark into a semi-truck trailer.

Comment Well duh... (Score 3, Informative) 313

No one wants to buy a large open festering cesspool either.

Twitter has turned into a place of seething hatred and all that is wrong with humanity. Almost all the big guys have stopped interacting with it and now use it as a write only medium due ot the sheer numbers of shitmouths that are there that make slashdot trolls look civilized.

Their own fault for not delivering tools that allow the control of the mess early on. now it's too late.

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