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Comment Re:expectation of privacy (Score 1) 149

if you send a sealed package, you have the expectation of that package staying sealed. you have no expectation that UPS won't keep track of where they picked up the package, and where it was delivered to; that data belongs to them. you have an expectation that the cel carrier won't read your text (not much of one), but where they pick up the text and who they deliver it to is not data that belongs soley to you.

Comment expectation of privacy (Score 2) 149

if you are using a cel phone, and paying a carrier to provide service to your phone, it's a 50/50 relationship. as crappy as it is, you shouldn't have an expectation of privacy. same reason i like to pay cash, i have no expectation of privacy when visa / mastercard keep records of all the transactions performed by them on my behalf.

Comment Re:Does anyone actually... (Score 1) 195

anyways, the correct response to 'oh no target and walmart are going to be tracking me' is not 'ok well let me infringe on my personal liberties to fight back at the man'.

the correct response is just not to shop at megastores that do things like this. you probably shouldn't have been shopping there to begin with anyways. go find a farmer's market or non-chain drugstore.

friend of mine wrote a db program for target about 15 years ago that matches purchses to checks / debit / credit cards. unless you pay cash, target already has reports for if you're overdue to buy toothpaste, so this isn't exactly a big step for them.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 4, Insightful) 147

The best part: the investigation into the non-existent waste probably cost more than the "waste" would have were it funded by NASA in the first place.

What kind of logic is that? Does the OP have knowledge of the future?

Doesn't have to, you can look at previous investigations and extrapolate. You'd be suprised how much 'simple' paperwork cost the government where investigations are involved. I used to be a Government contractor, seeing my taxes wasted first hand made each paycheck withholding sting a little more.

Comment Re:Charges Only if You're A Citizen (Score 1) 84

Dave Fox of 3124 Main Street, Chester,OH... YOU are the new congressional representative of your district for the next 2 years. An armed caravan will be there momentarily to pick you up.

And all of your assests will be liquidated and returned to you after your term, adjusted to reflect econmy performance.

Comment Re:how to make bureaucrats value privacy (Score 1) 339

bureaucrats are protected, it's the agency pukes that are making the request and only the 'secret court' knows which bureaucrats are involved, and that's a national security issue... even if it weren't, crooks get re-elected on a regular basis and jonh q public doesn't care about evil technology issues... THINK OF THE CHILDRENS!

Comment way to go slashads (Score -1, Offtopic) 93

spinal compression add on the side bar... if only a tenth of the time / money put into advertising was diverted to FOSS. spent hours in a meeting yesterday for software to monitor aquatic mammals, and they kept going on and on about how you have to have a trained operator. kept showing screen shots of hydrophone input with obvious patterns, but when i asked if they were developing software to take the human factor out i was told the technology doesn't exist which is bs. PS. i mod myself off topic.

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